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So the real winter storm is here. The temperature today is not going to go above freezing (and feel even colder) and the precipitation started with snow but is to become snow with rain. Freezing rain. Which means that once again it's time for me to attempt flying out of this place. I feel like every time I'm going on any meeting in winter the weather decides to just got to crap. Two years ago I didn't fly to San Francisco because of snowstorm that grounded all the planes and made people leave their cars everywhere including middle of the road (or the ditch if that's where they stopped). Last year I managed to slip by in between two bout of winter. The planes were grounded before and after. I risked braking my legs to walk up and down the hill to get to the taxi (first one got stuck in that valley) but I got to the airport. I flew leaving the coldest weather that happened that year behind me and spent the 3 days in SF safe from the cold. This time the hardest part might be getting to airport through that freezing rain but if I manage to fly out I should be good. Of course if my plane manges to get here in the first place - it might be flying from somewhere worse affected and get stuck in there. That's how I spent few hours extra in Toronto last year.

Here it eventually should turn into snow and this whole thing is supposed to last all the way through Saturday. It should look very pretty so I'm a little sad I'm going to miss it - who knows if there is going to be another snow - but it also can shut off the electricity and that'd be no fun. I'd be happy to miss that.
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This is what I call winter. It got really white and everything was closed and the whole week was generally cancelled. The branches were snapping and falling under the wight of snow and even the whole trees were downed A lot of people lost power. I did too but it was back before I woke up. Only my heating resets to 62F so it was pretty cold in the morning (17C). But it looked so pretty. It's melting now but I have pictures.

And for the record the first time I saw the dress it looked white and gold but now I see light blue and gold brown which are actual colours on the photo (the real dress is blue and black). I'm proud of myself for seeing the reality but the colour change was weird. Whatever colour you see is completely convincing and you just don't understand how con it be anything else. It's not easy - the brain tries to autocorrect to either white and gold or blue and black - but it's the truth. Also xkcd explains it best as always.

More snow

Feb. 25th, 2015 11:20 pm
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Yesterday snow mostly melted by the afternoon but don't worry a brand, new snowstorm is here. The forecast varied between apocalyptic - 6 hours of freezing rain to just bad - heavy snow storm with 3-10 inch accumulation (that's 8 - 25 cm). Right now it's beautiful perfect winter wonderland. Someone even put their Christmas lights back on. I was out taking photos until snowploughs destroyed my perfect landscape.

In none weather related news. Orphan Black season 3 will premiere on all AMC Networks channels at the same time (remember they now co-own BBC America). I'm not suer if anything but AMC is really more exposure but it's nice to know they appreciate the show.

Nebula nominated stories you can read on tor.com.

The awesome Power Rangers fan film with Katee Sackoff and James Van Der Beek. It's better quality that the whole show. Watch it before the gets taken down.

And it's gone.
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So I did manage to get to San Francisco this year. And I did escape the worst cold this year. It even get warmer as I got here as it was still below freezing when I landed on Saturday but it was finally warm enough on Sunday for most of that frozen snow from last Monday to melt. And then it snowed again today. It's snowed most of the day and this time it was real snow.

This time they didn't close everything as the forecast said there would be much less snow. They kept extending the time when it was supposed to stop snowing and it only happened in the afternoon. This of course caused horrible things on the roads but when I walked back home from that other far away bus stop it made mi smile. There is something about the fresh snow that always makes me giddy.

It's not as cold as it was last week but the temperature today was -6oC for most of the day which made this the coldest day I ever experience in NC. It got a little warmer at the end of the day but then it got dark and temperature started dropping again without ever even getting close to 0.

The winter is here to stay for the rest of the week. It can snow again on Wednesday night and we can get snow and/or freezing rain around Sunday. And of course the minus temperatures every night. Meanwhile my mum says the snowdrops started blooming in Poland and it felt very spring-like last weekend.
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So after all those times when the north got all the snow and we got only rain and gusts of the cold air afterwards snow finally came to North Carolina. I say snow but it only snowed for a short moment. It was the powdery cold snow because it was also below freezing the whole day (-4oC at the warmest). It actually became warmer when it finally started to snow (as it often happens) and the wind subsided so it felt warmest in two days.

