Jan. 3rd, 2016

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Sherlock - The Abominable Bride. The episode was fun. It was great to see all the classic Holmes and Watson imagery - from hat to pipes to dr. Watson moustache.

I realised pretty quickly it was an illusion (all those little elements that didn’t fit - from "he" instead of "she" to "virus in the data" to wobbliness that happened now and then) so I was happy they admitted it pretty early. After all Sherlock says at the beginning that to solve current case sometimes one must first solve an old one. I also expected from the end of season 3 that Moriarty was dead and somebody else was using his image (apparently following one of his plans). Of course we won’t know why for another year or more so no need to get too excited.

But I loved Mary - both as Mycroft’s secret agent and pain in his ass. I generally love Mary and Sherlock clearly ships her and John - he did everything to keep them together even after he exposed her evil past. And in his mind place she is clearly under appreciated but loved very much by her husband. And she is the smarter one. Just like Mycroft is the cleverer one (especially in MP). The best part of this Sherlock episode, for me, was Mycroft having his own Watson. I would watch Mycroft Holmes and Mrs. Watson.

I loved that Mycroft cares - I’m a sucker for their little sibling moments. Although I’m really afraid now Mycroft is dying.

And I loved Terry Pratchett’s shout out.

Oh, Galavant, how I missed you. For the whole hour I kept making those weird dolphin noises. Everything was perfect. Thank you ABC for making it happen.

King Richard as always have completely no useful knowledge. Poor pirates - not only were they tortured with the Galavant song but they also lost their ship. At least Pete can go back to being Earl Grantham next - last season of Downton Abbey finally reaches this far away shores now.

That dig at Once Upon a Time got even better when Enchanted Forest turned out to be a gay pub. With Kylie Minogue as the Queen. And Jean Hamm was there. And we all could admire Galavant abs. At least King Richard finally realised his uncle Keith is gay. I don't think it stretches to anyone else though.

Meanwhile the real evil queen Madalena does not like the realities of ruling. At all. But at least Gareth bothered her into making him King.

In second episode King Richard gets a stoker unicorn due to being sexually pure. At least he’s One True King who pulled sword out of the stone.

Even magical Skype keeps freezing and it led to some really bad miscommunication. Poor Isabella - it’s almost as heartbreaking as Richard learning about Gareth. I think we can all agree that those are both examples of true love. And both Galavant and Richard will have to go through many trials to get theirs back. Galavant/Isabella is obvious and we know Richard and Gareth only ever really cared for each other. Gareth reacted to Madalena's declaration of sexual prowess with "I prefer beer" and if Richard wasn't so clueless he would know what his uncle noticed. And the only thing Madalena and Gareth have together is their homicidal tendencies.

We are left with the mystery of Moving Castle. They even took the dungeons.

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