Jan. 13th, 2016

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I'm continuing to watch the pilots but I'm not sure about the Second Chance (it had so many better titles in past few months). Here is my reaction.

It was predictable but the tech design looks pretty and there is a potential in crime solving with Cinderella superman (his super strength turns into pumpkin after 12 hours) and the twins’ spyware lookingglass (good thing all those tech billionaires violate our privacy only to fight crime).

I like the twins. So far they were the most interesting. My main reason to watch next episode is their private language and Arthur.

The main hero is kind of unlikeable. They laid his”sheriff” person so thick it was hard to see anything but asshole (I’m sure he is supposed to have heart of gold in there somewhere). And the conflict between him and his son based on how they treat work/family thing was also shown in very simplistic, broad strokes (the son values family time and makes police work wait for later and dad makes disappointed noises *eyeroll*). Right now I don’t care for any of the law enforcement or family drama there.

I was also bothered by the way Rob Kazinsky spoke. I don’t think it was bad accent (I don’t feel like I can judge his American accent) but it was like he was pretending to speak like an old person for a prank call. Very unconvincing and kind of ridiculous sounding. Your vocal cords got regenerated too - you don’t have to speak like 70-year old smoker.

I give it 3 episodes to see if I care.

American Horror Story: Hotel had a very happy ending. I was surprised.

The iZombie is back and it looks like Blaine is finally may be getting what he deserves. If you start to forget how awful he is (because David Anders's charm) there is always that one reminder that show gives us. Like the mention of that woman he was forcing to prostitute herself for brains. So I didn't even feel sorry about him getting the news (or being recognised by the FBI agent).

Major on the other hand - it's just piling on the break-up so it's lucky that FBI agent has been distracted from finding he's "killing" zombies by Blaine. Major also learned not to be so gullible and didn't fell for the pretty obvious loyalty check (mostly because he now has tapped Vaughn). Obviously no one enjoys work on this show the way Steven Webber enjoys being evil and skeevy. Vaughn doesn't even care about deaths he causes or abandoning his kid (no hassle of raising a daughter and all the advantages of having someone to help with evil plans). All he cares about are his abs, ass and money. It's fun to watch but I can't wait till Major makes him pay.

But the best part of this episode was how the show poked fun at itself, the CW and TV production in general. The Zombie High had all the too pretty cast, stunt deaths and the location switch (Seattle pretending to be Portland when in iZombie and so many, many other shows it's British Columbia pretending to be Seattle). They also made fun of an idea of zombie protagonist and zombie science. This doesn't bode well for Ravi search - neither the one for tainted Utopium nor the one for the cure. At least Babineaux let Liv come back to help.

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