But as I said the snow didn't fall for long. It soon switched into ice. Not hail. It was ice needles, sometimes in clusters, falling from the sky. They hurt when the fell on exposed skin. It made that weird sound like falling sand. Like we were inside giant hourglass. It covered everything and it shifted like loose sand when I grabbed it:

It later turned into freezing rain so in the morning everything was covered by icing like crust. This made it dangerous to walk on and hard to drive as everything was closed - schools, most work places, public transport. This made cleaning up roads easier - almost no cars. I just wish they would clear sidewalks too. And then the sun came out and started melting the ice so it helped too but smaller roads still look like this:

And it's still cold. It was a little above freezing in the sun today but the temperature is to drop to -8oC tonight and than, after small snow fall tomorrow afternoon, it's getting really, really cold -15oC tomorrow night, -18oC (that's 0oF for Americans) on Thursday. So this ice is not going anywhere. I wonder if those will fuse and got hard enough to walk on?

Second try

Feb. 13th, 2015 11:56 pm
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Yesterday was Fat Thursday and I went in the search of doughnuts while the weather was getting progressively worse and worse. The day started nice with sunny and warm weather. Then it got cloudy and then the wind stated. The wind was getting colder and colder with the temperature rapidly dropping. I think I even saw couple of snowflakes. By the time I got my doughnut, finished work and was ready to go home it felt like it was below freezing. It wasn't but the wind chill and frigid air the wind blew in make it felt that way. The temperatures dropped to -6oC at night.

it warmed up during the day today and so it will tomorrow but the nights are to get colder and colder - I think -11oC on tomorrow night. By Sunday even the day temperature is to stay below freezing. On Monday and/or Tuesday it might even snow. I would be enjoying this possibility but I have air travel planned.

Last year I didn't manage to get to a conference in San Francisco because snowstorm cancelled all the flights. Let's see if I can get there this year. I'm to fly on Wednesday. Right now the forecast says it should be snow free but it can still move. Last year it did. It moved and hit precisely as I was supposed to take off. Also I'm flying there through Atlanta and then coming back through Detroit. I hope I'll be able to go through both of them without a problem. Especially on my way back. I don't want to get stuck in Detroit in cold winter weather. I'm not going to have the right clothes for northern kind of winter.

I usually only make post about my travel public after I'm back but since the snow is coming tomorrow I'm making it visible to friends. Let's see if I'm going to get there or not.
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I was planning to go and see Hobbit 3 today but between my consumption-like cough and the weather I decided to stay inside. Unfortunately for me when I'm sick like this I the cough and phlegm it dislodges last weeks after the initial infection (in Polish dense phlegm like that can be referred by the world that also means crude oil so my mother used to joke I'm an undiscovered deposit). When I was a kid I was constantly sick like that and usually it was at least a two weeks affair (if I went to American school I would fail to move to next grade on absences alone - luckily for me Polish schools only care about grades and mine were good). So I'm trying to just get to a state that wouldn't make people look at me like I'm plague ridden (I'm no longer contagious I just sound like it).

Weather today was also not cooperating - it actually snowed (all my family and friends in Poland were extremely jealous - it's too warm even for frost there) in the morning for little over half an hour before it turned into rain and the maximum temperature outside reached the hight of 3 degrees Celsius. So I also scraped my shopping plans - the cold may not get one sick but it makes my sinuses hurt more. It's supposed to get warmer (19 oC on Christmas Eve!) and still rainy so, hopefully, it be good both for my asthma and my whatever this is at this stage.

So since I'm not seeing any new movies this weekend here are the films I saw this year but haven't written about because of various breaks in the reporting.

Lucy - I liked the general idea and the visuals were very cool but the whole "we only use 10% of the brain" thing has to die. I was so concentrated on ignoring this I think I missed some of the plot, especially Morgan Freeman part as he kept repeating this nonsense ad nauseum. Seriously, they could've replaced it with the drug making more synapses. Not that it'd give you superpowers but is not as offensively stupid and it would've made more sense in the context - drug explanation would actually work better with it. But I thing Besson just wanted to count up to 100%. It was also hard not to notice it's his movie as he used his favourite trope of woman saviour/special chosen being that has to be protected and guided to her great destiny by lesser men (and defended by them which was especially ridiculous in this case as she has shown being able to just kill them with her mind). As women tropes go it's not bad (there's a reason we love his heroines so much) but it means that the only other female characters are in the film for like 5 minuets total (roommate and I think a flight attendant) and it only passes Bechdel test because of a conversations that barely even a dialogue. Everyone else, gangsters, policemen, scientists are all men. I did however like the multinational feel of the film from Korean gangsters in Taiwan to Americans in Paris. I also loved the lack of love story (or even the reverse of it - the boyfriend was waste of air and she only said professed love to her parents) and how the plot was all about Lucy's doing everything to reach her full potential. She's not there to save or revenge anybody, she just wants to improve herself and see what's at the end of the road, and everything else is just a background noise. The effects were beautiful, Besson always had an eye for incredible visuals, and, once I got over the 10%, the story was very engaging too.

