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Today in bizarre American date writing system is 3.14 which makes it Pi Day (3.1416 is a rounding of Pi). It's a day to celebrate it, admire its many graphical representations, write "pi-kus" and "piems". Happy Pi Day.

Today ExoMars mission has successfully launched. It's an European Space Agency (ESA) and Roscosmos mission to hunt for signs of alien life on the Red Planet. The mission’s 2016 phase includes a Trace Gas Orbiter (TGO) that’ll search for methane and other compounds of possible biological origin in Mars’ lower atmosphere, and a Schiaparelli entry, descent, and landing module, which will demonstrate complex landing technology for a larger, ground-based ExoMars rover slated to ship off in 2018. Already on Mars Curiosity is switching to a new mission. It's going to look for signs of life too.

Today is also the day when we are only month away from new Orphan Black episode (it's going to be on Thursdays now) and we have a new trailer.
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So the Hugo Awards happened yesterday (here is liveblog and hopefully they'll put the whole ceremony somewhere because it was hilarious). I watched the ceremony and Connie Willis and Dalek killed everyone and it was great despite all the No awards (it ended with the more No awards that were given out last evening than in all the years before combined). This is, of course, the result of the whole Sad Puppies/Rabid Puppies gaming the nomination precess and the actual voters choosing No Awards in the categories completely taken over by the slate nominations (Hugo allows voter to say they didn't like any of the options given and that's what has happened here). Here are the results (full listing at the link):

The Three Body Problem, Cixin Liu, Ken Liu translator (Tor Books)

No award

BEST NOVELETTE (1031 ballots)
The Day The World Turned Upside Down by Thomas Olde Heuvelt, Pat Cadigan translator (Lightspeed Magazine, April 2014)

No award

No award

Ms. Marvel Vol 1: No Normal written by G. Willow Wilson, illustrated by Adrian Alphona and Jake Wyatt, (Marvel Comics)

Guardians of the Galaxy written by James Gunn and Nicole Perlman, directed by James Gunn (Marvel Studios, Moving Picture Company)

Orphan Black: “By Means Which Have Never Yet Been Tried”written by Graham Manson, directed by John Fawcett (Temple Street Productions, Space/BBC America)

No award

No award

Julie Dillon

Lightspeed Magazine, edited by John Joseph Adams, Stefan Rudnicki, Rich Horton, Wendy N. Wagner, and Christie Yant

BEST FANZINE (576 ballots)
Journey Planet edited by James Bacon, Chris Garcia, Alissa McKersie, Colin Harris and Helen Montgomery

Galactic Suburbia Podcast Alisa Krasnostein, Alexandra Pierce, Tansy Rayner Roberts (Presenters) and Andrew Finch (Producer)

Laura J. Mixon

Elizabeth Leggett

Award for the best new professional science fiction or fantasy writer of 2013 or 2014, sponsored by Dell Magazines (not a Hugo Award).
Wesley Chu

It ended up being pretty diverse (Ms. Marvel, Orphan Black, translations, Lightspeed Magazine) despite the slate and I really liked when the best novel award was announced from ISS (live from space) by an American astronaut born in China with Swedish name who also grew up in London and went to a Chinese writer for a book originally published in Chinese. It gave it an extra international feel on something called Worldcon.

And the really interesting part was that of the Hugos that were awarded a lot went to those who were initially out of nominations but got on the shortlist after the Sad Rabid Puppies nominees withdrawn their works or were found ineligible. This includes two translated works (first time in Hugo history so many of them got an award) and Orphan Black and best artist. That really shows that what the puppies were really trying to keep out of the awards was quality.

At the end George R. R. Martin organised the traditional Losers Party party where he gave away special trophies - Alphies - awards for those who were pushed away from Hugo nominee list by the slate voting and those who were on the slate but withdrawn. And this is what the nominee list would look like if the slate never happened.
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Today Internet believed in miracles as Tatiana Maslany has been nominated for Emmys. Doesn't make me care any more about them but I always say all the awards. Here is here post-nomination interview with her. As always she credits the fans for spreading the word about the show. And there is another one here. I think we all feel like it's a group nomination (not only because it's hard to believe she'd just one person but also thanks to the hard work of all her doubles). And here is BBC America celebrating.

