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Just a heads up:

Amazon has Battlestar Galactica promotion today and you can buy the complete series for 63-70% off on DVD and bluray. Only today.

Also Stargate SG-1: The Complete Series Collection on DVD is available for largely reduced price. This may last a little longer.

They also have ebook of Neal Stephenson's Reamde for just 2.99. I was thinking about getting this book for a while so I grabbed it just as I learned about this.

And here you can get Torchwood: Series 1-4 - on bluray all-region.
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Jeff Victor has a gallery full of n the evolution of our favourite artists and heroes through their film career. Go see how Sigourney Weaver changed form lady with a cat to a cat lady.

Troy & Abed = Geordi & Data. How long before this will become a meme? I see it spreading with the new season (whenever that might be).

The web version of BSG: Blood and Chrome has just reached finale so you can see the whole thing now. It has space battles and loads of cameos.
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I ate (too much). I played with cats (not mine, unfortunately) and kids (not mine, fortunately). I even talked to my family (because I was at home during late afternoon and they got my package). I even bought something today. So I think this qualifies as celebrating Thanksgiving. I'm starting to feel like I'm getting good at it.

Now I'm tired so I'm just sharing my latest webseries obsessions. Between this and the H+ I'm starting to feel like all the good SF in on the web.

ARG/viral campaign for something from Google that has a really cool concepts (reminds me a little of Charlie Stross Laundry series). This is the start. Tracking the whole thing can become an obsession.

And of course the first 4 webisodes of BSG:B&C are out.
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Neil deGrasse Tyson is going to meet Superman this week. He was the one to pick a star for Krypton and he is staring in this story. And thanks to him we will get scientifically accurate red star which system could house an ancient civilisation. Too bad nothing else makes sense (biology never gets the love).

Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome starts this Friday. As a web show on Machinima youtube channel. It will run as a series of 7-12 minute episodes and after it's done Syfy will show it as a TV movie. Doesn't makes sense to me either but I'm planning to watch.

Here's the new The Hobbit TV spot. It made me realise the first film is coming out next month

The pretty

Jul. 8th, 2012 11:54 pm
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The ComicCon is coming and it brings with itself a lot stuff. The great promotional event that everyone want to take part in. However, in the slew of trailers and tie-ins there are some pretty things. Some pretty awesome things. Like these portraits of Battlestar Galactica women in styles of different painters:
Starbuck (with the tatoo :) as by Tamara Łempicka

This one just makes me Awww

They will be available to buy after the ComiCon and I admit I'm thinking about getting one.
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Last episode of Nikita was great but it was so long since the first part aired most of the tension was gone as I forgot why I have to worry about the characters. I wish they stopped with the breaks every two episodes - it really kills the momentum. I think I enjoyed most shows better when I watched the downloaded episodes in batches of 3 or 4.

Nikita - Clean Sweep Spoilers )

I also liked the Fringe episode a lot. It had both interesting case and my favourite element Fringe - Making Angels Spoilers )

I've been watching The Fades but I'm barely able to keep interest. Often there is talk about all the misogynistic subtext in shows but this one just uses it like a stick and hits you in the head. Repeatedly.

The Fades (and BSG) spoilers ) Right now I'm only sticking for Natalie Dormer but there is not enough of her and she doesn't do much.

Tomorrow the original Being Human comes back and it'll be back on BBC America as soon as The Fades are over (in 3 weeks!) and despite my reservations I can't wait. I like both its humour and its shows the darker, uglier side of human nature - often at the same time. How it often can make me both sympathize and despise characters - see their good and ugly sides at the same time. People often talk about flawed characters but I this shows truly have ones. Whether you can forgive them their flaws or not is different for everyone but I like watching them even when I can't.

Sneak peak )
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I've spent last few hours watching the last episodes of Caprica as they decided to show them all at once. I suppose it's good they were shown at all as the rating were pretty bad for the series. In fact it was easier for me to enjoy the action watched like this. It was after all one continuous story.

I think the problem with Caprica was that one - people knew how this ends, knew it ends badly and it is hard to get attached to characters we know are doomed. This already happened and all their struggles cannot change anything. Two - the most likable and awesome characters were those who, as was suggested, were to become cyclons. The cylons who were to genocide the Colonies and who were the bad guys of BSG. The show made one root for bad guys. I loved it but I can get why it could turn people off. This and the fact that all the humans were so damn despicable for most of the time.

I think that, and the lack of space battles, were the main causes leading to people loosing interest. There were of course some other things that bothered me more but from experience I know these are not the things that get shows canceled (quite the opposite actually). I wrote about the before so all I wanted to say is too bad as it just got better with that.

There were some things that I really liked in those episodes.

