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Between terrorist attacks and cancer this was a depressing week.

I just opened the news and there was another attack today. This time in Burkina Faso with 20 people dead and burning buildings but at least over 30 people were rescued by police forces. Yesterday, it was Istanbul in the historic district and targeted German tourists and planned by Russian nationals. And two days ago Jakarta where luckily only 2 people died. The reports said it was rushed and poorly organised because Indonesian police was closing on them and they didn't have time to plan it properly. And the week started with the bombings in Iraq. All of these are connected to Daesh.

Of course there is no real comparison between this and cancer.

Terrorist attacks are made of the belief that your truth is so much more important that anyone else's that you will make them listen no matter what. Sometimes it's because of helplessness and lack of hope. But most of the time it's malice and treating other people as disposable. If they don't believe in your truth then they deserve to die. This self-importance and feeling that you are more right and therefore justified is not unique to those who explode themselves to kill others or shoot at crowds but not everyone goes to this extreme. In a way this is why everyone just rolls their eyes (and sends dildos) to the guys in Oregon. We all wish all terrorist would seclude themselves in frozen wilderness.

Cancer kills way more people. It happens everyday, all around us as people die of cancer, often in great pain, so we erase that fact from our minds to be able to live our lives. Until it's someone we know. Family, friends, celebrities who impacted our lives. And then the feeling of helplessness comes back. And fear - who else will be lost (us, maybe?). For most of us terrorist, while scary is a far away problem except of course where terror is an everyday occurrence but thankfully that's still small fragment of the world). For most people terrorist attack is random and unlikely like earthquakes or tornadoes. Cancer is real and close. I'm sure you all have a list in your head of those lost. My grandfather's tumour was not malignant and for a while it seemed like it could be OK. My aunt's was like Bowie's and Rickman's of internal organs so deep in the abdomen that by the time it started giving symptoms it was already too late. I feel like besides breast/prostate check we should all have regular abdomen ultrasounds. Maybe at least some of those would get noticed when there is still time.

Maybe then we will have a little more moments spent together. Some more songs. Few more movies.

Tributes can wait (it's not like The Simpsons are ending any time soon)
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There is little I find as abhorrent as anti-vaxxers. Vaccines are one of the more miraculous inventions we ever discovered. They protect you before you even get sick against think that often cannot be cured and often are deadly or can damage you health for life. Almost all reasons to not take them are bogus, made up non-sense. The few cases that are real - immune system deficiency, allergy to the ingredients - just make it more important for those few affected that everyone else is vaccinated.

Part of the effectiveness of vaccines is heard immunity. If almost everyone is immune then even if yours wasn't as effective or you (or your child) couldn't take it you still will never encounter the disease so you won't die either. But as less and less of the population has been vaccinated the diseases get the chance to spread again.

The most widespread vaccinations are against things that actually kill people. We have been protected so long from polio and whooping cough and smallpox that we forgot the dread they caused. The dead and the disfigured. Well, they are coming back coming back. The diseases get their chance again. There are outbreaks of half-forgotten in the developed world diseases like whooping cough. Polio starting to spread again just as it was almost eradicated. Smallpox - the one that we actually managed to eradicate - now is coming back in a new version that arises from the animal stock.

Just like stopping taking antibiotics too early can give the chance to surviving bacteria to attack you again (and also gain resistance) stopping vaccinations gives viruses chance to spread and mutate and escape the vaccine induced immunity.

The stupidity that endangers all our lives is unbelievably selfish and shortsighted. And funny how fast the outbreak changes people minds. This isn't just you personal decision because you are not the only one at risk. It wasn't worth even one life.
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Look, it's another attack of the Fake Geek Girls. All those too pretty young women who are not really pretty but just made pretty by the cosplay of characters they know nothing of but dress up as just so they can get admiration from boys they don't want to have anything to do with. They just came to steal the fandoms they know nothing about and destroy what guys enjoy by standing to close or maybe even having sex. They are that insidious. Or something. I'm not really sure. Better people then me wrote about the intense misogyny and mindboggling stupidity of all this. Sometimes multiple times. It still comes back. At least the guy who caused the last one is asking for differing opinions. So maybe not all is lost.