This seams to also be an exceptionally good year for SF&F as Game of Thrones got 24 nominations, AHS: Freak Show is close behind with 19 and Dardevil and Last Man on Earth got some too. Maybe it's the drought. Or maybe the lowering of herd immunity among the voters.

So this is also the high time to post the Orphan Black S3 bloper reel

And the proposals for spin-off with Alison and Donnie that were presented at SDCC. Which one you can't wait to watch?

Holly freaking Christmas cake!
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Orphan Black

I wasn’t sure what to think about the Castor clones as all we’ve seen is creepy and mentally disturbed but I started to like Mark at the end of last season. And so far it at least felt like he was a little more sane and sympathetic then all the other ones so I’m very happy he survived. I’m also pretty sure he believes Sarah now - that she is his sister, that she cares about Helena, and that she wants to help. They had pretty nice moments of bonding and he seems like a much nicer person than any of the brothers we met so far (but admittedly Seth was dying and whatever is wrong with Rudy is not about being a clone and we don’t know much about any others). I know he won’t kill her - he just saved her from Rudy (I love that Mark is higher in rank than Rudy) and I watched the promo.

I that he takes her to the base because she wanted to get to Helena and it’s a way to get Sarah there. I think she agrees to that. And I think they will then run away together.

It took Sarah a long while to admit that she had sisters and accept any of them as family but once she did it for one it got faster and faster for others. Of course it doesn’t mean absolute acceptance. Helena had to earn it. Rachel never did. Castors have to earn it to but it is also a lever for Sarah to get Mark to trust her and also to get them on her side. She needs to convince Mark they are family to get Helena back. I think her point of view becomes “we are all family and we should stand together against those who want to use and control us”. And now that Helena saw what Coady does to the boys they might even be able to convince others (that was really messed up to do to a kid who thinks of you as a mother and it was nice to see Helena showing compassion). Like that sergeant Owen Miller (he seems pretty sane so far). Poor guy is in charge of keeping Helena in and we all know that doesn't ever work. She's already coming out of boxes.

Allison and Donnie - the drug dealers are even more adorable than when they murder people. And I know there is everything wrong with this sentence but it's also so very true. The soap business. The blackmailing other housewives to vote for her in school trustee election (all of this for the school trustee election!). The reuninon with the high school boyfriend the drug kingpin. It's all beautiful.

I'm still not over Cosima and Delphine breaking up and neither is Cosima but at least she has science. She once cut up her sister so cutting the brain out of a guy who turn out to be her brother no problem at all. Poor Scott - he doesn't have a stomach for this. None of the men have - not Felix, not Art. It's interesting how this show puts women in the roles of people who get things done - good or bad but done. Allison is the one who makes things done in her marriage. Cosima is the one who gets science done. Sarah and Helena can get out of any situation and solve any problem - they get shit done. Even in the Army - dr. Coady is the one who keeps the project together - from rising the little soldiers to cutting them up to find what is wrong with them.

Also - some still seemed to disbelieve this show takes place in Canada but after that hokey scene there should be no more doubts. Cal, Sarah and Kira were a really cute family but Michiel Huisman has a lot of other obligations and Skyler is growing up too fast for show time frame so they both got written out. Too bad - I liked happy Sarah.
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Orphan Black is back! Orphan Black is back!

I sent the whole day looking at other people reactions and reading interviews and behind the scenes specials. Do you know Tatiana was the scorpion - including the clicky noises? And that the safe word is "corncob"?

I love that Helena's fantasy is all about family and food. All her sestra's (including brother sestra) and Kira and the baby and so much food (mostly Ukranian - she goes back to childhood comfort food in her dreams. And cupcakes). And I love that everyone is a kind of basic version of themselves but twisted and up to 11 - Sarah is all black leather and shades and looks like a hole in that bright garden, Alison is a kind of 50s housewife complete with cupcakes and Cosima is the folk one (in this case Ukrainian version) and all healed by science.

