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ABC just cancelled Agent Carter. It's just like Peggy's funeral all over again.

They also decided to not produce Most Wanted. After the whole game of will they/ won't they and writing Bobbie and Lance out of the Agents of SHIELD it's not going to happen. What was the point of any of that?

And to make it even worse ABC also passed over Spark - the steampunk series with Antonia Thomas and Tracy Ifeachor. I had high hopes for it.
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I, as everyone else, saw Captain America: Civil War and it was as fun as the trailers promised. And like all the reviewers promised it didn’t feel overcrowded as Age of Ultron did. And the introduction of both Black Panther and Spiderman was superbly executed and left me wanting to see their own movies. Good job marketing!

I also saw it in IMAX 3D and it was OK but not really worth it until the big battle. That was filmed with IMAX cameras and there is big difference between this 3D and the upgraded 3D. In that battle all the details are so crisp and everything is shinier and everyone’s prettier and there is more depth. That was cool to see on the big screen.

One of the things that surprised me when I was watching Civil War was that I disagreed with Cap. This doesn’t mean I’m Team Iron Man exactly but I see the point of view of the governments and the public opinion that drove them to it as completely rational. After all, at least in democracies, governments are selected by people and armed forces (and spies) are, at least nominally, under the rule of those governments and all of them answer to law. Avengers operate on their personal discretion and don’t answer to anyone.

Captain America freely admits that he does what he thinks is right and anyone else’s opinion is not as good as his. And if they disagree he will use force to push his agenda. Trial by combat is not how the world is supposed to work.

Of course, he is a really nice guy and really wants the best for everyone but everyone, even the bad guys, believe they are doing the right thing and that ends justify the means. However, one - intentions are not the same as effects of your actions (after all, road to hell is paved with the best of them). And two - the public in MCU isn’t privy to all the information we are - they don’t know Steve like we know him so why would they trust him. He doesn’t trust them.

Of course, Tony Stark isn’t much better as he basically just acts on his feelings - guilt, remorse, hurt (and the whole Ultron mess happened because he ignored everyone’s objection to satisfy his curiosity) and picks a side or a fight based on them. Until a new one comes along that is. He kept being wrong and losing control despite trying to do the right thing and stay in control of everything. His life and his life's work is unravelling here and all he does is ju7st making it worse. Friends gone or hurt. And damage count keeps rising.

I also don’t think that a force defending Earth from threats like that should be steered by a committee - that never works. However, I do think that they should be more directly responsible for the damage they cause. Just not by being stuck in a secret prison without trial.

In the end I was left with a feeling that only Natasha and T'Chaka turned out to be grown up. Black Widow just tried to do all she could to de-escalate the situation. And Black Panther understood the trap that revenge is and chose the law instead off his feelings.

And to my surprise I felt sad about Zemo (one nitpick though - noone but English speakers would say that as Zeemo). He was consumed by his grief and the revenge left nothing but ashes. What's left when nothing's left? I'm hoping Daniel Brühl gets to be a villain again - instead of being killed off in 5 minutes in the next film.
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Today's Supergirl episode was the Supergirl/The Flash crossover. And it was glorious. It was filled with friendship and joy and geekiness and it's something you can watch when you're sad to feel better.

This is even better than I thought it will be. The way they are instant friends. The way they love the same things like eating a lot of food and saving people. The sharing about being from another dimension and another planet. And how they make their powers work together. They’re even both adopted.

I loved how Barry got all excited about Kara being an alien and her spaceship. And she was excited about meeting another hero. And Winn was excited about multiverse. And James was jealous.

I loved that Barry just went and introduced himself to the whole team. He was geeking out with Winn about science. He took tour of DEO in superspeed. And gave them metahuman tracking ideas. And Lucy was pragmatic about the team-up and the relationships.

I loved people standing up for Supergirl and that the firemen she saved (just before she was poisoned) were the ones who saved her. Also the villain team-up was pretty fun idea too.

And Cat, as always, had the best line - comparing the four of them to a typical cast of a CW show. Perfect meta on so many levels.

I love this episode so much.
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Finally a trailer for Civil War showing new Spiderman. That read is very bright - probably why he needs to squint.

All their movies are great but Kubo And The Two Strings looks better than anything they did so far. I can't wait.

I like this Ghostbusters trailer much better than the last one. Except for that cringe worthy bit at the end.