Or maybe I feel better because I just saw Nexus7 commercial and it had a girl dreaming to go to the Moon and dressing up as an astronaut it made me feel all fuzzy inside. Or is it sad that I look for comfort in ads?
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I was to post something fun today and then I saw this and I saw red. Someone asked [livejournal.com profile] seanan_mcguire when one of her female protagonists will get raped. WHEN! Not "if" (which also is really bad question) but "when". There was also "finally" in there. There is so many thing wrong with that question that I'm almost speechless. What kind of person thinks it's OK to ask for something like that?

When she answered "none" and "never" the response was "I thought you had respect for your work. That's just unrealistic." Seriously, how saying that women (even fictional ones) should get raped is something to say. And not getting raped makes them unrealistic? How does it makes them unrealistic? Because "unreaped" women don't exist in real life? Or are they just uninteresting?

This also validates all that was said about over-reliance on rape as a source of angst and "deepness" for female characters. This is what it leads to. All I'm left with is hope that it at least won't extend to all those unrealistic real women.

Whoever asked this I think I just lost respect in them as human beings.

And then there's this - Craigslist ad seeks topless Dungeons & Dragons dungeon master, “serious applicants” only - because such things always come in packs.
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Ah, Internetz you never stop being full of dickhead trolls but sometimes this inspires some awesome moments. Still, wouldn't it be better if we didn't have to have those moments? If there was no awfulness to react to? I know - never will happen so for now lets enjoy the response of Nick Mamatas to your standard death threat (and homophobic slurs (and webspeak)). New kung-fu movie - Nick Mamatas vs. Internet trolls.

Genevieve Valentine posted a two months sum-up of the Readercon "experience". I would say it had happy ending but in RL nothing ever really ends and Rene Walling still attends cons and behaves badly and has friends defending him.

It was part of the long string of convention troubles with harassment recently. The sad part is that the one that was the least awful in RL turned into the biggest mess on the Internet. I still cannot quite believe the mess that Elevatorgate turned to and the Defcon "contest" is hard to even grasp it really happened now and not in Mad Men.
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Everyone knows about the Leap Year and most even know why we get the extra day every four years. However in our times of atomic clocks and addiction to extremely precise time measurement we need other corrections. Each day has a little different length and from time to time we have no choice if we want to keep with the planet's rotation we need to adjust the time. It comes in the form of Leap Second - an extra second added to the day at midnight GMT that is the Universal Time everything else refers to.

It happened yesterday and the internet failed. Remember all the panic of Y2K - if you were to young - everyone were afraid the internet servers would fail and the whole world would get disconnected because they only used two digits for year in old OS and keep doing in upgrades so with dates rolling over everything was about to fail. However, this never happened as everyone was talking about it and system got upgraded and the word didn't end. It seems we didn't talk about leap second often enough.

Many of the word's biggest sites - Reddit, 4Chan, LinkedIn, The Pirate Bay, Yelp, Meetup, Gawker, Mozzilla, Foursquare - experienced problems and shut down when leap second struck. It seems that all that was affected was either based on Debian Squeeze Linux servers or running something based on Java/Cassandra. Luckily, the world didn't end from this either. Maybe because, unlike so many others, Google was prepared and didn't fail.

Let's hope we'll do better with next one.
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Did you ever do something stupid? Something you realised was a mistake the moment you finished doing it. You should've known better but somehow you did it anyway. I just did that. It's not life threatening or even changing but it can make my life annoying for a while. I feel so stupid because I'm usually so careful. I suppose it was just the amount of forms and sign ups and computer installations and registrations I did this week. I just missed the signs of the spam one until it was too late.

This however makes me feel more understanding for the OPERA scientist who finally announced that the neutrinos don't violate the light speed limit. Even though the mistakes were pretty mundane (a leaky fibre-optic cable and a malfunctioning clock) and the results were exactly what the scientists observing these "FTL" neutrinos always expected (they were wrong) it's still has to be hard admitting your mistakes in public. Especially, after it made all the news and got the public excited. The feeling of shame is not pleasant one. I certainly feel like kicking myself for being so stupid and falling for the stupidest spam scam. Their must feel awful. And then there are those crazies who will use it to prove scientist to be liars and wrong. Even though today announcement is exactly how science works (should work) - the results were tested and when they didn't pan out they were discarded. So at least they have that.