Rachel is alive but not well and Delphine is now in charge. She's the new Rachel (as Cosima says) and Marion gave her access to most (some) of Dyad's secrets and her promise to Cosima to keep all her sisters' safe became a difficult task. She always kept secrets but now she has very deadly ones. But she's still not good at keeping them - Sarah was never supposed to know about Helsinki. And that's only one bomb dropped on her. She also learns Mrs. S sold Helena to project Castor. All on the same day.

Delphine breaks up with Cosima :(. So Cosima tells about The Island of Doctor Moreau only to Scott. Secrets are power. Especially now that Castor clones are also looking for them. Because it looks like they're having their own sickness and they also cannot have kids. I wonder if that's why military wanted Helena (or Sarah). Probably trying to figure out how to make more or at least cure the ones they have.

Ari Millen looked creepy as Mark but Rudy and his creepy moustache brother are even creepier. It's like multiple Helena's only without any cute food fetish.

James Frain as Ferdinand was both creepy and hilarious. His secret life with Rachel - from kinky sex to planning to kill the other clones. Topside likes their clones to be unaware and Rachel likes to be special. But who would've thought there was so many clones in Helsinki. The whole Finland only has 5.5 million people - no wonder they eventually met each other.

As always Tatiana was amazing - from the group, dream scene to Sarah as Rachel (I kept thinking that she walks like Sarah and Ferdinand will notice) to Alison being so barely holding it as Sarah (miming was perfect) to the scorpion guiding Helena how to get out of boxes (out of first one already). They are all going to be sorry they messed with Clone Club. And as always the illusion is complete - you never question Tatiana slapping Tatiana as unnatural. Just Sarah trying to distract Ferdinand by hitting herself in the face.

Good that the Hendrixes were there to lighten the mood. Alison is back to her old self and Marci Coates should be wary even if Donnie and Alison doesn't go on another killing spree. Donnie was so Donnie at loosing his job but at least it'll give us Alison's mother and that should be fun to watch.

The only problem is that the time frame of the show and real life became more and more detached and now it's pretty obvious Kira got a year older in a day. Truly, a special child. Regenerates, brings dead back to life and grows up super-fast - that's a demigod like stuff.

I finally figured out why them saying Helena's name as Helana is so annoying - American's tend to do this to my name too - pronouncing 'e' as 'ay'.

I know episode 2 leaked out but I'm strong. I'm going to watch it on BBCA.
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Here's a new interview with Steven Erikson in which he talks about why the "gimdark" and "grit" shouldn't be the point of fantasy and the books that influenced him in creation of Malazan Books. And about the deliberate choice to include the diversity of cultures, races and the magic system the removes gender-based hierarchies of power. He also talks about Wilful Child and gaming.

And one with Ursula K. Le Guin that talks about her views about PR publishing, awards and her bad experiences with adaptations of her work and many more things. It also reminded me she is 85 and I hope she'll be a centenarian.

And one with Tatiana Maslany. Remember Orphan Black is back in 10 days. You should be done with Daredevil by then anyway.


Mar. 23rd, 2015 11:53 pm
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It looks like the final in 2015 Suvudu Cage Match will be between Death and Death's granddaughter. Susan vs. one of Endless. I'm sure she'll bring the poker. Semifinals are still on but unless large amount of late votes come in it seems to be the end result. I'm just happy Death is the right gender. Weird Germanics with their male personification of Death.

The io9's March Madness is already on the Sweet Sixteen stage and it looks like Firefly is loosing to Game of Thrones. Finally a show with bigger (or more obsessed fandom) than Firefly but I'm not sure it's really an improvement.

An sneak peak from episode 3x01 of Orphan Black with the Sarah - Rudy clone talk we've seen fragments of before. It looks like Delphine now knows all about project Castor.

