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ABC just cancelled Agent Carter. It's just like Peggy's funeral all over again.

They also decided to not produce Most Wanted. After the whole game of will they/ won't they and writing Bobbie and Lance out of the Agents of SHIELD it's not going to happen. What was the point of any of that?

And to make it even worse ABC also passed over Spark - the steampunk series with Antonia Thomas and Tracy Ifeachor. I had high hopes for it.

More Agents

Mar. 5th, 2016 10:30 pm
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ABC had some renewal announcements and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is getting another season (and some other shows too). This is nice to know before the 3B starts. There are also some rumours about Agent Carter getting renewed too which would be awesome. I hope it will turn out to be true - I want to see where that cliffhanger leads. But right now I just can't wait for the second part of season 3 of AoS. Especially after they started dropping sneak peaks for the Tuesday episode:

Who will Coulson put in the machine (my bet - young Stryker as he was in a coma last we saw him so alive)

We meet Slingshot andsee who on the team tried the Inhuman pills.
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Well that ending was just like that time with Doctor, Rose and an interdimensional invasion. This season of Agent Carter was great and I want more.

I loved the scientists team up and then Peggy taking the lead and giving that thing a name. In a way the Howard, Wilkes and Samberly are just like Tony and Bruce. But this also one thing I felt bad about in this episode. In this battle of scientist there were 3 guys on the good side against an evil, possessed woman. And she goes crazy in the end. Women in STEM, right?

I’m so happy Jason is alive and well and that he rejected Zero Matter and become himself again. He never wanted it was happy to let it go. Unlike Whitney he wasn’t seduced by it’s power. I loved that Peggy believed in him to the end. And that she believed in Jack Thompson too. I think that’s her biggest strength believing in people. She still sees all their faults and always comes prepared but is also always ready to do anything to help them chose the right thing and not be defined by their mistakes.

I get why Whitney was seduced by power of Zero Matter. After so many years of being ignored and powerless and being only recognised for he looks it must’ve felt good to have power to make the world see the real her. But that was a power that corrupts absolutely and it took everything from her.

I also loved Dottie in it. She has a heroic part in her and in a way she cares about Peggy. And Peggy dresses Dottie in black and red and she risks her life to get her out even when everyone tells her to let her die (or even kill her by the safety measure). Maybe it’s really almost like friendship. They are the best frenemies forever.

I can't fully put in words how much I loved the development of Rose this season. She is so awesome and I loved everything from how she dealed with the cover job, Samberly (Alysious) and bad guys (good hook).

Peggy and Daniel :). I liked all the alternates but we all knew where it was going. She even left Angie in New York.

I’m surprised how sorry I feel about Jack’s death. I think it was about that file and the M. Carter agent who did something very bad during the war (they didn’t put that in the previouslies for nothing). I suspected it since that file became a thing - Peggy’s brother isn’t dead - the M. Carter means Michael and he came for get his file. Besides someone needs to be Sharon’s grandfather.

I'm still convinced the club men were part of HYDRA offshoot so I wonder what that key opens. I hope we'll see it again.

The thing I hate about it all that few months ago I was so bumped that I had to wait 3 months for the next Agents of SHIELD and now that they are just a week away all I want is more Agent Carter. These two are my two favourite Marvel things.
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Agent Carter is back.

I was a little upset at Captain America special about spoiling Dottie's return and the fight but it tuned out to be the first 5 minutes of the first episode. And it seemed almost like Dottie really enjoyed being caught. At least being caught by Peggy - she has no respect for Jack.

Jack seems to get over his disdain for Peggy. He lets her lead the team and interrogation and sends away guys who make comments about her. He also obviously ships Peggy and Daniel and that's why he sends her when Sousa asks for help. Too bad that his efforts to emulate Peggy are not very successful.

Also unfortunately for the shipping part Sousa has a girlfriend in California. But Peggy finds a new love interest pretty fast. Of course it's implied dies at the end but I'm pretty sure he's not dead. Just like the first episode implied he is evil and on the conspiracy but he wasn't. This is mostly because I really, really want to see dr Wilkes back (but also because he is credited for all 10 episodes).

But the best parts are of course Peggy and Jarvis. The wrestling, the flamingo, the cars. And most of all Jarvis' wife Anna. Peggy is still a badass and Jarvis is still taking care of everyone so the main things I love about this show haven't changed. There is just more sunshine.

We see the creation of the main bad guy for the season - Madame Mask. Whitney Frost seemed like another actress trophy wife of power hungry politician but she is the ambitious one. She is the driving force behind her husband rise - the secrets experiments and societies and his political ambitions and it looks like now she is really going to take the matters into her own hands.