I just made the basic mistake as if it was my first day on the internets.Feel free to point and laugh.
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The rain stopped and it got colder and not only my symptoms made a comeback but I also got a horrible sinus pain around my right eye. It felt like being stabbed through the skull with icepick (paracetamol/acetaminophen and few hours of sleep helped). However I'm aware that some of you might've a pretty nice day today and enjoyed the weather. So here's something that stabs you in the brain in a way only other humans can.

The Hunger Games had an incredible opening weekend. Based on a book written by a woman and with female lead character I was hoping to celebrate the prospect of having a proof that girls can be main characters (in action sf dystopias even) and not scare boys away (like by being mentioned in the title). However, some decided to share their thoughts about the movie and made me just want to hit my head repeatedly (or maybe their head). There is nothing like calling a little girl "black bitch" and saying you only cared when you thought she was white. The public response forced these posters to delete or hide these but there are also plenty of people who defend the posters assumptions about character races completely ignoring what is wrong with them. It's not assumption that they were all white that's a problem. It's making these characters less worthy of love, attention and empathy when you learn they aren't. We see consequences of thinking like that playing out in RLTM right now.

Rant )
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Sometimes I feel like there is no more good sf on tv and I should just give up and then I learn that Rockne O'Bannon is going to put sf back in Syfy. Its' a real sf show on Syfy. With aliens. Wonders never cease. It's called defiance  and it's about Earth after it's been conquered and terraformed by aliens and about humans who try to rebuild their lives in this new world. This is relevant to my interests. how do you adapt and survive to world you cannot change? We know what happened here on Earth when we did that to each other. Wonder how will do against some aliens. Hopefully involvement of Farscape creator means it won't be all about how the surviving humans win the planet back. Falling Skies already tries that but it never seemed to believable to me. Aliens of course are totally believable. Do you know how badly I need some aliens on my tv?

A propos Farscape - Henson Studios are making a new films with puppets and humans living the same world. The Happytime Murders takes place in a world were puppets are second class citizens in human society and is about a puppet detective who  investigates the brutal murders of other puppets. Seems all kinds of awesome.

Speaking of films I'm waiting for - here's the picspam of Ender's Game cast. Despite the fact that I can no longer tolerate Orson Scott Card and his books have been unreadable for decades I still like this one. It comes from a long ago time when he still hid his internal asshole pretty well and it had a story one could enjoy and a message one could agree with. Still there are some things that you can get upset about this book. However, calling it pornographic and suspending a teacher over reading it to 14-year-olds is going a bit far.

This is a changing world were you can realise your dreams and make a film or tv series with just the support of future viewers. I'm helping a film, a book and a science project to get realised. Other people helped next Riddick movie to become reality. The New Kind project is trying to use crowd sourcing to both found and create the digitally animated series about the future with robots, secret organisations and teenagers  destined to be next step in human evolution. Favourite argument of anti-piracy groups is that the free exchange of information will lead to death of storytelling. I always though that they must've never really go and look what's on the web. New fiction is everywhere and more and more of it is in moving pictures.

I said before I try not to hold it against the show when a character is killed off because actress wants to leave. It's because I was angry at ST:TNG for a long time over Tasha Yar. But Denise Crosby was not happy there and noone should be forced to do something they hate just because I would find it entertaining. Still she is part of mythology and it made me happy she wasn't completely forgotten. You can read about her experiences on the show and with the whole Star Trek phenomenon in her new interview.

Hawkeye can't shoot arrows properly. At least in the new Avengers movie. An archery trainer points out all the ways he does it wrong just in the trailer and even I could tell his elbow is too high and the arm not lined up with the arrow and all I know about using a bow comes from the movies. Avengers people did you learn nothing from sound in space? With you budget would it be so hard to give Jeremy Renner some real archery lessons? Jennifer Lawerence could do it, Brave animators found out how a person should do it and so could've you.
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If i didn't recognise most of these men I could believe it was serious. I'm sure there are those who would just nod in agreement. Like all the church representatives back in Poland. Sometimes politics here reminds me what I vote against in Polish elections.
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I didn't mention anything when there were blackouts everywhere. I got recognised as being in US so the sites wanted me to contact my representative, That was obviously not possible so I was just hoping for it to fail as it did.