More Agents

Mar. 5th, 2016 10:30 pm
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ABC had some renewal announcements and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is getting another season (and some other shows too). This is nice to know before the 3B starts. There are also some rumours about Agent Carter getting renewed too which would be awesome. I hope it will turn out to be true - I want to see where that cliffhanger leads. But right now I just can't wait for the second part of season 3 of AoS. Especially after they started dropping sneak peaks for the Tuesday episode:

Who will Coulson put in the machine (my bet - young Stryker as he was in a coma last we saw him so alive)

We meet Slingshot andsee who on the team tried the Inhuman pills.
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Well that ending was just like that time with Doctor, Rose and an interdimensional invasion. This season of Agent Carter was great and I want more.

I loved the scientists team up and then Peggy taking the lead and giving that thing a name. In a way the Howard, Wilkes and Samberly are just like Tony and Bruce. But this also one thing I felt bad about in this episode. In this battle of scientist there were 3 guys on the good side against an evil, possessed woman. And she goes crazy in the end. Women in STEM, right?

I’m so happy Jason is alive and well and that he rejected Zero Matter and become himself again. He never wanted it was happy to let it go. Unlike Whitney he wasn’t seduced by it’s power. I loved that Peggy believed in him to the end. And that she believed in Jack Thompson too. I think that’s her biggest strength believing in people. She still sees all their faults and always comes prepared but is also always ready to do anything to help them chose the right thing and not be defined by their mistakes.

I get why Whitney was seduced by power of Zero Matter. After so many years of being ignored and powerless and being only recognised for he looks it must’ve felt good to have power to make the world see the real her. But that was a power that corrupts absolutely and it took everything from her.

I also loved Dottie in it. She has a heroic part in her and in a way she cares about Peggy. And Peggy dresses Dottie in black and red and she risks her life to get her out even when everyone tells her to let her die (or even kill her by the safety measure). Maybe it’s really almost like friendship. They are the best frenemies forever.

I can't fully put in words how much I loved the development of Rose this season. She is so awesome and I loved everything from how she dealed with the cover job, Samberly (Alysious) and bad guys (good hook).

Peggy and Daniel :). I liked all the alternates but we all knew where it was going. She even left Angie in New York.

I’m surprised how sorry I feel about Jack’s death. I think it was about that file and the M. Carter agent who did something very bad during the war (they didn’t put that in the previouslies for nothing). I suspected it since that file became a thing - Peggy’s brother isn’t dead - the M. Carter means Michael and he came for get his file. Besides someone needs to be Sharon’s grandfather.

I'm still convinced the club men were part of HYDRA offshoot so I wonder what that key opens. I hope we'll see it again.

The thing I hate about it all that few months ago I was so bumped that I had to wait 3 months for the next Agents of SHIELD and now that they are just a week away all I want is more Agent Carter. These two are my two favourite Marvel things.
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Since I'm back here is a first trailerspam - both new trailers for second season of Daredevil


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And I mean bad in both senses - the bad because the story was lousy and the bad ending opposite of happy ending.

The first one is much more upsetting. I was so angry at the Once Upon a Time winter finale. I liked the Dark One storyline. It went back to the first season format but it worked well with the story and I loved Emma's Dark One. I loved Regina in the saviour role and Merlin was great (but I'm still upset they just killed him off like that). I rolled my eyes at Emma did it for love but Killian's Dark One was fun and I sat through worse story lines in OUaT. However, the way they went and undid everything with Gold. The way he just went back to being Dark One and lying to Belle and how Emma lets her stay with him for her own ends - it all made me fill like I just wasted the last several months on nothing. We are right were we where a year ago just before Belle found out his last betrayal and kicked him out of Storybrooke starting this whole thing.. They keep going back to status quo - with Regina and especially Gold - but this one really pissed me off. I'm on the edge of quitting this show. I'm just so annoyed that we just went through half of season for nothing. And the pairing off of Mulan and Red doesn't help. I understand they give fans the lesbian love story they asked for but they do it by putting spares together. And they do it by making them go on a quest together in a story that is so side that it's a side story to Mulan's side story. But for me the most annoying thing is that's another repeat. It was strongly implied when Mulan shown up the first time that she fell for Phillip when they were searching for Aurora. Then she fell for Aurora when they were searching for Phillip. Now she's off searching for more werewolves with Red. It's like she falls in love with whomever she happens to help in a quest. That's kind of offensive (to the character and viewers).

