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Today's Supergirl episode was the Supergirl/The Flash crossover. And it was glorious. It was filled with friendship and joy and geekiness and it's something you can watch when you're sad to feel better.

This is even better than I thought it will be. The way they are instant friends. The way they love the same things like eating a lot of food and saving people. The sharing about being from another dimension and another planet. And how they make their powers work together. They’re even both adopted.

I loved how Barry got all excited about Kara being an alien and her spaceship. And she was excited about meeting another hero. And Winn was excited about multiverse. And James was jealous.

I loved that Barry just went and introduced himself to the whole team. He was geeking out with Winn about science. He took tour of DEO in superspeed. And gave them metahuman tracking ideas. And Lucy was pragmatic about the team-up and the relationships.

I loved people standing up for Supergirl and that the firemen she saved (just before she was poisoned) were the ones who saved her. Also the villain team-up was pretty fun idea too.

And Cat, as always, had the best line - comparing the four of them to a typical cast of a CW show. Perfect meta on so many levels.

I love this episode so much.
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I don't know what is it with the TV program planners. Do they have special meetings when all the channels head of programming meet and decide which day they will use for specific type of shows and then everyone piles up everything in that one day? When did they decide to move everything genre on Tuesdays? I thought it was bad in the fall with The Muppets, The Flash, iZombie, Agents of SHIELD and Limitless but that was still manageable. This month it got ridiculous.

This Tuesday saw the return of Limitless (YAY) but The Expanse (with the spaceships and battles and all the real SF) is already running in that time spot and I have to choose (The Expanse obviously but it's still hard). But now MTV has also switched to Tuesdays and put their new fantasy series - The Shannara Chronicles - out on Tuesday at 10 pm. They also moved Teen Wolf (my favourite guilty pleasure) to Tuesday at 9 and it was the only one yesterday but next week the new ABC Family show is coming - Shadowhunters (looks cheesy but may also become a guilty fun so I wanted to at least try). And iZombie is coming back (YAY). And then a week after that Agent Carter (AWESOME ♥) comes back and takes over this time slot completely (actually first week is double episode so both 9 and 10 pm will be taken). And The Flash is back too but at least there is nothing else to watch at 8 (well except for that first week when they'll show Captain America 75 Years Anniversary Special). I'm running out of DVR simultaneous recording capacity.

Luckily, I watched the next two episodes (after the 2 hour premiere yesterday) of The Shannara Chronicles today so I'm done with it for another 2 weeks and can figure the other stuff out. I wanted to hate it because that would be one less thing to watch but it was actually pretty fun. It's not like Game of Thrones (for some reason people wanted to compare the two even though they only have high fantasy genre in common) but that's not bad thing. It's a little cheesy and very clean and everyone is so pretty and the main male protagonist has this perpetual surprised, pouty look on his face but it was fun. I ended up disappointed when I run out of extra episodes as I became pretty engrossed in the story (even though it's the most standard fantasy quest you can imagine - which is why I never managed to get through the books it was so repetitively boring. But it's easier on film. New Zealand is very pretty, although it's a little funny how the show takes place in Northwest of North American continent where almost all the other shows are filmed but this one is filmed in New Zealand. Vancouver is everywhere but when you need post-apocalypse, fantasy Vancouver - you get New Zealand. At least that means some new background actors. John Rhys-Davies and Manu Bennett bring some real acting and some gravitas to the whole thing (and Allanon gets to b pretty awesome). And I loved Eretria (although I wish they didn't pronounce her name like the country). She is my favourite character (even with her ridiculously evil father) and the fact that she is played by Ophelia from Pan's Labirynth makes me love her even more. This is not high art but it is pretty entertaining. I missed fantasy that is not gritty but pure adventure. This is going to be fun.

Also I love new ♥ look.
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And I mean bad in both senses - the bad because the story was lousy and the bad ending opposite of happy ending.