The Guardians of the Galaxy - I loved it as everyone else including the fact that it began and ended with dancing. The only thing that bothered me was that Gamorra should've kicked Peter's ass and didn't need rescuing and generally wasn't badass enough for the most feared assassin and Thanos daughter but it might be just me projecting Aeryn Sun on her. This is unfortunate consequence of all the obvious Farscape similarities. This is why before I saw it I tried to ignore the obvious comparisons to Farscape to try to let it stand on it's own but I had to give up and just accept it basically Farscape the Movie (it was the plan that broke me, that was such a typical Crichton plan). But in all the film is a thing of beauty and I can't believe we still don't have dancing baby Groot.

The Theory of Everything - For a film about a progression of the disease this one have very little medical dram - there are only two doctors - the one who gives the diagnosis and the one who does the intubation but everything else is about the relationship between Stephen Hawking and his wife Jane. Everyone else is background families, kids, friends. It could've easily been a film about the disease or about the triumph of genius mind over the disease but that also is a background. It's the story of living a life with the disease both for the man affected by it and the the one taking care of him with all the hardship and pain and humiliation that comes with it but also that there are still good parts and there is still fun (the Dalek impersonation slew me). Friend I saw it with said it's great there were all the comedic moments or it would've been too much and I think that that was very important to show it wasn't all tragedy. I loved that they were not condemning that in the end it was too much and they grew apart and divorced as . I loved that they shown both Hawking atheism (and that he stayed atheist all the way through) and his wife faith without condemning either. However, I felt that the film kipped through and glossed over their life. All we got were snapshots of the events that were told from the future when we already know that he lived to be 72 and the bitterness over divorce is long over so everything - from betrayals to indignities - is just a memory and everyone is so understanding. But that's just a minor consequences of making movie about living people you like. A little trivia - Kip Thorn (Penthouse bet guy) is the physics consultant for Interstellar who modelled the blackhole in the movie.
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According to forecast today is the last hot day - one that's over 30 oC and sunny. It's supposed to be colder and/or rain from now on (although still above 20 oC so hardly cold). But the nights are going to be cool 14-17 oC and the days are much shorter and I can see the first leaves turning yellow so the air already smells a little like autumn. It just started to rain outside so it'll start to feel like it too. Rain and autumn are intimately connected for all of us Northern Europeans (by that I mean anyone on the North side of the Alps). So even though the temperatures could still be pretty summer like for my Polish sensibilities I have now been here long enough and this is a cold enough year that it feels like summer has ended in September just as it does at home.

In funny turn of events Poland seems to have a very warm (over 25 oC this weekend and mostly over 20 so far) and sunny weather this September so my parents say it feels like summer hasn't really went away yet. This is the difference a day of all penetrating drizzle (just a couple days ago) can make. But this is nothing - up North it has already started snowing.

Also Arizona has been flooded and California is still going deeper and deeper into drought so Global Warming is still on. But we managed to make the ozone layer start recovering so at least that worked.
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On Friday the wind was cold and it barely felt like it was above 0 even if thermometers insisted it was actually +7. Yesterday it was over +20 and I was walking around in sandals and even come back from a birthday party late and night in my summer dress and a light sweater. Now it's snowing and -6. It's supposed to be very cold till Thursday and then the next weekend +20 again. I no longer even put the jackets and shoes away. I just keep everything - from sandals to winter boots and from hoodie to down jacket by the door so I can just grab it in the morning after I check the weather forecast.

It started with cold rain that turned into tiny ice balls and finally into snow. Everyone escaped from work around noon but I have a very time consuming experiment that I need to finish before 13th so I went home only after I saw white accumulating on surfaces around the building. Of course because it was so warm recently some trees started blooming - including the early magnolias - the cold tonight will probably kill the flowers but I got this:

There is a little more snow now on grass, cars and roofs but all that fell on asphalt turned to water and now ice. So tomorrow morning is going to be fun.
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So it snowed on Wednesday. Then cam the freezing rain and covered everything in a sheet of ice so the next day everything was crunchy and hard to walk on but also pretty.

Then on Thursday first came rain mixed with hail. Then it turned into more snow and since this time it was above freezing and it just rained the snow was sticking to everything. At least for a little while.