Then there is the whole slate of CW shows that decided to end on depressing note.

The iZombie winter finale took everything that was good and turned it to dust. They've been amping the side effects of brains this whole season and it finally fully hit. Liv was so happy when she and Major got back together but it tried to be the same thing it used to be and they are not the same people and their relationship cannot be the same again. This wasn't that bad since I was really upset by Major this season and he is still lying to her (for her own good - just like she did to him last season - those two need to quit with this abuse or quit each other for good). I would not be able to forgive if he was really killing all those people but this is barely better - he basically kidnaps people and stores them for later hoping the problem (Max Rager evil owners and zombies) will go away. This is not a real solution (neither was his weirdly short dip into addiction that he just quit when Liv gave him the right pep talk). And we now also know that there is no real solution. At least not long term. And that both he and Blain can turn back into zombies at any moment. So both Liv and Major relationship and search for cure goes back to square one but at least, unlike OUaT, the emotional and scientific journey actually progresses and that makes iZombie much less frustrating. Here people at least learn something.

The Originals made me the most aggravated because they gave me Rebekah (my precious, evil ray of sunshine) back and then took her away. Making her crazy evil along the way. She is once again staked and put in a box somewhere. The even worse alternative to her being put on a bus again. I understand that Claire Holt doesn't want to commit full time and Maisie Richardson-Sellers is in Star Wars now but I still wish there was a better way to disappear her character (I liked the previous reasons for Rebekah to leave so much better). And then they go and kill Cami after Klaus pretty much admits he loves her (at least to himself). I can't say if they just fully fridged her or is she coming back as vampire or whatever but she is going to e another excuse for him to go on a murder rampage anyway. What even worse she gets murdered by Klaus' psycho ex-girlfiend. They even gave her actual mental illness and then made her into the most ridiculous psycho ex-girlfiend stereotype. Ughhhh.

The Arrow has been teasing us with death of one (or several) members of Team Arrow the whole episode. Then we get some pretty impressive display of teamwork and nicely outsmarting the bad guy while not giving away Oliver's secret identity. But then Felicity gets shot anyway. This is why I didn't want Olicity. It's because I hate Felicity becoming The Girlfriend. This is what always happens to The Girlfriend - kidnapped, shot, at least not killed (but if she was pregnant and lost the baby I will need to hurt someone). Writers just love this trope - two CW shows ended with this one.

At least The Flash was mostly happy. The big secret is out and Joe got to meet his son and Iris her brother Wally. There is only that little issue of them setting up Harrison Wells as traitor. I think we are supposed to think - again - but my main pet peeve with this season is that they keep blaming Harrison Wells for what happened last season. But they never met real Harrison Wells. Not a single one of them. Just an impostor. Real Harrison Wells got the worst deal of them all. Not only he, and his fiancée, got murdered by Eobard Thawne. He also gets blamed for all that guy did. From devastating the city and creating metahumans to killing Barry's mum. And even the people who know he wasn't guilty blame him instead of at least trying to clear his name. Would it really be so hard to convince people a guy took over his face in a world full of people with superpowers (one of them actually even had that power)?

And now that I thought about it Agents of SHIELD also had a bad ending. I mean Fitz and Coulson are back but Will is dead, all the imprisoned Inhumans are dead and Lash and Maveth parasite are on the loose. HYDRA got everything they wanted and our heroes only managed not too die. Well, at least Ward is dead. That’s one good thing that came out of all of this.
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The creator of Mystery Science Theater 3000 has taken it to kickstarter to bring the show back for one more season. Now that the legal problems have been solved all they need is 5.5 million dollars to make it happen (not a lot for 12 episodes). If they don't get there they have shorter season in mind depending on how much they can get. The minimum is 2 million and they are already over 1.3 with 30 days to go so I think that it should at least reach funding.

There is only a little over a week left and here's Jessica facing her biggest nemesis

The Expanse premiere is only a month away and I'm getting more and more excited with every trailer. Look a real proper science fiction in space.
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I walked a lot on Halloween and then it rained for the first 3 days of November (oscillating between rain and drizzle) and finally was mostly cloudy today with only late night drizzle. In other words exactly how I imagine November only warmer. But all of this combined with the time change made me want to sleep all day long (which I would if I didn't have to go to work . But today I saw sunshine for few moments today and it looks like we get summer for couple of days (tomorrow 26 oC) so I'm trying to at least write down the important things.

