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Today in bizarre American date writing system is 3.14 which makes it Pi Day (3.1416 is a rounding of Pi). It's a day to celebrate it, admire its many graphical representations, write "pi-kus" and "piems". Happy Pi Day.

Today ExoMars mission has successfully launched. It's an European Space Agency (ESA) and Roscosmos mission to hunt for signs of alien life on the Red Planet. The mission’s 2016 phase includes a Trace Gas Orbiter (TGO) that’ll search for methane and other compounds of possible biological origin in Mars’ lower atmosphere, and a Schiaparelli entry, descent, and landing module, which will demonstrate complex landing technology for a larger, ground-based ExoMars rover slated to ship off in 2018. Already on Mars Curiosity is switching to a new mission. It's going to look for signs of life too.

Today is also the day when we are only month away from new Orphan Black episode (it's going to be on Thursdays now) and we have a new trailer.
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In American dating system today is Pi day and this year it's special as it and infinitesimally short moment of actually reaching the irrational number if account for time of the day so 3/24/25 9:26:53.58979323846... all the way to infinity

Or just celebrate Tau
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I always lover fractals. Especially the fractal cauliflower. Here is the deepest Mandelbrot set animation and watching it a bit mesmerizing. The final magnification is 2^1012 which is the deepest I ever found. It takes over 15 minutes to go all the way there and then you can just start from the beginning - it is a fractal after all, you can do this forever.

If that's not enough go here for the fractal picspam. It starts with my beloved Fibonacci sequence vegetable.

And because there was a squid yesterday today I have an octopus. The blanket octopus is possibly one of the most amazing things I ever seen (and I've seen many amazing octopodes before). Beautiful isn't it?

And here is even more amazing story about how they procreate (and more videos).
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It's still π day at least here in US were people write dates inside out and it's 3.14 for couple more hours. I slept through most of it. It's not just time change which made getting up so much more painful. I crashed as soon as came back home and I blame all those blooming trees. They look pretty but ever since the white smelly ones started blooming my asthma went to overdrive and the drugs I take do not cope with all that blooming. It's been bad for few days and as the prophesied rain didn't come my body shut down. I didn't have any pies. I ate just one sandwich today and some carrots so instead I just had a look at what others did to celebrate. Like tor.com readers chosen The Gateway Drugs to Science and Math. And this:

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