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All this shopping craze past week made me find a sale that I really cared about. I got myself a new set of prime lenses for my camera - 35mm for portrait and 85mm macro lens. I was thinking about getting something like this for a long time but these lenses are expensive. This set costed less than the 85mm alone. And this is what I got on the first try:


Nov. 14th, 2015 11:28 pm
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I think this is about this time of the year. I referenced one of my old photos for this. Pretty close to how it should look like right now back home. Not that different from here either.

Autumn by elluranee on DeviantArt
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This is the end of a long, holiday weekend here in US and I started doing art again. Nothing is finished yet (or at least nothing that I'm happy with) so here is something old instead.

Run on air by elluranee on DeviantArt
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I mentioned before how much I like Death Vigil. It's awesome comic book series about the dead hunting the lovercraftian horrors trying to take over the world written and drawn by Stjepan Šejić (he worked on a lot of stuff from Batgirl to Rat Queens). The monsters are clever and use people promising them reunification with the dead loved ones so they turn into necromancers and help the monsters in. The good guys are those who were chosen by Death at the moment they died to become part of the Vigil - group making sure all the monsters breaching human world are sent back and the humans helping them in are neutralised. The monsters are powerful, big an so ugly that their sight can take the sanity of normal human being. The most powerful of them - Primodials - can only be brought to Earth by ancient necromantic signs in the lost and forgotten Codex and there is someone who knows it and has their own plans to use it. We follow the new Vigil recruit - Clara from her death through becoming part of the Vigil. She also has a big secret even she is not aware of - but it gives her an extra power and probably important role in the incoming war. There is also on Primodial who is a friend (James and Mia's friendship is probably my favourite part) and a member of Vigil who's a shapeshifting raven.

The characters are wonderful - funny, likeable and you even like (or at least pity) some of the bad ones (especially the ones fooled). The group dynamic is great and Death - Bernadette (Bernie to friends) - is awesome (also the author is Croatian - you can see the Slavic languages female Death default). The art is beautiful - from the scary twisted giant monsters, through creepy eye markings on necromancers to great character design on the Vigil but it is Stjepan Šejić so one should expect that.

The first miniseries is finished - you can download the all 8 issues for free from the author's deviantart page (he just posted last issue). The print and hi-res version of the last issue will be out in few weeks (on amazon, comixology and comic book stores) and the trade is supposed to be out in October.

The series has been plagued by delays for personal reasons so the sales dropped off dramatically for the last issues. Few month ago it looked like a ongoing series was going to happen but now it's no longer assured. It be a pity if we never get to see the rest of the story. Will Clara and others ever learn what she is? Is Bernie one of Primodials too (strongly suggested by Thorn) - and if so where is her control sigil and how she became wielder of the scythe? Can the other Primodials strip Beast of Mia and turn her evil (NOOOO!)? I want to know! I hope that the trade is popular enough to get us the series - I don't want to leave this world.

For now you can start here:

death vigil 1 full issue- cuz it's a good day :)
by nebezial on DeviantArt


Apr. 15th, 2015 11:45 pm
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Surprisingly, I haven't posted this one yet

White Dress by elluranee on DeviantArt
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I saw a photo of woman sitting and a shadow behind her looked like a bird perched on her shoulder. And then I had to draw that.

Perched by elluranee on DeviantArt
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The Subterranean Press' special edition for of Steven Erikson's House of Chains comes, as always, with some beautiful art. New artist, new style but but still some extremely beautiful art - just look at this cover:

All the other paintings are beautiful too and they make me wonder what is in the book but it's all sold out so internet is all I have.

February variant covers for a lot of Marvel titles are being done by Phil Noto in a retro photo style and they are gorgeous. They are all great but I think my favourite is Angela (that gold haze) and Rocket (funny).

Also new Avengers trailer with Black Widow flashbacks (is this the confirmation that she isolder everyone thinks in MCU too?)
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Laika, the stop-motion film production studio behind Coraline, ParaNorman, and The Boxtrolls, have announced their next project is going to be Kubo and the Two Strings - a story based on folktales and mythology. There is only a poster so far but it looks so beautiful.

The rumour proved true and Benedict Cumberbatch is Dr. Strange. The internet went into the waves of excitement (because Sherlock) and disappointment (because so predictable and white). I'm staying out of this one. So now the only important casting left is Carol Danvers and I hope whoever they will chose the actress will be tall (which is why unlike the most of the fandom I prefer Tricia to Katee for the role).