Also Alison as Sarah always hilarious - can't wait:
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I had some computer problems. Happened just before I finished my post on Monday. I spent last two days reinstalling Windows so all I have today is just a new Orphan Black video - all about the other clones:

And io9 decided that they are doing the March Madness thing after all - just a day after I made my cage match post. This year theme is Movies vs. TV and the Here and Now regional is already finished but the Epic one is still live. I knew that Farscape doesn't have fandom large enough to go far so I didn't have any hope there but I still feel that making me choose between Orphan Black and Person of Interest or Ghost in the Shell and Black Mirror was evil.
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William Shatner couldn't make it to Nimoy's funeral so instead he honoured Nimoy’s memory by answering fan questions about Nimoy and their friendship on Twitter. It was announced earlier but here you can look at these Supergirls together. Here's also the first look at Sand Snakes and the weapons are pretty but for once I prefer book versions.

This is first real trailer for Orphan Black season 3 and Delphine has new hairstyle. And Rachel is alive but unresponsive.

More snow

Feb. 25th, 2015 11:20 pm
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Yesterday snow mostly melted by the afternoon but don't worry a brand, new snowstorm is here. The forecast varied between apocalyptic - 6 hours of freezing rain to just bad - heavy snow storm with 3-10 inch accumulation (that's 8 - 25 cm). Right now it's beautiful perfect winter wonderland. Someone even put their Christmas lights back on. I was out taking photos until snowploughs destroyed my perfect landscape.

In none weather related news. Orphan Black season 3 will premiere on all AMC Networks channels at the same time (remember they now co-own BBC America). I'm not suer if anything but AMC is really more exposure but it's nice to know they appreciate the show.

Nebula nominated stories you can read on tor.com.

The awesome Power Rangers fan film with Katee Sackoff and James Van Der Beek. It's better quality that the whole show. Watch it before the gets taken down.

And it's gone.
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After all the teasers for the Sarah (not your property), Alison (not your toy), Helena (not your weapon) and Cosima (not your experiment) here is an actual scene from the next season. Two months left.

Here are some deleted scenes from The Hunger Games: Mockingjay with Peeta and president Snow and Katniss and make-up. Leslie Jones tweeted a photo of new Ghostbusters cast backstage during SNL 40. There is a webseries about adventures of Adult Wednesday Addams and she does what we all wish we could do.
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The biggest story right now of course is Spiderman joining MCU. This makes everyone excited at the thought of having all Marvel properties back together but it's very unlikely for X-Men. X_men have bottomless supply of characters and are basically universe on their own. Spiderman despite being popular is just one character. All the plans to make him into a shared universe were always ridiculous. And universe is where it's at right now. The strength of MCU is that the movies create positive feedback for one another. Because even though each movie is separate it enhances the experience to see them all and getting all the story. Like Thor fed into Captain America:TFA and both of them set up Avengers and then avengers set up the Thor 2 and Cap 2. It's all connected and that enhances the experience. And now Spiderman gets to have some of that and Sony gets to cash in on it. But I wish they didn't just reboot Spiderman again. It's getting tiresome.

Ian Cameron Esslemont is going to write a trilogy about the rise of Malazan Empire. The first book is to be called Dancer's Lament and is to be set before Malazan Empire. So maybe this will be about how Dancer met Kellanved and about their time at that tavern on Malaz where it all started. And how the family was formed.

Here's a short clip from Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell

And here's a new teaser for season 3 of Orphan Black
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So the rumour has it Tatiana Maslany has been cast in a lead role in the next Star Wars standalone spin-off movie. It still hasn't been officially announced but all the signs and unofficial sources confirm it's true. I wish her all the success she deserves but I hope she'll keep doing Orphan Black. Being Human never really recovered from Mitchell's death. For now we have all the Clone Wars jokes you can think off.

The American remake of Broadchurch just died but that doesn't discourages them from trying again and again. Newest victim - Black Mirror. I have no idea how they plan to turn that into an American format TV series. Also Luther is getting Americanised. I don't really see it working as 20-something episode series but maybe the original creator do.

In Joss Whedon's Buzzfeed interview he elaborates on his words about his criticism on excuses for lack of female superheroes, not doing any more Avengers movies, maybe doing Captain Marvel and his own projects including a film about female Batman-like character. He's also sad that Fox has all the X-Men with all the coolest female characters and I agree. What is worst for me they really not doing much with them and there are so many good stories there. But we cannot know that Marvel/Disney would've really been better. Their female characters are still missing from merchandise.
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Orphan Black's TCA panel brought some general teasers and information about the new characters and the military clones. To me the most interesting part is that all the Castor project clones know. Even Mark. So Paul knew him and Mark knew Paul so is Mark really out or on a mission? He is out there with Helena's baby. "Count your sisters" does sound pretty chilling. I hope will see that promo soon.