After that everything started melting. I mean it was on the minus during the night so everything frozen solid and I observed with amusement as a moving truck was sliding down the hill on our apartment place tiny, full of very frozen ice street. And I got scared by the snow plough when it skidded to my side of the road while trying to push the ice and frozen snow off the road when I was taking photos of winter lake. But I liked how the snow it pushed off the road looked on the ice:

Then it got very warm very fast. It was above 20 oC in the sun and water streamed down the hill making me glad I live on it. At least I don't have to worry about flooding now.

Luckily for the people who live lower it got colder. It was raining in the morning and that melted even more snow but with the ice protecting a lot of it this wasn't enough and the air today was much, much colder then yesterday and temperatures tonight are going into minus again (tomorrow too) so it will be couple more days before it's all gone. It's already the longest staying snow I've seen here but there was quite a lot of it. However, we are supposed to hit over 20 oC (in the shade) later next week so it won't be that long. So here a memory keepsake - one true winter sunset I got (in HDR):

I finally managed to get through to the airline yesterday. When a human finally answered (I started using skype to call and just let it stay on hold for hours) I was so surprised I almost didn't know what to do. I almost lost hope of ever getting through. But then it went quickly as the only question they asked was reschedule or refund and, of course, in my case it was the latter. Lets see what the accounting will say about all the other things.
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I was supposed to fly to a conference today but my flight was cancelled. At least the first part of it as most flights here were cancelled. My boss was also supposed to fly out to a (different) conference and his flight was also cancelled. The sad part is that it only started snowing around 1 pm. It was only bitterly cold before that (as usually felt much colder then it really was). All the planes got stuck at other airports and that lead to all this mass transit disaster. I can't even get to the airline as their lines are permanently blocked by too many calls (most of the time I'm not even on hold - they just kick me out). They did this to themselves by sending emails saying one can only change the reservation by calling. Not that I'm planning to fly anywhere now - it's too late anyway as I'm not going to make it to any of the talks (I was just going for one symposium) - but I need this to get my refunds.

So when I finally gave up on any chance of flying out today I decided to go shopping as I had no food in the fridge because I was to be in San Francisco for the next couple of days. When I was leaving my apartment it was just starting to snow. When I was coming back half an hour later everything was already white. Few hours later there was about 20 cm of snow and then the snow turned into hail. Tiny ice balls were falling from the sky and it sounded like somebody was throwing sand at things.
See the begining and the end:

This time it was cold for two nights and a day before it started snowing so the snow didn't melt so much. It still caused that weird phenomenon that makes it feel warmer when the snow is falling then just before it does and it still melted a little bit by the ground but most of it was sticking. Because it was soft on the asphalt it clumped under tires and because the temperature was below freezing the whole day today it wasn't readily melting under the tires of cars. So all the roads are white and people abandoned their cars all over the place. Mostly on the sides of the roads but there was some genius who left his/hers in the middle of the street.

The forecast says more freezing rain, snow rain mix and then more snow again tomorrow. But, at least it's to be above 0, tomorrow and on Friday we are to start a big melt. At least I don't need to worry about floods.

And now, for a nice ending - birds in snow:

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So I waited for this to happen through all the days with minus temperatures and it finally did. It snowed yesterday.

There is only couple of centimetres of it but the ground was still warm and the air was well below freezing so it melted on the bottom and the turned into ice covered by snow. Or that tightly packed snow that as, or maybe even more, slippery then ice. So I don't blame most of my labmates for not coming to work today. I saw what happen to a car when I was walking back home after taking those pictures and I'm happy the guy gave up before I had to pass him because his car was sliding randomly when he tried to go up.

Still the buses where running on time and I did all the things I had planned for today before I knew the snow was coming (plus photo session for winter). And I also finally did the shopping because after 2 days of panic shopping today people stayed home and I had nice empty store to myself (and couple of other people).

I know the poor Southerners don't agree but all the other Northern transplants like me agreed - snows makes everything better. So I try to enjoy it before it melts tomorrow. It's going to be +18 on Sunday.
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It was 5oC and the windchill made it feel even colder on Saturday. It was 18 on Monday. Sunny and warm. On Tuesday night temperature dropped below -10 and it felt even colder. It also snowed a tiny bit - just enough to freeze into frosting on cars and grass. It was below 0 during the day on yesterday and it's supposed to be again tomorrow. Then it will get warmer once again - up to +13 on Monday and then dip below 0 again on the next day.