Because I am kind of excited. Underneath that sleepy thing. This is because of some films coming in 2017.

Luc Besson is making a Valerian and Laureline movie - Valérian and the City of a Thousand Planets. It's based on the French science fiction comics series by Pierre Christin and Jean-Claude Mezieres about temporal agent Valerian and Laureline (name they made up but now it's pretty popular in France) who originally was peasant from middle ages but became an agent tooafter being rescued by Valerian. They travel through time and space and have a lot of adventures - the movie is to be based on two of them Bad Dreams and The Empire of a Thousand Planets. The series has really nice graphics and a lot of cool ideas. Some of them can be easily recognised by any Star Wars fans as the movies have some striking resemblances to the comics.

There is also a new The Witcher film coming. You probably don't know it but there was already a movie (and a TV series) based on the books in Poland (it's translated as The Hexer to make it more confusing*) but it wasn't very good. They tried to put together too many of short stories to make any coherent plot. This one is supposed to be based on only two of them - The Witcher and Lesser Evil which means no supporting characters from the books. The film will be produced by Sean Daniel Company (The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, The Expanse TV series and the upcoming remake of Ben-Hur) and Platige (polish computer praphics and advertising company behind Ambition and Witcher games animations) and will be directed by Tomasz Bagiński (who is also behind the intros of to the game and you can see his short movies in the tag).

*Well, it was Sapkowski's preferred translation but everyone else liked Witcher better and here we are.

And for something closer - there is an all female Ocean's Eleven film coming next year staring Sandra Bullock.

And a new trailer for Alice Through the Looking Glass
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It's cold, dark and raining outside. The election results are even more depressing and I'm swamped by work. But at least there's TV.

Yesterday it was the time to meet Supergirl.

It was so much better than watching Gotham (which is now bordering on masochism). It was fun and it was enjoying being fun. But of course everyone already said that. It made me a little anxious about how cheesy it was going to be but it was mostly great. Some of the effects made Supergirl look like a ragdoll and some of the plot suffered from pilotitis (when they try to pack so much to pilot that the time only allows for tropes) but most of it was absolutely endearing.

From Kara's optimism and joy at her accomplishments and powers to her reaction to meeting James Olsen. Her joy at trying flying again was infectious. I wanted to scream at her sister who just put it out. She could've at least say thank you. Of course it turned out she just wanted her out of the cross-hairs of the super secret, anti-alien organisation she works for. But at least we know that there are those in US government who consider Superman and Supergirl illegal aliens who should be deported or at least observed at all times.

But I liked how Alex turned around to chose Kara's side. It might be a shock to Kara to not to be invulnerable but the possibility of loosing her sister clearly shown Alex where her loyalties really lie. And the she talks her to keep being superhero and helps her figure out how to defeat the bad guy and it was awesome.

Also her crush on James Olsen, complete with stammering and not knowing were to look, was adorable. So was her general tendency to explain things in very excited way. In fact it reminded me of Jemma Simmons (just little less coherent) and we all know she does ramble in most lovable way.

The WB rules on separation of big and small screen action make some iffy choices - like Clark apparently hasn't spoken to his cousin in years (no calls, texts, internet? he could've at least like her on facebook) so he sends her messages second hand by other people and she has to ask them what he is like.

And the co-worker with crush veered a little into creepy territory (even though the costume part were funny the first try was "ugh") so I hope they'll fix that. And I hope Calista Flockhart's boss character will become less of a caricature as now she seems kind of on Miss Piggy level and that only works for felt characters.

Today on the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. we learn what really happened to doctor Jemma Simmons.

I waited for this the whole week. After all the search for her and then that sudden rescue. After seeing what that world did to her we were to see what happened there.

And look at her start - it's all about the science. It's a way to deal and stave panic and keep hope. There is always an explanation and a way to figure out a way out. So Simmons. Look at how much hope she still has.

But we all know it’s not going to last. First, there was just dehydration and hunger and loneliness (a monster from the deep). Basically like The Martian only with an atmosphere. There is even stranded astronaut.

So now with more resources she figures a way back. She figures how the portal works and where it will open next. She sacrifices the rest of her battery and with it the memories of the life she left on Earth but it is to go back to Earth. And they fail. They fail to even send the message.