And it looks like that secret society he belongs to is HYDRA. The original one. The one who wants their Inhuman god back. The symbol on the pin is obviously the same that was basis of Will's patch and the zero matter is suspected to have transdimensional properties. And it looks like Jack's new boss might be part of this too.
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I don't know what is it with the TV program planners. Do they have special meetings when all the channels head of programming meet and decide which day they will use for specific type of shows and then everyone piles up everything in that one day? When did they decide to move everything genre on Tuesdays? I thought it was bad in the fall with The Muppets, The Flash, iZombie, Agents of SHIELD and Limitless but that was still manageable. This month it got ridiculous.

This Tuesday saw the return of Limitless (YAY) but The Expanse (with the spaceships and battles and all the real SF) is already running in that time spot and I have to choose (The Expanse obviously but it's still hard). But now MTV has also switched to Tuesdays and put their new fantasy series - The Shannara Chronicles - out on Tuesday at 10 pm. They also moved Teen Wolf (my favourite guilty pleasure) to Tuesday at 9 and it was the only one yesterday but next week the new ABC Family show is coming - Shadowhunters (looks cheesy but may also become a guilty fun so I wanted to at least try). And iZombie is coming back (YAY). And then a week after that Agent Carter (AWESOME ♥) comes back and takes over this time slot completely (actually first week is double episode so both 9 and 10 pm will be taken). And The Flash is back too but at least there is nothing else to watch at 8 (well except for that first week when they'll show Captain America 75 Years Anniversary Special). I'm running out of DVR simultaneous recording capacity.

Luckily, I watched the next two episodes (after the 2 hour premiere yesterday) of The Shannara Chronicles today so I'm done with it for another 2 weeks and can figure the other stuff out. I wanted to hate it because that would be one less thing to watch but it was actually pretty fun. It's not like Game of Thrones (for some reason people wanted to compare the two even though they only have high fantasy genre in common) but that's not bad thing. It's a little cheesy and very clean and everyone is so pretty and the main male protagonist has this perpetual surprised, pouty look on his face but it was fun. I ended up disappointed when I run out of extra episodes as I became pretty engrossed in the story (even though it's the most standard fantasy quest you can imagine - which is why I never managed to get through the books it was so repetitively boring. But it's easier on film. New Zealand is very pretty, although it's a little funny how the show takes place in Northwest of North American continent where almost all the other shows are filmed but this one is filmed in New Zealand. Vancouver is everywhere but when you need post-apocalypse, fantasy Vancouver - you get New Zealand. At least that means some new background actors. John Rhys-Davies and Manu Bennett bring some real acting and some gravitas to the whole thing (and Allanon gets to b pretty awesome). And I loved Eretria (although I wish they didn't pronounce her name like the country). She is my favourite character (even with her ridiculously evil father) and the fact that she is played by Ophelia from Pan's Labirynth makes me love her even more. This is not high art but it is pretty entertaining. I missed fantasy that is not gritty but pure adventure. This is going to be fun.

Also I love new ♥ look.


Sep. 9th, 2015 11:27 pm
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Both LHC and KEK got some weird results in two different experiments that suggest possibility of new particles outside standard model. They also don't fit into the Supersymetry theory. Right now the best guesses are some new type of Higgs boson or leptoquark.

Queen Elizabeth II has become the longest reigning British monarch in history today (she just beat Victoria). It's been just over 63 years, seven months and two days since the coronation and her rule is almost at the retirement age itself.

The 10 best experiments of Dr. Bunsen Honeydew's according to blastr. They use the word scientific accuracy there but we can all agree that it only works in Muppet Labs. Science is universe specific unfortunately which is why we can't just adapt the technology that put pigs in space.

I wondered what could match Miss Piggy cameo but then I saw Team SHIELD effort and I lost it at the last one. Dubsmash battle continues.

Unfortunately only one of these isn't true. Which reminds me to have my existential crisis this week - "why am I even doing this?"
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The greatest thing that came out of SD Comic-Con was the Dubsmash battle between Chloe Bennet and Clark Gregg (sometimes helped by the rest of MAoS cast) and Hayley Atwell and James D'Arcy (with some special guest helpers). There was some great use of Queen and Chloe's own music (from her Chinese pop-star days) and the final stab with Dirty Dancing (Jennifer Grey is Clark's wife) but I think Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. won this one. Mostly because of the final one where Clark Gregg cries in Agent Carter's trademark suit because it should've been Coulson kissing Captain America as it was exactly how it would've happen in universe.