This, however, seems like a pretty good idea that everyone can participate in

Black March. Can we do it, reddit? - Imgur

Remember what we fight for - they want to take things like this from us:

It will no longer be internet without sharing.
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I posted a video excerpt from BBC One's Frozen Planet documentary (hope you managed to see it before it was taken down). Wasn't it awesome? It turns out the US Discover Channel bought rights to broadcast it. However the David Attenborough series seven episodes long but Discovery only got rights for the six episodes. Why? Well, the last episode is about global warming.

A BBC spokesman tries to justify this:
A spokesman for the BBC said it would not make sense to force television networks outside the UK to buy the episode as it features 85-year-old Sir David talking a lot of the time to camera, and in many parts of the world he is not famous.

The broadcaster refused to say which countries had shunned 'On Thin Ice'. They said it wasn't included in the main package because it features Sir David 'in vision' which would make it hard for other countries to translate into their own language.

I could understand that (although last time I checked English was still official language in US and there never was any problem with showing sir David talking in his series) but it also turns out that [Discovery] were involved in the joint-production of the series. To make it even more dodgy they claim Discovery had dropped the full seventh episode due to 'scheduling issues. Yes, they cannot fit it into their schedule. Ever.

So it is understandable there are those who decided to demand some better explanation from Discovery (or at least find out if it's true - after all it was reported by Daily Mail). Do you find the answer as unsatisfactory as I do?

Dear Viewer: Thank you for contacting Discovery Channel. We appreciate your correspondence and for taking the time to share your thoughts and concerns with us about Frozen Planet. Frozen Planet will not be airing on Discovery Channel in the United States until early next year and many programming and scheduling decisions have yet to be made. We do know that the stories, messages and essence of all of the BBC’s seven episodes will be represented throughout the truly landmark series. Again, thank you for contacting Discovery Channel.

Sincerely, Viewer Relations Discovery Channel

I didn't realise the global warming was such a horribly controvertial subject a channel supposedly devoted to science would avoid it. What's next? Evolution? Lets take their dinosaurs. Everybody knows the Earth is only 6000 years old so they couldn't die out 65 million years ago. BLEH.

I need something to wash out the bad taste from my mouth.

Here's something cute. It lets you pet it and then eats from a hand. Who wouldn't want a giant weta? You loved Jiminy Cricket on Sunday, didn't you?

Now you can see how weta, Weta and District 9 were meant for each other.

If that's not good enough there is also lots of easily accessible water on Mars and Women of Science festive ornaments.

However I'm still feeling about all of it like that giant squid:
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I was watching Nova 'The Fabric of the Cosmos' tonight and it reminded me I haven't done science post in a while. So here it is.

The biggest news of the day (at least in science) is the discovery of the fraud Dutch psychologist Diederik Stapel has been committing for years. He was one of the most famous social psychologist in the field. He published a lot and collaborated a lot. His work were one of those media loves to report on like the effects of beauty product ads on consumer self-esteem or how littered streets promote discrimination. Now, it turns up he was making up the data.
Many of Stapel’s students graduated without having ever run an experiment, the report says. Stapel told them that their time was better spent analyzing data and writing. The commission writes that Stapel was “lord of the data” in his collaborations. It says colleagues or students who asked to see raw data were given excuses or even threatened and insulted
This exactly opposite of how it should work. His practices were exposed when three junior researchers reported their suspicions of scientific misconduct in his work. He was suspended on all his articles are under review. It is already know that 30 of them contain falsified data. It might be more.

This is why it is so important in science to independently repeat the results of any study. The difficulty to do that in any psychology related science is why so many people don't consider it science at all but conjecture. This may damage whatever credibility it has left. Worst part is that this will spread to tarnish all the scientist's reputations. Because gut feeling is so much better. Funny thing is that all this was based on Diederik Stapel gut feeling on how humans think. If one already knows why bother checking with RLTM.

So, now as an antidote something with verifiable, repeatable results.

We really have that little man in a control room in our brains. Or more precisely 12 of the - 6 for each hemisphere - that rule over all the other. They review, coordinate and oversee everything that is happening. They also heavily connected to each other and disruption of these connections or failure of even one of the centres

LHC is preparing for a winter break. It smashed it's last proton beams this year on Sunday and now is just going with light work of smashing ion beams. But only for the nest 4 weeks. Then it's off till March but we are promised it will come back better, stronger and more powerful. And now way Higgs boson can hide from it anymore.