I just read all currently out issues of Death Vigil in one go. I read it first on Deviant Art - before it was printed. I think the first issue was there and a lot of concept art and I loved it. So I was planning to read it when it was out but then I forgot. And then I remembered and it turned out to be even more fun then I expected. The whole concept is great, the characters are instantly likeable and art is beautiful. My favourite is Mia (love her t-shirts - so appropriate) but I have a thing for little girls who are more than they seem. But really everyone is awesome and I keep thinking I want to know more about this character and that character and even the bad guys - I want a story about them too. It's a little like Dead Like Me but with more Eldritch horrors and superpowers. And raven turning into dinosaur (they do look cool with feathers. I picked the good moment to pick it back as the first series is about to finish and it's been popular enough for Image to turn it into ongoing series.

EDIT: Apparently linking to or even mentioning the name of de@dline.com in the post is no longer allowed on LiveJournal - spam filter didn't let me save my post until I removed the link or the name. I wonder what other sites are blacklisted?
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The first real trailer for season 3 of Orphan Black is out and I think we all ask ourselves why it's not April yet.

There's also interview with Graeme Manson about new season that comes with a picture of Sarah meeting the male clone in dr. Bowles basement. We also learn his name is Rudy. The name and faces he makes in trailer made me think it was inspired by Misfits.

DC Comics has announced that its March 2015 variant covers will pay tribute to some of the most iconic films of the past 100 years. You can see all the variant covers and the movie posters that inspired them here. They are all brilliant. I still can't decide which one I like best.

Parks and Recreation final season trailer is coming from a distant future where all the things we've been warned about came true.
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New cast members of Orphan Black were announced and it looks like we are getting muchcloser look at the military project. Also James Frain is going to play beasically the same character he did on Intruders. But I'm really excited about Ksenia Solo even though her character seems like a strange choice. Why would scientist like Cosima go to see "holistic healer"?

Did you ever wonder what would Powerpuff Girls be like in their mid-twenties? Little more like Girls, maybe? And they only call Professor Utonium when they need money.

And this trailer for Agent Carter looks pretty awesome.
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Every year Science organises the Dance Your PhD contest. Here are all the finalist from Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Social Sciences categories. And this is the winner:

Science isn't always easy to portray in art and it's rarely accurate but Interstellar had it's own science advisor Kip Thorne is Feynman Professor of Theoretical Physics at the California Institute of Technology, Pasadena design some of it's special effects. New Scientist has spoiler-free guide to the science of Interstellar. Space ships and science - two things I really like together.

And here is first teaser trailer for season 3 of Orphan Black - just in time for Orphan Black Friday
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Originally written 2014-07-12
Orphan Black has been officially renewed for the third season! YAY! It put me in such a good mood I don't even care that much that Tatiana has been snubbed by Emmys again. Internet is doing a pretty good job of being indignant for me.

So it's a good time to think about where we left the characters and what the future might bring for all of them. And since I'm finishing this month and a half later here is as a bonus - informations about the new season from San Diego Comic Con. This is all very exciting and the only real drawback I can see is the fact that all of this is still months away. And I think they will need to soon start thinking about making the show's time to move in a rate closer to real time as kids are going to start to show pretty soon.

And I still haven't forgiven Emmys for ignoring Tatiana so I'm also ignoring them tonight.
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I admit I'm feeling a little confused by this season of Orphan Black. It's most likely because we got so little answers and so many new questions and new players with obscure motives.

They managed to get through the whole season without Mrs. S ever explaining what her organisation is really about and how much she knows and how she knows it. We know the organisation knew about and work against Dyad for a long time. They looked for Sarah to take her away from them. They hid Ethan Duncan. Mrs. S seems to know a lot of people - smugglers, bomb makers, even a privet clinic doctor who can help with bone marrow extraction. She even seemed to know what Paul was and that he was connected to project Castor. But that's all we know. Why the organisation exists? Why it was hiding Sarah and prof. Duncan? How Mrs. S knows all this stuff? What are her goals?