Caprica - rest of 1.5 - SPOILERS )

I liked those episodes. The ending was rushed but given the circumstances that was unavoidable. I liked the series as a whole but never felt truly passionate about it. I suppose I'd have liked it better if it wasn't connected to BSG in any way.
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I'm sick. It started on Monday and today is the first time I feel well enough to not want euthanasia or at least drug-induced coma. My throat, ears, lymph nodes, sinuses and even jaws hurt. The running nose didn't let me sleep but watching television was the hight of my mental capacity.

Meanwhile the equinox passed and it's officially autumn now in every way. Nights are longer then days, chestnut trees are blooming and leaves are falling from trees. Although the last part seems more like sickness then autumn because instead of golden we get brown with black spots and almost bare birches and poplars. Probably some parasites - like the chestnut trees. They've been blooming for the second time in autumn for few years now, ever since the horse-chestnut leaf miner became the big problem. At least the weather is still warm and sunny and I wish I could enjoy it instead being stuck in bed being disgusting even to myself.

In the world outside there are new BSG season 4 promos, that are just few years too late but still pretty - you can see them on [livejournal.com profile] crazyvictoria's LJ - here and here. The Dungeons & Dragons Spellcasting Sodas are available in many interesting colours. And Australia is emulating Mars with its red dust storms - looks like pictures from the set of The Martian Chronicles right now.
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My very long thoughts on the end of Battlestar Galactica:

BSG - 4x20 - Daybreak II Spoilers )
In the end I’m glad it ended this way. A definitive end.


Mar. 18th, 2009 06:29 pm
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After the warm and sunny weekend came rainy Monday. Then on Tuesday morning came snow (the instantly melting kind but still) Since then there was more sun, hail and today very strong wind. Trees got toppled. Traffic lights malfunctioned. In other words typical March weather. Nothing unusual but the sudden changes in pressure give me headache so this is going to be short.

United Nations Panel on the issues raised by BSG. UN Public Information Department, Sci Fi Channel to co-host a panel with Battlestar Galactica creators to raise profile of humanitarian concern. You can download webcast under 17 march 09 Special Event.

The finalist for Clarke Award for 2009 have been announced. They are:
Song of Time, Ian R. MacLeod (PS Publishing)
The Quiet War, Paul McAuley (Gollancz)
House of Suns, Alastair Reynolds (Gollancz)
Anathem, Neal Stephenson (Atlantic)
The Margarets, Sheri S. Tepper (Gollancz)
Martin Martin's on the Other Side, Mark Wernham (Jonathan Cape)
Wonder if Anathem will get this one too.

The Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Awards ("the Auroras") nominees also have been announced.

New Zealand's takes active stance on public safety with their In Case of Vampire campaign. First zombies in Texas now vampires in New Zealand. It's the end of the world I tell ya...
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Just one episode left and I have problem with feeling exited.

Battlestar Galactica 4x19 Daybreak I Spoilers )

It ends in one week. Hope the movie will be fun.


Mar. 1st, 2009 08:35 pm
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I liked the episode. More after the cut.

BSG 4x17 Someone to Watch Over Me )

True Love

Feb. 21st, 2009 08:57 pm
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This episode was very soap operish.

Spoilers for BSG 4x16 Deadlock )

I’ve seen the promo and want that to be here now.
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I support the idea of Technological Singularity. Maybe not it’s quasi religious, messianic side but the one that promises new worlds and possibilities. And new abilities. I want a Direct Neural Interface. If I was given a chance I would upload myself on computer.

I never understood why so often in books and movies AIs want to be human. It’s a strange obsession. Being biological might be an interesting experience but it’s also annoying and very limiting. I loved Ender books but Card lost me when it turned out that the best thing that ever happened to Jane was human avatar.

Cavil - goals, methods and hypocrisy (spoilers for BSG 4x14) )

Edit: An interview with Battlestar Galactica writers Jane Espenson and Ryan Mottesheard which touches the same subjects.
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Some at least.

Resurrection. Cylons of Earth. Human Cylons of Colonies. Final Five. Seventh.

Spoilers for BSG 4x15 No Exit )

I love info dumps. Sometimes :P
More. Please :)
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I loved Blood on the Scales. I loved Roslin’s scheming, Adama’s standing by his values and Kara, Lee, Sharon, Tigh and Tyrol being all action heroes. Rest is spoilers :)

Spoilers for BSG 4x14 Blood on the Scales )

I’ve seen the promos for next week. I want it now.
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BSG made me giddy again. I was afraid I won’t get the feeling back but this was good. Action, drama, cliffhangers. Joy :D

On with spoilers )

So many callbacks to season 2.0 in this episode. It made me feel as happy with the show as then.
I love this stuff. Can’t wait for the next week.
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The last BSG episode was obviously just a setup, which worries me because, you know, just 8 more left.

Cut for spoilers for BSG 4x12 and some speculation on the future consequences )
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Battlestar Galactica is back. The first of final episodes. The countdown to the end.

BSG 4x11 Sometimes a Great Notion )

I liked it. And it took my mind of that dreadful thing that’s going to happen on Tuesday. 
I’m waiting for the next one, even though each one brings us closer to the end.

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