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I, as everyone else, saw Captain America: Civil War and it was as fun as the trailers promised. And like all the reviewers promised it didn’t feel overcrowded as Age of Ultron did. And the introduction of both Black Panther and Spiderman was superbly executed and left me wanting to see their own movies. Good job marketing!

I also saw it in IMAX 3D and it was OK but not really worth it until the big battle. That was filmed with IMAX cameras and there is big difference between this 3D and the upgraded 3D. In that battle all the details are so crisp and everything is shinier and everyone’s prettier and there is more depth. That was cool to see on the big screen.

One of the things that surprised me when I was watching Civil War was that I disagreed with Cap. This doesn’t mean I’m Team Iron Man exactly but I see the point of view of the governments and the public opinion that drove them to it as completely rational. After all, at least in democracies, governments are selected by people and armed forces (and spies) are, at least nominally, under the rule of those governments and all of them answer to law. Avengers operate on their personal discretion and don’t answer to anyone.

Captain America freely admits that he does what he thinks is right and anyone else’s opinion is not as good as his. And if they disagree he will use force to push his agenda. Trial by combat is not how the world is supposed to work.

Of course, he is a really nice guy and really wants the best for everyone but everyone, even the bad guys, believe they are doing the right thing and that ends justify the means. However, one - intentions are not the same as effects of your actions (after all, road to hell is paved with the best of them). And two - the public in MCU isn’t privy to all the information we are - they don’t know Steve like we know him so why would they trust him. He doesn’t trust them.

Of course, Tony Stark isn’t much better as he basically just acts on his feelings - guilt, remorse, hurt (and the whole Ultron mess happened because he ignored everyone’s objection to satisfy his curiosity) and picks a side or a fight based on them. Until a new one comes along that is. He kept being wrong and losing control despite trying to do the right thing and stay in control of everything. His life and his life's work is unravelling here and all he does is ju7st making it worse. Friends gone or hurt. And damage count keeps rising.

I also don’t think that a force defending Earth from threats like that should be steered by a committee - that never works. However, I do think that they should be more directly responsible for the damage they cause. Just not by being stuck in a secret prison without trial.

In the end I was left with a feeling that only Natasha and T'Chaka turned out to be grown up. Black Widow just tried to do all she could to de-escalate the situation. And Black Panther understood the trap that revenge is and chose the law instead off his feelings.

And to my surprise I felt sad about Zemo (one nitpick though - noone but English speakers would say that as Zeemo). He was consumed by his grief and the revenge left nothing but ashes. What's left when nothing's left? I'm hoping Daniel Brühl gets to be a villain again - instead of being killed off in 5 minutes in the next film.
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I just saw Captain America: The Winter Soldier. I saw it IMAX 3D so I'm still a little dizzy from all the air fights and explosions but it was fun and it had so much Black Widow in it it made me all happy (even though she barely ever speaks with any other female characters in the movie and isn't in the title). The film is very Person of Interest-like but the resolutions involve much more explosions and property damage. I could've done without flash back scenes but I understood they were there for the people who didn't bother to see the first one.

For a movie called Winter Soldier there wasn't that much Winter Soldier in it. He doesn't even talk much. For the most part he just looks broodingly at everything. Except when he just goes and just spreads destruction. The fight choreography was amazing. Of course this requires sacrificing sensible behaviour cool - like how he walked slowly looking cool and giving everyone time to escape. But the way his helpers acted as weapon caddies was funny.

The movie probably should've been called something like Captain America and Black Widow vs. SHIELD or Hydra but that would've been too spoilery I suppose. One of the best part is that basically Black Widow is a co-lead in it. She has her heroic plot and Cap has his. They often go together but often she has her mission while he has his. And she is awesome. And there is no love plot. The only thing that bothered me was that she, Maria Hill and Agent 13 are barely on screen together and don't really talk (maybe few words between Hill and Widow but that's it).

The one thing that I realised was that Natasha also doesn't really tell Steve much about herself despite their talks about trust and honesty. She tells him that she doesn't tell people all the truth (just after he mentions how old he is) and then we are let to believe that all her secrets were made public but Zola thinks she was born in 1984 and he knows all that SHIELD knows. However, she mentions working for KGB and unless USSR and KGB lasted much much longer in MCU than in real life she would've had to join KGB in kindergarden. KGB was dissolved in 1991 when she would've been 7. Cap is all flashbacks and memories and friends. Her past is vague and evil but who knows how much of it is really true.

I loved that the film had the development of friendship between Cap and Falcon instead of romance plot (he even stays by Cap's bed). I liked Sam Wilson - from the bonding with Cap about coming back from war to the fact that he was basically a normal guy with no special powers and super spy training and he still got to save the world. I'm glad he's staying in MCU.

I'm bummed about Sitwell. He was my favourite agent. He didn't kill those kids who found the Item 47. I know they needed to make the traitor a familiar face so the betrayal would have more impact but I'm sad he's dead. But that splashed on a truck front window scene was funny.

Fury is off grid and all but 5 people think he is dead. Hill went to work for Stark and Sharon Carter joined CIA. Natasha and Cap are now just Avengers. Everyone moved on. However, we know that Hydra is still working out there with a little opposition now that SHIELD is gone. Or is it?

They do know how to keep you hooked so you'd come to see next films

There are two credit scenes - just like in Thor 2. And just like in Thor the first one - mid credits - sets up next movie and this time it's Avengers 2 (we get the first look at Quicksilver and Scarlet Wtch imprisoned in Hydra basement). The second one at the very end is the epilogue (Winter Soldier gets a look at Bucky Barnes at the museum).

I wonder what all this will do to Agents of SHIELD (change of title?)

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