Netflix is preparing four Marvel TV series - Daredevil, followed by Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist. Daredevil has already started filming and the first official stills are out showing his costume. It doesn't look bad. The next series is going to be the one with female superhero. Few weeks ago it was officially announced that Krysten Ritter will be playing Jessica Jones. Back then it was rumoured that Mike Colter was going to be Luke Cage and now it has been confirmed. He will appear in Jessica Jones series before getting his own. I didn't have any strong feelings about casting these either but I liked Krysten Ritter in everything I saw her in - drama and comedy - and I love Mike Colter's portrayal of Lemond Bishop in The Good Wife so I'm pretty happy with this.

In may Alien film will be 35 and to celebrate that Poster Posse asked artists to create art to celebrate the film. All the posters are beautiful but this one by Laurie Greasley is my favourite:
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The first real trailer for season 3 of Orphan Black is out and I think we all ask ourselves why it's not April yet.

There's also interview with Graeme Manson about new season that comes with a picture of Sarah meeting the male clone in dr. Bowles basement. We also learn his name is Rudy. The name and faces he makes in trailer made me think it was inspired by Misfits.

DC Comics has announced that its March 2015 variant covers will pay tribute to some of the most iconic films of the past 100 years. You can see all the variant covers and the movie posters that inspired them here. They are all brilliant. I still can't decide which one I like best.

Parks and Recreation final season trailer is coming from a distant future where all the things we've been warned about came true.
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The thing I love about grey (and brown) papers is that I can draw both with shadow (pencil) and light (white coloured pencil). It makes everything easier.

Face in greyscale by elluranee on deviantART
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Tomek Bagiński's new film Ambition tells of a young apprentice (Aisling Franciosi) struggling to master nanotechnology on an alien world and prove herself to her enigmatic master (Aidan Gillen). Here's the trailer:

And if you haven't seen his work or just would like to see it again here it is.
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I started playing with painting on my tablet - after all Note comes with pen and just invite you to do this. It's still pretty awful - proportions are a little off and it's very cheesy but horses come relatively easy too me so it seemed like a good subject for a first try. I'm still getting used to switching between different options so it's just a test really but if you look at the small version (or from far away) you don't notice how blurry it is. I'm not quite sure why it turned this way.

Horse Sketch by elluranee on deviantART
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Intelligent Life magazine has asked 7 writers, including Philip Pullman, "Does life have a meaning?". My answer has always been "Generally 'no' but you can make up one for yourself" and also "Why do you think it should?" Or you know "42".

The Future Library project plans to plant 1,000 trees and then get 100 writers to write something that will only be available in 2114 after the trees will be cut for paper to print those works. It's not really any weirder than most art projects but I can't stop wonder whether anyone will care in hundred years? Maybe cutting trees for paper would be like killing whales for skin and there'd be people defending their park from the will of their barbaric ancestors. That could be a good story... And who is going to read paper books anyway?

This so wrong - what if that guy fell of the stairs in panic? But on the other hand I recognised Poland almost instantly. One of my first thoughts was "that building entrance looks very Polish and how we do trash disposal too" and then my hunch proved true when I saw "Winda" written over the lift in the very next setting. You'd think all this type of blocks/parking lots/underground passages would look the same everywhere but they still manage to have enough country specific details that just screamed "home" to me.
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Now that there are 12 Doctors the obvious choice is to make a Doctor clock so every hour there is another Doctor on your desktop.

And if Doctor is not your thing you can scare yourself (and maybe your laptop thief) with the Weeping Angel coming at you (you don't blink when you are staring at your scree anyway, right?).

And if neither desktop art nor Doctor Who are your thing woot has two Groot t-shirt designs that with all the cuteness of baby!Groot and Rocket with Baby!Groot you'll ever need. I have to repeat to myself I already have way too many black t-shirts.
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The finalists of this year's Chesley Awards, celebrating science fiction and fantasy art, have been announced. You can see them all through the tor.com links. My personal favourites which show I have two favourite artist this year - Julie Dillon and Justin Gerard:

I love the whole 3D category and I'm very happy for Otto and Victoria for their Interior Illustrations nomination.
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H. R. Giger has died on Monday at age 74. He is most known for the designs for the Alien films but I saw his paintings first as covers for the Polish sf magazine "Fantastyka". His style was so unique and easily recognisable that by the time I saw Alien I was able to recognise it. I remember thinking these aliens look just like Giger's work which is the exact opposite how most people react. Of course a lot of his work includes creatures very similar to the aliens. This was the first one of his artworks I remember and one of my favourites:
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I got my 3Doodler - pen that uses 3D printer plastic so you can draw 3D objects. I Kickstarted it and now I have it. I spent this evening trying it out. Here are some of my first tries:

It's nothing special and it's kind of hard to even tell I was trying to make cats but I'm getting the hang of it. Still the way I do it uses up the plastic very quickly so I need to try something more openwork. There are some people doing pretty awesome stuff with it and I probably will never get this good but it is a lot of fun.

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