So she seeks comfort in Will. This is what happens when you lose hope and the two of you are the only humans on the planet. When your one hope of going back is lost and there is some benevolent force with you there that will do anything to stop you from going back and will try to kill you whenever it can.

I never expected Fitzsimmons to be the will they/ won’t they couple of this show though. You know - the one when they keep throwing obstacles at so they never get together. Until the series finale, of course. Or everyone getting tired and abandoning ship.

But I did expect Jemma and Will to become a thing since they met (the only two people in the world) and it was obvious she wanted to back for someone important to her) so I’m not surprised . But the sound of all the Fitzsimmons shippers hearts breaking was deafening. Don’t worry, I’m sure they’ll be back together eventually.

But we know the Fitz never stopped looking for Jemma and that he would do anything to get her back. And when the flare comes she instantly knows who send it through.

And because Fitz is the best person (one she believed in for so long) - he is ready to do all he can to rescue Will. Will who just saw the sunshine for a brief moment first time in years before it disappeared. Just like Jemma Simmons and hope.

When I thing about it both of them are pretty similar. I'm sure they'd be great friends if not for living in Universes further apart than Earth and that dust planet (or Krypton).

And when all fails here's a cat burglar
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If you told me that Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will be a series that I'm most excited to see back during most of season one I would laugh at you. Now it was and difficult wait. There were good distractions in the summer but last couple of weeks seemed way too long.

Skye now officially goes by her birth name (and only Phil can't get over it - put that money in the jar). She always wanted to know that and she did get along with her dad in the end. He no longer remembers her but she can at least keep the name.

And she's all about being Inhuman. While Lincoln wants to leave it all behind. He took Jiaying's betrayal harder than I though (that was one character development that seemed a little weird - he seemed to care a lot about his fellow Inhumans last season and said they were just misguided and now he just abandoned it all) and now wants to lead normal life of a hospital intern. Unfortunately there are new Inhumans popping everywhere due to fish oil all over US (and soon everywhere due to contaminated sea waters and wild life - I wonder if that will lead to Attilan inhabitants showing up in The Inhumans).

And there are a lot of people chasing those with powers. SHIELD obviously - but Joey is the first one they got to first. Then there is the new secret agency that just went public. They are much less friendly but they are not the ones killing the new Inhumans (and it seems some of the old ones too). Or at least it's implied the big spikey guy is behind the murders. In the comics Lush finds new Inhumans and judges them. If he finds them unworthy he kills them. Apparently, he recruits the worthy ones for his Inhuman supremacy team. Lovely guy.

Mack is still all about the list and keeping the powered sequestered and under control. That explains Lincoln's attitude much better. And doesn't make a good impression on Joey. But he has to deal with all these powered people and keep reckless scientists from throwing themselves into a dangerous artefact. No wonder he feels a need for bigger gun. Or and axe. Or a shotgun axe combination.

Bobbi the scientist. Biologist ♥ And she and Hunter are adorable. Go, fight Hydra and Ward together. Do something horrible to that asshole. Get yourselves that spin-off.

Fitz is getting his inner badass out. The last time he did stuff like that . Last season it was Simmons getting her revenge on Hydra for what happened to him. This time he risks his life to find out what happened to her. He knows it's something that can transport you far, far away. And that's true. It's also apparently taking you to your death but Simmons doesn't give up that easily. Whatever that planet is, where ever it is, whatever is chasing her she is still alive. And I think I know who will help them find her. On the promo our most obnoxious Asgardian on permanent vacation on Earth is back.

May unfortunately is still on vacation. We miss you May. Please come back. This show needs less exposition.

They keep Coulson's petrified hand in the lab.

MCU connections:

The US president is still the same as in Iron Man 3.

The mention of Ant-Man events. The whole disappearance of Pym Tech main site didn't go unnoticed.

And of course everything is still influenced by Sokovia events.


Sep. 9th, 2015 11:27 pm
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Both LHC and KEK got some weird results in two different experiments that suggest possibility of new particles outside standard model. They also don't fit into the Supersymetry theory. Right now the best guesses are some new type of Higgs boson or leptoquark.

Queen Elizabeth II has become the longest reigning British monarch in history today (she just beat Victoria). It's been just over 63 years, seven months and two days since the coronation and her rule is almost at the retirement age itself.

