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It was 24oC today (75F) and I was overheating in jeans so I dug out some of the summer clothes. I wasn't the only one - people in shorts and sandals where everywhere. If the days weren't so short you can almost believe it was spring. I know I'm far south but this is still 10o warmer than normal for this time a year and the North is asking where's their snow (apparently going to California). And my parents say there hasn't been much winter weather in Poland either but they do seem to have snow on the horizon. Here the very warm weather is supposed to last till the next weekend.

Today is also the peak of Geminids - the biggest meteor shower of the year. With nice warm weather like that I decided to go and take a look. I managed to see few but there is too much light pollution everywhere near, especially in the direction the meteors are coming from, so I could only spot the brightest ones. This meant they were far in between and I never managed to get a photo. But the warm days and cool nights also mean fog. A lot of fog. It made the sky even more fuzzy but it also makes some cool effects. And at least you can see Orion.
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All this shopping craze past week made me find a sale that I really cared about. I got myself a new set of prime lenses for my camera - 35mm for portrait and 85mm macro lens. I was thinking about getting something like this for a long time but these lenses are expensive. This set costed less than the 85mm alone. And this is what I got on the first try:


Nov. 14th, 2015 11:28 pm
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I think this is about this time of the year. I referenced one of my old photos for this. Pretty close to how it should look like right now back home. Not that different from here either.

Autumn by elluranee on DeviantArt
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This is the end of a long, holiday weekend here in US and I started doing art again. Nothing is finished yet (or at least nothing that I'm happy with) so here is something old instead.

Run on air by elluranee on DeviantArt


Apr. 15th, 2015 11:45 pm
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Surprisingly, I haven't posted this one yet

White Dress by elluranee on DeviantArt
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I saw a photo of woman sitting and a shadow behind her looked like a bird perched on her shoulder. And then I had to draw that.

Perched by elluranee on DeviantArt
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The thing I love about grey (and brown) papers is that I can draw both with shadow (pencil) and light (white coloured pencil). It makes everything easier.

Face in greyscale by elluranee on deviantART
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I started playing with painting on my tablet - after all Note comes with pen and just invite you to do this. It's still pretty awful - proportions are a little off and it's very cheesy but horses come relatively easy too me so it seemed like a good subject for a first try. I'm still getting used to switching between different options so it's just a test really but if you look at the small version (or from far away) you don't notice how blurry it is. I'm not quite sure why it turned this way.

Horse Sketch by elluranee on deviantART
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I'm still fighting with capturing people likeness. It just doesn't look completely wrong but is still off in way too many ways for me to be even remotely happy about it.

Eleventh by ~elluranee on deviantART
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This is what I just uploaded. I kept imaging this thing with strands coming out of the head and this was my first try at trying to paint it. I may try again.

My Thoughts by ~elluranee on deviantART
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There is something about drawing with light instead of shadow that appeals to me but it is also harder. At least to me. I just don't know if it's just the reversion of what you draw or colour vs pencil. Or both.

Light on Black by ~elluranee on deviantART
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I used photo reference for this so it really is this small

Forest Dormouse by ~elluranee on deviantART
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I'm sick and thanks to the stuff that's coming out of my sinuses I only slept 6 hours in 2 hour batches last night. I'm pretty sure that included almost no REM sleep because I'm exhausted. So all I have is this:

Smile 5 by ~elluranee on deviantART
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This is one of my oldest drawings - the very second one I ever posted on the web. I still look at it sometimes and surprise myself by all the little lines and details. Did I really draw that?

sailing ship by ~elluranee on deviantART
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Because Being Human ends and it made vampires tolerable.

Lord Hal by ~elluranee on deviantART

Although the truth is I picked this because I needed something with shadow and light to experiment with black and white on coloured paper. And I'm still pretty bad with likenesses so you can only see resemblance to Damien Molony if you squint.

Pet peeves

Dec. 14th, 2012 11:59 pm
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This is not geranium and acacia cannot grow in Poland but noone ever cares about accuracy except for botanists (and it's even worse in my field with added bonus of people not understanding what they are talking about).

Pelargonium by *elluranee on deviantART
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Back at home this was Independence Day but as this is the official end of WWI it's celebrated around the world including here. Mostly by sales from what I can tell but it seems the way all holidays are celebrated her. Memorial Day sale, Columbus Day sale, Veteran's Day sale. Back at home it's state holiday so all the big stores are closed so at least the sales people have the day off.

I just enjoyed the few sudden days of warmth. It was so sunny and nice - the temperature in the 20s during the day and even during the night there is no danger of frost. It's supposed to end tomorrow but it is November after all and even though it's colder then my previous ones here I was overheating in a t-shirt today. Not very November weather. I wish we would have that in Poland for the holiday. Even though, from what I saw, the weather was pretty nice for today it was still not a very holiday weather. And the day are so short already. I understand the significance of the day but this is the worst month for any celebrations.

I went for a walk, did laundry and cleaned up and then I started drawing and this is just what popped into my head:

Yellow Eyes by *elluranee on deviantART

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