Then there is Paul. I think whole fandom suspected he was some kind of mole for a while now but why did he abandon his cover? He got all the way to the Dyad leadership and then vanished so he could go back to the army. Why? Was this a part of the deal with Mrs. S to give up on Sarah? He did get promotion after he went back so it must've been something good. Did Mrs. S gave him what he was looking for at Dyad? It wasn't Helena at first. Not even when he abandoned his cover. The obsession of of Dyad and Prolethians with Sarah and Helena is about their ability to reproduce. I thought Army might be about the same thing but Paul knew about this since season 1 and about Sarah and Helena and he still stayed with Dyad. He left Helena to Proleathians and he knew better where she was than Mrs. S so she probably wasn't part of the deal when he disappeared. So did she gave him Duncan's research as part of the deal?

Of course Paul left Helena with Mark - one of the Army clones. So maybe if Mark is secretly working for the Army he was keeping an eye on Helena for the Army? Did he tell them Helena is pregnant? Is that why Army wants Helena now? Or do they want her for some experiments - the wild type for the clones - and Paul likes Sarah so Helena it is? From Mrs. S and Paul conversation it seems they sold Paul to Marion and Cal as a double agent in the Army - selling out the project Castor because he cares about Sarah - but the ending makes it looks like he did it in exchange for Helena. So why does Army want Helena now?

I'm not sure if Sarah can trust Marion but at least so far as making sure the clones safe and healthy they do have a common goals. And she is someone who has the resources to learn more about project Castor and why Army is suddenly interested in what Dyad is doing again. However, Sarah shouldn't trust her too much - she has given power to Rachel to do what she wanted in Dyad and she only let Sarah go in exchange for information on project Castor - so it's not like she really cares for anyone except maybe Charlotte. And the way Cal found her - it seemed way too easy and convenient.

Marion also mentions to Sarah that noone knows what the clones where for. Ethan Duncan says to Sarah they were proof of concept. In science speak this means they were just proof that the method for creating them works (proof of concept articles are the ones that describe a method how to do something - any actual scientific result​ or furthering knowledge of biological processes is not necessary - the important part is letting everyone know how it was done and that it works). It's also probably explains why the first try has females even though males are preferred by military. Females have two X chromosomes which makes them more genetically stable so they probably hoped for better probability of success at the first try.

I think that female clones were created to show cloning and genetic modification and tagging was possible - without any other purpose. This is the military stopped being interested in their existence and abandoned them to Dyad. Dyad sensed the opportunity to research gene/environment interactions and capitalise on the results. Military meantime used the methodology to create their own batch of clones - male ones that can be used as soldiers. Paul comments on Mark being very good at tracking so it looks like they got what they wanted. So once again why did they go back to the original project? Why spying on Dyad? Is there something wrong with their batch too?

I am so happy Cosima is still alive (she is not allowed to die ever). And now she has Duncan's book that has all the notes on clones and Helena's embryos are in the room too. Ever since Henrik did that I expected them to be used either as exchange for Kira - giving Rachel a child that's as close to hers as possible - instead of one who's calling Sarah mommy. Or used to help cure Cosima - embryonic cell lines are more effective. Or both. The first option seems out of a question for now. The second seems even more plausible. Delphine needs to come back from Germany and help. Scott too. He was kind of awesome in this episode and I hope he managed to get out of Dyad. Also now the sisters have an upper hand over all these organisations that want to use them. They have the knowledge about themselves that no one else does. And that's awesome.

I know everyone is obsessing about the dance scene but I was even more impressed by the bed scene talk between Sarah and Cosima. The way they look at each other and hold hands. It seems almost impossible that it's one actress on both sides of that conversation. Even John Fawcett forgets. I'm still at awe at how the show does that and how Tatiana Maslany makes it so believable.

And now let's see how the dance was done (and everybody joins in).

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