The 10 best experiments of Dr. Bunsen Honeydew's according to blastr. They use the word scientific accuracy there but we can all agree that it only works in Muppet Labs. Science is universe specific unfortunately which is why we can't just adapt the technology that put pigs in space.

I wondered what could match Miss Piggy cameo but then I saw Team SHIELD effort and I lost it at the last one. Dubsmash battle continues.

Unfortunately only one of these isn't true. Which reminds me to have my existential crisis this week - "why am I even doing this?"
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The greatest thing that came out of SD Comic-Con was the Dubsmash battle between Chloe Bennet and Clark Gregg (sometimes helped by the rest of MAoS cast) and Hayley Atwell and James D'Arcy (with some special guest helpers). There was some great use of Queen and Chloe's own music (from her Chinese pop-star days) and the final stab with Dirty Dancing (Jennifer Grey is Clark's wife) but I think Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. won this one. Mostly because of the final one where Clark Gregg cries in Agent Carter's trademark suit because it should've been Coulson kissing Captain America as it was exactly how it would've happen in universe.

So now they decided to use it for good and fight to the death for charity.

The first one is already up and already the guest stars are even better than before.

In other Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. news the rumoured spin-off will actually happen after all. It will be called Marvel’s Most Wanted and will star Adrianne Palicki as Bobbi Morse and Nick Blood as Lance Hunter. So 3 shows an ABC and 4-5 on Netflix, right? Plus the Guardians of the Galaxy cartoon.

BTW, here is some information about new characters coming to Luke Cage series with Alfre Woodard probably being bad (I hope they will actually call her Black Mariah because the currently proposed name is pretty unfortunate in Polish) and another antagonist played by Mahershala Ali and the newest addition is someone who is probably Misty Knight. And Rosario Dawson will be in all Netflix Marvel stuff.

And here are some teasers for the next seasons of Agent Carter and Daredevil.

And here's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 3 Teaser Trailer
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I mentioned before how much I like Death Vigil. It's awesome comic book series about the dead hunting the lovercraftian horrors trying to take over the world written and drawn by Stjepan Šejić (he worked on a lot of stuff from Batgirl to Rat Queens). The monsters are clever and use people promising them reunification with the dead loved ones so they turn into necromancers and help the monsters in. The good guys are those who were chosen by Death at the moment they died to become part of the Vigil - group making sure all the monsters breaching human world are sent back and the humans helping them in are neutralised. The monsters are powerful, big an so ugly that their sight can take the sanity of normal human being. The most powerful of them - Primodials - can only be brought to Earth by ancient necromantic signs in the lost and forgotten Codex and there is someone who knows it and has their own plans to use it. We follow the new Vigil recruit - Clara from her death through becoming part of the Vigil. She also has a big secret even she is not aware of - but it gives her an extra power and probably important role in the incoming war. There is also on Primodial who is a friend (James and Mia's friendship is probably my favourite part) and a member of Vigil who's a shapeshifting raven.

The characters are wonderful - funny, likeable and you even like (or at least pity) some of the bad ones (especially the ones fooled). The group dynamic is great and Death - Bernadette (Bernie to friends) - is awesome (also the author is Croatian - you can see the Slavic languages female Death default). The art is beautiful - from the scary twisted giant monsters, through creepy eye markings on necromancers to great character design on the Vigil but it is Stjepan Šejić so one should expect that.

The first miniseries is finished - you can download the all 8 issues for free from the author's deviantart page (he just posted last issue). The print and hi-res version of the last issue will be out in few weeks (on amazon, comixology and comic book stores) and the trade is supposed to be out in October.

The series has been plagued by delays for personal reasons so the sales dropped off dramatically for the last issues. Few month ago it looked like a ongoing series was going to happen but now it's no longer assured. It be a pity if we never get to see the rest of the story. Will Clara and others ever learn what she is? Is Bernie one of Primodials too (strongly suggested by Thorn) - and if so where is her control sigil and how she became wielder of the scythe? Can the other Primodials strip Beast of Mia and turn her evil (NOOOO!)? I want to know! I hope that the trade is popular enough to get us the series - I don't want to leave this world.

For now you can start here:

death vigil 1 full issue- cuz it's a good day :)
by nebezial on DeviantArt

The movies

Aug. 24th, 2015 06:54 pm
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In the past two weeks I saw two movies that will most likely be recorded in history as giant flops and I loved them both. I knew they were failing as soon as I walked into the cinema - The Man From UNCLE audience was skewing toward 60s age range (not that it's bad but usually means little repeat views) and American Ultra showing was mostly empty - and it made me sad in both cases. They were both fun, summer movies - action, explosions, humour and a little romance.