And finally - look at this. This is like magic, only real (or at least like Star Wars):
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Due to my old love of Ender's Game (and Speaker for the Dead) I try to avoid any news connected to Orson Scott Card. I don't want the book to get spoiled by my feelings towards the author. Unfortunately, in his public writngs he comes off more and more as an asshole. OSC is pretty well known for being a homophobe (it's one of the worst sides of his Mormonism and he's been critised for it for quite a while now). He has also expressed other controversial or plain horrible views but as I said I try to limit my knowledge of them.

Instead I hit where it hurts most - I stoped reading (and buying) his books. I avoid his new books mostly because they are getting worse and worse and they became simply unreadable. This is why I didn't know this even existed until it reached me through my flist. Orson Scott Card's Hamlet's Father is a rewrite of Hamlet — The back of this slim novella boasts that once we have read this "revelatory version of the Hamlet story, Shakespeare's play will be much more fun to watch — because now you'll know what's really going on." It's "revelatory" inthe sense of completly changing the characters and their motivations with added homophobia. Really true future classic.

Luckily, the news of this reached me through [livejournal.com profile] scott_lynch who also provided instant detox in form of THE SO MUCH LESS GAY and NOT WRITTEN WITH GAY BIG WORDS version of THE CRONICLE HISTORY OF HENRY THE FIFTH formerly by William Shakespeare.
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Sometimes it's hard to tell if someone is really the stupid or if it's just a poe but by definition they cannot be differentiated so maybe there really are people out there who consider these as valid arguments. I did LOL and  then facepalm for both. Anyway I'm sure that after that you will be convince atheist's are wrong. Humans are not rational.

Not worthy

Dec. 1st, 2010 10:30 pm
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I was trying to avoid this as I linked enough stupidity and hypocrisy lately but I just kept seeing more and more in past few days and I think there is just no escaping it.

Creepy Christian Patriarchy Movement Shackles Daughters to Their Fathers and Homes. I think the title of this article says it all. It's so easy to forget how new and fragile women rights are. And how many still thing it was all mistake and we should all go back to the "good, old times" of, as Germans said it, 3K - Kinder, Küche, Kirche (children, kitchen, church). The funniest(/sad) thing is that these are usually the same people who scream the loudest about how Islam is evil and wrong, a religion of oppression an fundamentalism.

I suppose that it's no wonder they are unable to see their own hypocrisy. Why do people treat us with the same contempt we show homosexuals, ask Christians. I also don't think what they experience is anywhere near as bad as what they dish out. I think I wouldn't want help that comes with a questionnaire about sexual preferences. I don't know how this cannot be creepy.

And Michael Egnor is upset that PZ Myers doesn't think a blastocyst deserves the same consideration as a child or an adult human being. I think that the man in question explains best why getting pregnant shouldn't be treated as an excuse to devalue lives of women. All I can say is Egnor would fail biology.

I think we all had enough. Here's something to help shake of the feeling of disgust. And she is not amused by all this either:
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You thought that at least some things in the universe are free. Like sunshine. But no more. A woman in Spain has registered as owner of the Sun and now wants everyone to pay for using it. She went to a notary office and registered as owner of the Sun, a star of spectral type G2, located in the centre of the solar system, located at an average distance from Earth of about 149,600,000 kilometers. It wasn't even her original idea. She did it after she read about a man who become the owner of all the planets and the Moon by doing just that. I wonder if she seriously expects anyone to care about her claim? Or if she is willing to pay for the damages? Wen it was ownerless we just suffered but now you can sue for the sunburn, drought and global warming (it's ultimately Sun's fault as it gives energy, we only made it stay longer)

If you thought about paying for Sun time maybe you'll also be interested in Dolphins & Teleportation Symposium in Hawaii. Because you just know that these two things are directly related. After all how one can explain dolphins' leaving Earth before it was destroyed by Vogons? No matter what this site claim I believe the dolphins are the experts. I'm however also so disappointed. I didn't know dolphins need money so badly to leave the organizing in hands of people who are unable to make a website that doesn't look like it was hosted by geocities or angelfire.