It's not that I can't take the cold - I have the proper clothes and shoes and it's not that cold during the day. It's the temperature jumps that get me. As my brother said about the -12 during the day (-17 with windchill) weather that Poland has right now (the warmth is over) - at least when it's cold all the time you get used to dealing with it. Not that I want to have it as cold as it is in Poland now but if not for the wind the 0 to -5 day temp is my perfect winter weather. If only there was more snow I would be perfectly happy with it lasting for few weeks.
But my winter looked like this for one morning in supper snowy spot:                   This is my brother's winter:

And of course it's still cold in my apartment. I can barely make it go up to 19oC and it's usually around 18when I wake up. It's not fun sitting in such temperature. At least when I'm running around in my down jacket and UGGs and all that bothers me is the wind putting tears in my eyes. But if I were back home those tears would freeze so this is still nicer. But then I remember how far south I am and realise once again how much milder European climate is.

Think about this - Londoners are less likely to have cold weather like this then me here in subtropics. They can have flowers in their gardens that are more susceptible to cold. Of course for all of us the rarity of these events comes from the Global Warming. England used to have snowy winters - now it snow causes panic. Most of the US that is now hyperventilating about cold used to have days of weather like this every winter. It's just after a while the new weather patterns become normal and the ones that used to be normal become exceptional (see this post for nice graphics on this EDIT: And the new xkcd is perfectly on topic too). And then you call off the climate change because it's cold outside for few days. Even when the other hemisphere is melting from deadly heat (and I mean deadly - animals were dying in Australia including fruit bats falling dead from trees in temperatures reaching 50oC - I can't even fully comprehend 50 but it makes me happy about -5 here).

I know a lot of people in Poland who complain about the cold and cloudiness but I think I was born to be northern European. I hate heat and 30-something is already too much for me but I'm also not really good with the temperatures below -10 - my eyes water and fingers freeze. I want to have seasons but without too many weather extremes and it's hard to accomplish that in continental climates.
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Today was finally the kind of day we should heave this time of year. It was sunny and 25C. I saw people swimming in the pool so the season can be called officially open. My parent skyped me happy that it finally got warm in Poland too. Just a week ago - on Easter Sunday they had a big snowstorm. Everything covered with at least 20cm of snow turning world into Winter Wonderland. Just on the wrong Holidays (people were making snow Easter bunnies and even, in some cases, decorating spruces all over again in their back yards - just adding eggs this time).

This is one of the photos he send me:

And then it snowed some more. Luckily it ended just for this weekend and my parents say it was sunny and warm (up to +10 in the sun) and it finally felt like spring.

Here it's been like spring for a while now. At least as far as plat blooming is concerned. And of course weather is sunny much more often than in Poland. However it was also unseasonably cold this year (March was colder then January). Even this Thursday was rainy and barley reaching 5C. But this weekend was very nice and in forecast prognoses 27-28C on Tuesday and Wednesday so our first heat wave is almost here.

The nice weather meant I spent the weekend doing things outside. I went to the botanical garden to look at blooms and take photos and then I re-potted the flowers. I went for a long walk today. Of course asthma doesn't like that so now all my muscles hurt as if I was actually exercising. My doctor would not be happy but I can't take any more drugs. I try to navigate a middle road between asthma and the side effects.

Still I'm sure that at least some of you this will make feel jealous:
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Yesterday it was +16 and sunny. Today it snowed the whole day. It was still too warm for the snow to last so it turned to water as soon as it touched anything but after several hours of this the grass and roofs were covered with a little batches of white. But it's only supposed to get below freezing late at night today so even though it's going to get quite cold (-6) all that will be left tomorrow is ice. Still being hit with snow, even instantly melting one, beats drizzle.

This strange cycling of (very) warm and cold weather leads to sights like this with a lot of trees blooming already (this is magnolia) being suddenly covered with snow (or ice). I'm just afraid that all the flowers will die during this two cold nights before it gets warmer again on Monday.


Jan. 17th, 2013 11:08 pm
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This is outside right now. It's not going to last as it's already raining more than snowing. It may turn into ice as the forecast predicts minus temperatures by morning but it's also finally is supposed to be sunny tomorrow so the ice won't last either. However, it just was over 20o couple days ago and there were sandals and shorts and t-shirts and now it's snowing. At least it's better then the rain that's been dropping down (and getting colder) for the past few days. So Snow, YAY.