The first one is much more upsetting. I was so angry at the Once Upon a Time winter finale. I liked the Dark One storyline. It went back to the first season format but it worked well with the story and I loved Emma's Dark One. I loved Regina in the saviour role and Merlin was great (but I'm still upset they just killed him off like that). I rolled my eyes at Emma did it for love but Killian's Dark One was fun and I sat through worse story lines in OUaT. However, the way they went and undid everything with Gold. The way he just went back to being Dark One and lying to Belle and how Emma lets her stay with him for her own ends - it all made me fill like I just wasted the last several months on nothing. We are right were we where a year ago just before Belle found out his last betrayal and kicked him out of Storybrooke starting this whole thing.. They keep going back to status quo - with Regina and especially Gold - but this one really pissed me off. I'm on the edge of quitting this show. I'm just so annoyed that we just went through half of season for nothing. And the pairing off of Mulan and Red doesn't help. I understand they give fans the lesbian love story they asked for but they do it by putting spares together. And they do it by making them go on a quest together in a story that is so side that it's a side story to Mulan's side story. But for me the most annoying thing is that's another repeat. It was strongly implied when Mulan shown up the first time that she fell for Phillip when they were searching for Aurora. Then she fell for Aurora when they were searching for Phillip. Now she's off searching for more werewolves with Red. It's like she falls in love with whomever she happens to help in a quest. That's kind of offensive (to the character and viewers).

Then there is the whole slate of CW shows that decided to end on depressing note.

The iZombie winter finale took everything that was good and turned it to dust. They've been amping the side effects of brains this whole season and it finally fully hit. Liv was so happy when she and Major got back together but it tried to be the same thing it used to be and they are not the same people and their relationship cannot be the same again. This wasn't that bad since I was really upset by Major this season and he is still lying to her (for her own good - just like she did to him last season - those two need to quit with this abuse or quit each other for good). I would not be able to forgive if he was really killing all those people but this is barely better - he basically kidnaps people and stores them for later hoping the problem (Max Rager evil owners and zombies) will go away. This is not a real solution (neither was his weirdly short dip into addiction that he just quit when Liv gave him the right pep talk). And we now also know that there is no real solution. At least not long term. And that both he and Blain can turn back into zombies at any moment. So both Liv and Major relationship and search for cure goes back to square one but at least, unlike OUaT, the emotional and scientific journey actually progresses and that makes iZombie much less frustrating. Here people at least learn something.

The Originals made me the most aggravated because they gave me Rebekah (my precious, evil ray of sunshine) back and then took her away. Making her crazy evil along the way. She is once again staked and put in a box somewhere. The even worse alternative to her being put on a bus again. I understand that Claire Holt doesn't want to commit full time and Maisie Richardson-Sellers is in Star Wars now but I still wish there was a better way to disappear her character (I liked the previous reasons for Rebekah to leave so much better). And then they go and kill Cami after Klaus pretty much admits he loves her (at least to himself). I can't say if they just fully fridged her or is she coming back as vampire or whatever but she is going to e another excuse for him to go on a murder rampage anyway. What even worse she gets murdered by Klaus' psycho ex-girlfiend. They even gave her actual mental illness and then made her into the most ridiculous psycho ex-girlfiend stereotype. Ughhhh.

The Arrow has been teasing us with death of one (or several) members of Team Arrow the whole episode. Then we get some pretty impressive display of teamwork and nicely outsmarting the bad guy while not giving away Oliver's secret identity. But then Felicity gets shot anyway. This is why I didn't want Olicity. It's because I hate Felicity becoming The Girlfriend. This is what always happens to The Girlfriend - kidnapped, shot, at least not killed (but if she was pregnant and lost the baby I will need to hurt someone). Writers just love this trope - two CW shows ended with this one.

At least The Flash was mostly happy. The big secret is out and Joe got to meet his son and Iris her brother Wally. There is only that little issue of them setting up Harrison Wells as traitor. I think we are supposed to think - again - but my main pet peeve with this season is that they keep blaming Harrison Wells for what happened last season. But they never met real Harrison Wells. Not a single one of them. Just an impostor. Real Harrison Wells got the worst deal of them all. Not only he, and his fiancée, got murdered by Eobard Thawne. He also gets blamed for all that guy did. From devastating the city and creating metahumans to killing Barry's mum. And even the people who know he wasn't guilty blame him instead of at least trying to clear his name. Would it really be so hard to convince people a guy took over his face in a world full of people with superpowers (one of them actually even had that power)?

And now that I thought about it Agents of SHIELD also had a bad ending. I mean Fitz and Coulson are back but Will is dead, all the imprisoned Inhumans are dead and Lash and Maveth parasite are on the loose. HYDRA got everything they wanted and our heroes only managed not too die. Well, at least Ward is dead. That’s one good thing that came out of all of this.

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