The Man from U.N.C.L.E. was so very pretty - the clothes, the settings, the cars and most of all the people (also very tall people - everyone talks about Armie Hammer but Elizabeth Debicki towers over Superman and Henry Cavil is not short - except of course Alicia Vikander who is normal sized woman and therefore looks tiny in this). I loved the humour (and the rest of audience did too) and the whole cast had great chemistry together. It's all very predictable - two guys from opposite sides who start hating each other but learn to be partners (eg every cop buddy movie) and the whole fake engagement plot (but they are really falling for each other - from the first sight) and the of course the evil Nazis (with the atomic bomb) - but I didn't care as the whole thing was deeply enjoyable and beautifully packed. The whole thing with Solo and Kuryakin trying to one up each other at who is the better spy (even though they both are basically forced to do it by their respective governments - tragic backstory is a thing in this movie) and of course the famous fashion fight. The completely over the top villains (remember Nazis - and rich ones at that). And I'm still surprised how invested I got into the Illya/Gaby romance in such a short time. They only just met each other and never even finish that kiss and I was totally sold on that romance from that first eyefuck. And then there are final credits and the files say Gabby is learning Russian and I just went awww. It was also funny because they got Brit to play American, American playing Russian, a Swede as a German and Australian playing Italian (but at least the secondary characters are mostly genuine as the foreign dialogue was pretty good - I got most of the Russian and German). I wish we could've have sequel.

American Ultra was a weird mix of a stoner comedy, office comedy and superspy films. Connie Britton and Walton Goggins were probably the best parts but the main couple was pretty likeable and Jesse Eisenberg plays confused nerd to perfection even while killing people with a spoon (hey, it's in every trailer). The whole amnesiac superspy who government wants to assassinate and he kills tons of people have of course become an overused trope long ago but this really sold the confusion. And the contrast between boring life without much opportunities in some place that civilisation forgot and the whole giant supertech government conspiracy. And stores are really full of deadly objects. I only wonder what happened to Laugher (they didn't simply let him disappear - someone is hunting him, right?)

I also saw Ant-Man this summer. It was OK. That's really all I have to say about it. (Also Peggy Carter was the best part.)
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I don't have time today to write about (but here are positive and negative reactions) it so I'll just leave it here - Supergirl first trailer:
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OMG! OMG! OMG! I don't even know where to start! At the end maybe...

JEMMA! NO! Just when Fitzsimmons finally were to talk about Fitz's last year's declaration. Just when he finally asked her out. And she agreed. I refuse to believe she is dead but what will that artefact do to her? Will she become dangerous too Inhumans. Jemma who was so scared of powered people and alien artefacts and now she's going to be part of that world. At least that's what I'm telling myself because the I can't accept the alternative.

Bobbi! She got free and kicked Wards ass but she couldn't make it against both of them. And then she used herself to stop the bullet and saved Hunter's life. Because she's awesome and never gives up. Everything she tells Ward - absolutely true.

I believe Ward and Kara really loved each other in their own messed up way. I think he thought he was helping her but his not the most sane person himself. So instead of helping her just made thing worse. He dragged her down into the spiral of hate with him. He poisoned her mind and finally killed her. He didn't do it on purpose but everything he touches turns to dust. And now he's rebuilding Hydra. I didn't think they could make Ward any worse but look they can. I like it. It's something different than the redemption arks everyone else is doing.

Skye parents were monsters. That's what people said about both of them. Both of them. And now we know why. Cal may have anger issues. But Jiaying is the one who does this in a cold calculated manner. She is the brain behind the destruction. Hyde is the rage. Of course she had a long, long time to get detached from humanity and get used to sacrificing others. We learn how she stays young and alive all this time and that's by using other people lives. Even if they sacrificed themselves to keep her as a living embodiment of their history against her wishes (I doubt she couldn't stop it if she wanted it) she got used to ends justifying the means. And then Whitehall came along.

She doesn't see humans as people any more. They just fodder. She kills them to stay alive and when they go to close to her precious Inhumans. She planned to kill the whole SHIELD to make sure they cannot track and harm her people. Like they did to her (for her there is no difference between SHIELD and HYDRA no matter what they say). In her mind she's saving her people. But she does that by murdering anyone who isn't one of them. The Mists tell the truth - you either find your heritage or die. For Jiaying it's Us against Them. And people who follow her believe in this because all she did for them. They can't see the cold inside.