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My family kept skyping me today because it's snowing in Poland or at least it snowed for a whole Saturday. In October*. Somewhere outside the mountains. So much it covered streets and grass and my nephew made a snowman. That had leaves stuck in it because the trees are not barren yet. It was above zero so the snow was wet and sticky and turning into water but the temperature dropped below freezing when it got dark so they expect it to last for couple of days (it will get frozen and that melts slower then the snow). I keep thinking how pretty it's going to look tomorrow morning. My parents how they won't get any more power outages.

My brother shared some of his photos from today - and it's really quite a lot of snow - and couple days ago when it was still 20o and sunny and picture perfect autumn. He was on a trip to mountains (called "work training") and he complained it was almost to warm for walking the trails. Tonight it's supposed to be -7. But it also supposed to be sunny tomorrow and I wish I could be there to see all that snow stuck to trees and weeds. The picture of perfect winter wonderland. You can say I miss it. There was no winter here last time.

Meanwhile, I was waiting for Sandy to drop cold and rain on me but all I got was a very cloudy and mildly windy day so I did laundry. The only thing that made me sad was that the wind, which is supposed to get even stronger, is taking so many leaves from the trees. I was hoping for the colours to last a little longer so I could take more photos of them. That's what autumn is for - being picturesque. It's failing at its purpose in my life proving once again that the world does not revolve around my needs. Stupid world.

It was supposed to get cold but it was still around 20 and snow is still hard to imagine. And I was thinking of snow because some forecasts predicted sudden drop in temperature around here and cold rain and even snow closer to the mountains. It still shows 9o for Tuesday but earlier it was even lower. As I mentioned before this was unusually cold October for this part of the world.

*It usually doesn't snow in Poland (except in the mountains) so early and the first snow isn't usually as intense and melts right away. However, this doesn't mean anything. It can be last snow this year. It might be start of 5 month winter. Polish weather is weird this way. I wonder if I'll see any snow when I'll go home for Christmas.
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Saturday was sunny and warm. Actually for this time of year it was hot - over 20oC in the sun with just slight cold wind - no more than short sleeve required. It was hard not to enjoy this and all the bikers, joggers and dog walkers certainly did. Signs of spring were everywhere and it was hard to believe in the forecast. And the forecast said that the rain will come and the temperatures on Sunday will never raise from what they'd dropped to during night.

It all came true. It was barely above zero during the day with cold rain. And then even harder to believe thing happened. It got even colder during the night and rain turned into snow. It snowed for the first time this winter. In mid-February.

It was kind of shocking (even with all the forecasts agreeing it would happen). This winter has been so warm that anything below 10oC seems cold even to me. And then we go from +20 to snow in little over 24 hours.

It's all gone now. The cold weather gone almost as quickly as it came (today was sunny and over 10 10oC and it's going to get warmer everyday till it's back to above 20 by the end of the week). All I have left is photos.

More under the cut )
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The weather is winter again.

I didn't take it seriously when they started all the snow warnings. I was right as snow was barley noticeable but then last night I started hearing strange sound. Like something throwing sand at the building. I came out and it was raining ice.

It wasn't hail. Hail is white and dry. It was like rain but with hard, tranculent ice nucleus inside each drop. By the morning it looked like world has been in the hands of crazy sugar confectioner - all sugar and icing. This is when it got really dangerous. When I went outside today I slipped, almost fell and whent back to change shoes.

When the snow warnings came they put salt on all sidewalks. The thing is it got stuck under the snow and ice and is not helping at all. But today was the first time I saw snow shovels being used to clean sidewalks so progress.

I wouldn't really mind too much if not for the fact that the flats here are not really made for cold. The heating system doesn't really heat the place up too well and windows and doors are draughty. The heating made the bill higher then it was during the summer. I used the fireplace for the first time today but it didn't give out a lot of heat. I never had a fireplace before so I don't know if it was made that way or if i did something wrong. My father says I need to keep fire on for longer so the whole thing warms up and starts to give out heat but it's kind of hard to do between being at work and sleeping.
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it snowed whole night and then a little bit more during the day. The wet snow sticking to everything. In the last possible moment it turned into white Christmas. Here in North Carolina of all places. This is coldest December on record or as I call it winter.

These photos are not black and white )

I went shopping with a friend because she is moving to a colder place and was looking for a winter coat. I was told about shopping craze after Christmas and expected crowds but the snow scared a lot of people so there was less people in the mall then on average Sunday. The funny thing was the roads were clear, black and often dry. It's television warnings to stay at home spreading panic made the whole shopping experience much easier for all of us.

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