So now they decided to use it for good and fight to the death for charity.

The first one is already up and already the guest stars are even better than before.

In other Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. news the rumoured spin-off will actually happen after all. It will be called Marvel’s Most Wanted and will star Adrianne Palicki as Bobbi Morse and Nick Blood as Lance Hunter. So 3 shows an ABC and 4-5 on Netflix, right? Plus the Guardians of the Galaxy cartoon.

BTW, here is some information about new characters coming to Luke Cage series with Alfre Woodard probably being bad (I hope they will actually call her Black Mariah because the currently proposed name is pretty unfortunate in Polish) and another antagonist played by Mahershala Ali and the newest addition is someone who is probably Misty Knight. And Rosario Dawson will be in all Netflix Marvel stuff.

And here are some teasers for the next seasons of Agent Carter and Daredevil.

And here's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 3 Teaser Trailer
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It's official - ABC is keeping everything I like. They are renewing not only Agents of SHIELD but also Agent Carter and Galavant. I was afraid for Agent Carter and was sure there was no chance for Galavant to come back so that's a really nice surprise. Also back OUaT, whole Thursday (even American Crime), Castle and Secrets and Lies. Not back - Forever, Resurrection and Revenge - so I'm glad that I never got into the first two and quit Revenge last season (in my head cannon it ended with Victoria in the mental hospital and Emily leaving to take care of miraculously recovered Aidan).

Also not coming next season - the rumoured Agents of SHIELD spin-off with Bobbi and Hunter. I hope this means they stay on AoS and not being written off completely. And that Mack is coming back.

And there will be Muppets to cheer me up.
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USA Today has the Save Our Show Campaign with a poll on it's website and both Agent Carter and Person of Interest are on it. This panicked me a little as I wasn't aware ratings for PoI were that bad. I knew about Agent Carter which is sad enough because it was an awesome show but I'm not prepared to let of of PoI. It the most wonderful, complex story about current stuff (government surveillance) and future (AI?human relationships). I also voted to keep Galavant because it brought me much joy but I don't feel about it as strongly as about the other two.

It looks like Tron 3 is happening and both the director of Tron: Legacy Joseph Kosinski and the two main stars Olivia Wilde and Garrett Hedlund are back. I hope Cillian Murphy is back too so they can build on that teased confrontation between the sons of Flynn and Dillinger.

And after what happened to Hugos here are some jury picked awards. The shortlist for Artur C. Clake Award have been announced:
The Girl With All The Gifts by M.R. Carey (Orbit)
The Book Of Strange New Things by Michel Faber (Canongate)
Europe In Autumn by Dave Hutchinson (Solaris)
Memory Of Water by Emmi Itäranta (HarperVoyager)
The First Fifteen Lives Of Harry August by Claire North (Orbit)
Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel (Picador)
I've only ready Europe in Autumn but these all look interesting.

So do the winners of BSFA Awards:
Best Novel
Ancillary Sword by Ann Leckie (Orbit)

Best Short Fiction
The Honey Trap by Ruth E. J. Booth, La Femme (Newcon Press)

Best Non-Fiction
Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers and the First World War by Edward James

Best Art
The Wasp Factory after Iain Banks by Tessa Farmer
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It was another snowpocalypse up north but here it just rained all night. I know because I got the stomach bug that fell half of the lab Sunday afternoon and I spent the night between waking up to go to the bathroom. I only puked once and that was the best part (I felt better for a little bit but vomiting doesn't come easy to me). I also slept through most of the Monday while the wind howled and the weather rapidly switched between sun and rain. Or maybe that was just that my moments of conciousness were so far apart. But it rapidly got better today and I'm almost got to normal just in time to go to party to say farewell to half my lab friends who either change jobs or move back to their countries. The party was great but I'm already missing them. Especially the Swede as so many of our experiences were similar so we got the whole America experience together. And since HR is slower than glaciers we still don't have replacements for people who are leaving so we are going to be seriously understaffed for few next weeks.

So at least Person of Interest delivered some distraction. SHAW IS ALIVE!!1!! I never actually expected them to admit to that. At least not this year. After all Sarah Shahi is pregnant with twins and noone knows when she'll be able to come back. I was resigned to them just stringing this on until they know if she wants to come back. But they didn't. She's alive. I also loved the Machine breaking Root's heart. Her faith was to blind. She needed to have her goals crash against those of Machine to see who she really is. Now I can worry what Samaritan is going to do to Sameen. With it's brain implants and human experimentation.