If that's too much stupidity at once here is an antidote because quarks are both more strange (and up, down, charm, top and bottom) and more awesome:
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The weather has been exceptionally warm this past few days even for North Carolina (I'm told). It's still 18C outside and its 10:30.  I've been really busy with RL lately both work and social life take a lot of time and the rest of the time I spent enjoying the weather (especially since the forecast say it's not going to last). Finally I started to truly appreciate moving South. Days are longer then I'm used to and sunny. In November. The month I associate with cold, dump darkness. This is the worst month in Poland. After the leaves have fallen and before the snow comes there's just drizzle and mud. Here it's still perfect autumn weather.

I've just learned about greatest of all science blogs - NCBI ROFL. It's on the Discovery magazine blog and they post the abstracts from science publications (the abstracts from PubMed - free database of citations, abstracts and some full text articles on life sciences and biomedical topics - hosted on ncbi site). The abstracts are of articles on funny subjects, ridiculous research and crazy ideas. It's never stops surprising me what gets published. Even some psychiatrist's war on happiness.

And the people who make it also have another blog - pwned experiments - where they post description and mostly often pictures of failed experiments and other lab disasters. I feel so much better now. I only swallowed E. coli by accident once and only set ethanol on fire.

To top this there is only one thing awesome enough is the latest Symphony of Science on skepticism - A Wave of Reason (obligatory auto-tuning warning)

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There have been people selling their own or others souls on ebay. Those however were nothing compared to people who put important life decisions in the hands of the internet mobs. Pete and Alisha Arnold launched an internet poll to whether have an abortion or not. Because when you are not sure whether you want to have a child or not best people to ask are the anonymous ones.

Anyone can vote and as the poll has already been linked on Christian sites and 4chan the bot war is full on. This is the worst kind of irresponsibility when your life changing decisions depend on which side wins the bot war on the moment of closing of the poll.

This is not voting about what kind of shoes to buy. A child is a commitment for life. I wonder what kind of parents they make? I can't stop thinking that they abuse the hard won ability for women to chose. Giving it up to anonymous mobs for to pick what will happen to her body. I suppose that whatever the result whenever they will feel bad about the decision they can blame someone else.

Frankly I'm not able to vote on this but it's up to you if you want to take a stance.
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This is a story of how you ruin a business with your own stupidity and rudeness. The story starts like many others stories of people who've mistaken the fact that internet is a domain that is public with the term public domain but goes much, much more faily the further you go. The whole thing started when a woman discovered her webpublished article was printed in a magazine without her consent. She then wrote to the magazine's editor to ask for apology and a donation to. The response she got is hard to believe in. Just reading this part one wants to headdesk:
But honestly Monica, the web is considered "public domain" and you should be happy we just didn't "lift" your whole article and put someone else's name on it! It happens a lot, clearly more than you are aware of, especially on college campuses, and the workplace. If you took offence and are unhappy, I am sorry, but you as a professional should know that the article we used written by you was in very bad need of editing, and is much better now than was originally. Now it will work well for your portfolio. For that reason, I have a bit of a difficult time with your requests for monetary gain, albeit for such a fine (and very wealthy!) institution. We put some time into rewrites, you should compensate me! I never charge young writers for advice or rewriting poorly written pieces, and have many who write for me... ALWAYS for free!"

What made it even more ridiculous was the disclaimer that came with that email:
This electronic message may contain information privileged for the addressee only.
Please be advised that the Cooks Source email addressee is not intended to be transferred to any other addressor, and any copying, distribution or use of the contents of this message is prohibited.

This is so incredulous that one almost can't believe anyone can be so ignorant.  And so incredibly blatant about it. So Monica Gaudio did the obvious thing - she let other people know. The next part was pretty predictable - it went all over the internet like fire with But honestly Monica becoming instant meme. The hordes descended both on the magazine on the web including posting links to other articles that were copied and in real life where it led to advertisers pulling ads out of the magazine. I suppose this is the end of it as between that and possible lawsuits I don't think it can survive.

What that editor Judith Griggs did was both incredibly stupid and mean but I can't help feeling sorry for someone who had hole internets dropped on her head. Maybe it's just because I can't stop thinking what if it happened to someone not guilty. And I suppose I just feel sorry for all the people who will lose their jobs because her stupidity.

Still I think this should be turned into a tale of what not to do and how not to behave for everyone on the internet.

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