What Whitehall did destroyed her and Cal tired so hard to put her back together. Never really succeeded. Turned himself into a monster in the process. For love. Of Jiaying. And Daisy. To have the family back together. He never stopped loving them. She did so he stopped her. Bur with her power I wonder if she is truly dead or only until someone pours a new life into her (she had all her organs removed - even heart and she survived so what is being crushed?).

It was great to see Coulson use the love they both have for Skye to stop Hyde and convince him to switch sides. For Cal Daisy is the priority and anything that could harm her needs to be stopped. Even if it's her own mother.

I wondered about keeping the story with Ward through all of this Inhuman plot but it all together nicely. Not by influencing each other but by how nice the stories of Grant/Kara and Cal/Jiaying parallel each other. Both women were tortured and destroyed by Whitehall. Both had men who tried to help them get back their lives and never succeeded. Both died by the hands of their lovers. And yet the Cal story was story of redemption even though he killed Jiaying on purpose. Ward killed Kara by mistake and he keeps falling. Love doesn't solve anything. It's not enough. You still need to understand how to be a good person to be a good person.

I love Skye's two dads getting together to help her. I got or teary eyed at Cal and Skye goodbye. And I'm sad now because he doesn't remember her. TAHITI gave him a happy life but there is no Daisy in it. No wonder she didn't tell him - he probably wouldn't agree. But I think Ward is missing out by not agreeing to go through with this.

I knew Ruth Negga was going to leave the show but I was hoping Raina would lead Inhumans into hiding. Not die. I'm sad now despite all that she had done she really found herself there. I was also sad to see Gordon go but he was too deeply sold on Jiaying view of the world. But Lincoln understood she was wrong and tried to make others see it too. I wonder what happened to all of them. Skye says at the end she is the only one in the special division so far so did he leave? Are they all imprisoned? Put on the List and released? Where did all the Inhumans go?

The fights once again were awesome. I can't decide which one I liked more Bobbi vs. Ward and Kara or Skye vs. the Inhuman legion but both were awesome. I just know Bobbi would've won if it wasn't two on one. And Skye was fighting like 5 of those redheads at once.

May takes her gun even on vacation. And she and Andrew talk again. It looks like she finally could let the girl go.

Mack is staying but Bobbi and Hunter might be leaving.

Coulson lost hand - will he get a cool bionic one?

All that Terrigen in fish oil. I think this filtered out the Deviner pieces out finally so humans won't have any reaction but anyone with Inhuman heritage... I think that the emergence of all that new Inhumans will eventually lead us to Attilan.
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It's official - ABC is keeping everything I like. They are renewing not only Agents of SHIELD but also Agent Carter and Galavant. I was afraid for Agent Carter and was sure there was no chance for Galavant to come back so that's a really nice surprise. Also back OUaT, whole Thursday (even American Crime), Castle and Secrets and Lies. Not back - Forever, Resurrection and Revenge - so I'm glad that I never got into the first two and quit Revenge last season (in my head cannon it ended with Victoria in the mental hospital and Emily leaving to take care of miraculously recovered Aidan).

Also not coming next season - the rumoured Agents of SHIELD spin-off with Bobbi and Hunter. I hope this means they stay on AoS and not being written off completely. And that Mack is coming back.

And there will be Muppets to cheer me up.
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The winner of this year Clarke Award has been announced. The award goes to Emily St. John Mandel’s Station Eleven. Somewhere out there Puppies are very Sad now.

So Syfy is really getting into the whole science fiction thing. There are already many new series coming and a lot of them are adaptations of popular book series (serieses?) but the newest one is true classic. Along with Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment they plan to adapt Aldous Huxley's Brave New World as a miniseries.

Large parts of Internets are hyperventilating because Martin Freeman has been cast in Captain America: The Civil War. No one knows who he will play but the most prevalent hypothesis (aside from Spiderman) is that he will be set up as a foe for Dr. Strange. Or people just want to see him share the screen with Cumberbatch again.

In more good news CBS as officially ordered Supergirl to series and iZombie got renewed for second season.

Here's the preview for Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell and we finally know the release dates - on 17th of May in UK and on June 13 in US.

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