Agent Carter however made a very little sense today. I hope that that Russian they brought back is a plant otherwise this whole thing with Leviathan inviting them to their lair only to have it empty and almost unsecured and letting their most important assets escape makes absolutely no sense. Also making sure we got Dottie was a Leviathan spy was a little heavy handed. We got it even without the handcuffs.
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Agent Carter just got even more awesome. It now firmly set in the Marvel mythology. Peggy Carter has been in Agents of SHIELD to set up a lot of overarching plots but this is a big one for the coming Avengers 2. This basically makes it a prequel (the AoS ones were so for Inhumans). All this makes Agent Carter a crucial person in the whole MCU.

I was expecting the Black Widow program to make an appearance as soon as I learned what Leviathan was in Marvel comics. I also knew Dottie wasn't who she said she was as soon as she was introduced. A lot of people suspected that she was the one who assassinated Krzeminski and the guy he had in the car. Leet Brannis was working for Leviathan but then got greedy and kept the toy for himself. That guy on the boat was expecting a woman who could fight. It made perfect sense for her to be a Widow program operative. Than we saw her do that trademark jump kill and now we know for sure - showrunner confirmed. And no, she's not Yelena Belova - a lot of people seem to think so just because she's blonde and that's the only other one they heard of. Of course the preview has shown us there is a whole school of candidates so no reason for any of them to be someone we heard of.

I long suspected that Natasha might be older than she says she is. The 1984 birth date is according to Zola but he just knows what's in SHIELD files. It doesn't make that information true. Natasha admits in the same movie she lies all the time - even to friends. She also says she was KGB but that was dissolved in 1991 and replaced by SVR and FSB. I think she's just having fun saying that to Americans knowing that most would never think to ask how that happened if KGB was dissolved when she was 7.

I can be wrong of course but the appearance of Captain America's blood make me convinced I'm not. Ithink Red Room will use it to make a super soldier serum of their own and it will make a girl named Natalia not age as normal humans do. I think that "Dottie" will steal Cap's blood and it will be used in the Widow program to make Natasha into Black Widow. I also think we are unlikely to see Natasha herself in Agent Carter - they will save that for the movie - but she is somewhere among those girls. This will be just a prelude to her origin story flashbacks in Avengers 2.
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So first there were two hours of Agent Carter and then Person of Interest and I was all "best day ever1" and then...

Agent Carter was as great as the trailers promised. I loved everything about it - the over the top action (stapler was my favourite) and dialogue (I loved Angie calling Peggy "English") and that two main characters in 40s/50s USA talk all British too each other.

It's not quite real version of the era but a kind of comic book/detective movies of the era one - the colours, the clothes, the dialogues and the accents (especially secondary American characters), the cars and gadgets - and it's perfect. This is the setting that lets you believe in assassins with no larynges and shiny, imploding globes. At the same time Peggy Carter is a fully realised character. You feel for her. The loneliness - from the sexist agents that make her alienated at the office to normal life where she cannot share what she really does and doesn't want to endanger people around her to the loss of a man she loved who she is constantly reminded of by popular culture. You want her to succeed with her fight against her awful work environment and the bad guys.

I loved all the action and all the lines and how badass she was but Jarvis big talk about not detaching herself from what she protects and on importance of relationships with other people was awesome too. Usually this type of talk is delivered to a male protagonist so that fit well with the entertainment tropes and the equality message.

The PoI had it's Remedial Chaos Theory episode (that repeating the slow-mo shooting over and over again was their dice slow-mo roll). I feel too much to be coherent about this right now but I loved it so much.

This was Root and Shaw episode - from Machine including their banter, and the simplified version was the best, in it's simulations to the actual version when Sameen first admits she finds Root hot and then kisses her before her great heroic sacrifice almost like something from that radio show Agent Carter listens too only much better and Root was screaming and and Sameen was looking at her while the lift door was closing. ARGHHHHH... Too much emotion.

The versions - Finch died, Reese died, Root died - just told us who won't die but I was sure Shaw will came to the rescue in that last scenario with 2% chance of everyone's survival and she did and then they chances went up like crazy and I was all screaming "YES!2" and then they were shooting together and it was perfect and then Shaw went to save them all and I went "NOOOOOOOO!" but then the promo for next episode happened and I'm all better now. I mean Root is right. Shaw's not dead. Everything is going to be OK.

Also seeing Machine's decision making process was awesome.

1Well maybe not ever but certainly this week.

2Very loudly in my head

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