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This is Improv Everywhere doing time travel prank on NYC subway.
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One of the traditional TV events in Poland is showing Home Alone movies (at least the first two). My brother said they tried to stop last year but there was big outcry. Way to profit from some kid traumatic experience. Ever wondered what living with this kind of PTSD do to a person? You no longer need to - just take a look at the man Kevin became:
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I made myself some pancakes today. Pancakes in British sense of the world (more like crepes than what Americans call pancakes) so I could wrap them on some cheese (pancakes with cheese - curd creamy and sweet like cheesecake filling - are the best). I needed some comfort food for my TV hangover. I'm still a little dizzy from finishing both The Man in the High Castle and Jessica Jones in one weekend but it's hard to stop when it just starts playing the next episode automatically.

I'm still a little too overwhelmed (I also watched Doctor Who, Good Wife and The Librarians' rehash of The Doctor's Wife) to put my thoughts in a coherent format but I'll get to it soon. For now here is Guy Guvriel Kay receiving the title of a Member of the Order of Canada.

And David Bowie's new fantasy video
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Two years ago a group of students sent a camera and a phone to stratosphere to film Grand Canyon. Due to the fact that large portions of this wild land are still missing the connection to civilisation (like cell phone coverage) it got lost. Luckily it has just been recovered and now we can all see it. It also proves the superiority of memory cards over film - just as good after two years in the desert.

If you watch a time travel TV pilot in the future when you know it didn't happen is it proof the time travel is real. This is OK but very, very predictable and feels like a rehash of many past shows so I can see why Syfy gave it a pass but it proves you can never trust a cyclon - especially Four (Matthew Bennett the Canadian sci-fi go to bad guy).

Google wanted me to watch it and it's interesting but I haven't managed to get through all 3 parts yet. The interludes between the stories are so very pretty.
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Here is a new Doctor Who minisode where he revisits the Sisters of Karn to prepare for a meeting with an old enemy

And here are the trailers for the Syfy coming attractions

And now I go to deal with my headache
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It's tow weeks until Doctor Who returns with new episodes and for those watching them in cinema in US there will be even a little extra minisode - The Doctor's Meditation. There are also all the news about all the people coming back (often from the dead). Michelle Gomez is returning as Mistress and one person she killed is also coming back - Ingrid Oliver is Osgood again (now, which one was Zygon) and whoever Maisie Williams is playing also might be someone from the Doctor's past.

And then the best of all River Song is coming back on Christmas (a prefect gift). I always felt she should've hang out with more than one incarnation. After all she told 10 she knows many of his faces.

And here are some of the new trailers for series 9:

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Back home the heat wave is just ending (36C!) and school begins and I'm making an aggregation post again.

There were some good news today. Syfy just announced that both Dark Matter and Killjoys are getting renewed for another season. And The Dome is finally being put out of its misery.

And Tatiana Maslany is being linked to another Star Wars leading role -this time in Episode VIII. (Along with some other awesome people.)

Some interesting changes - like Google making most radical change in their logo since last century (it's sans-serif now and G has multiple colours).

And if you want to get angry (or depressed) Anita Sarkeesian released another Tropes vs Women in Video Games video and it's Women as Reward this time (reminds me when I unwisely tried to see how Falling Skies ended and wanted to throw something at TV).

And if you want to get really sad - Terry Pratchett's last book has been released today in US (it's been out in UK and Commonwealth since last Thursday). The Shepherd's Crown is part of Tiffany Aching series. The final glance at Discworld before the glass ball becomes completely opaque.


Mar. 23rd, 2015 11:53 pm
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It looks like the final in 2015 Suvudu Cage Match will be between Death and Death's granddaughter. Susan vs. one of Endless. I'm sure she'll bring the poker. Semifinals are still on but unless large amount of late votes come in it seems to be the end result. I'm just happy Death is the right gender. Weird Germanics with their male personification of Death.

The io9's March Madness is already on the Sweet Sixteen stage and it looks like Firefly is loosing to Game of Thrones. Finally a show with bigger (or more obsessed fandom) than Firefly but I'm not sure it's really an improvement.

An sneak peak from episode 3x01 of Orphan Black with the Sarah - Rudy clone talk we've seen fragments of before. It looks like Delphine now knows all about project Castor.

Also Alison as Sarah always hilarious - can't wait:


Mar. 11th, 2015 11:26 pm
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If you are in US you can watch the pilot of Powers for free.

It's kind of cute and has some interesting ideas and I liked the two main characters and both villains but is also repetitive and a little disjointed.I loved the use of teleportation, Wolfe containment, the way Walker uses his former status to get what he wants while missing it, the wannabe culture and everything about Deena. I hated the constant repeating of the whole "did we mention he was Diamond, do you know he lost his power, I hope you haven't forgotten he used to have powers - we only said it 20 times already" but they didn't even get to being sure there was a murder (Olympia - might've died from old age). Still I think I liked it more than Gotham pilot so probably the biggest problem is that most people won't even know where to find it. Playstation. Really? Is anyone rally going to pay for that?

I've never heard about the original show but the reboot of Electra Woman and Dyna Girl as a webseries with Grace Helbig and Hanna Hart looks awesome. At least the costumes do.

And Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillon are trying make a webseries called Conman. Alan Tudyk's description:
It's about the convention world. My character, Wray Nerely, was on a science fiction show called Spectrum, that was canceled too soon, and now he goes to conventions, to sign head shots, and meet fans, and do panels. Nathan’s character, Jack Moore, who was the captain of the spaceship on Spectrum, has gone on to incredible action-hero stardom, like Matt Damon. My character is frustrated with his situation and frustrated by Jack’s stardom. We follow Wray’s story as he goes to the conventions and does video game voiceovers and we are going to populate it with sci-fi actors and people that you will find at conventions. Zany hi-jinks ensue!

It's already has more then double of what they asked for on indiegogo but you can still help fund it - it has 30 more days to go.

More snow

Feb. 25th, 2015 11:20 pm
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Yesterday snow mostly melted by the afternoon but don't worry a brand, new snowstorm is here. The forecast varied between apocalyptic - 6 hours of freezing rain to just bad - heavy snow storm with 3-10 inch accumulation (that's 8 - 25 cm). Right now it's beautiful perfect winter wonderland. Someone even put their Christmas lights back on. I was out taking photos until snowploughs destroyed my perfect landscape.

In none weather related news. Orphan Black season 3 will premiere on all AMC Networks channels at the same time (remember they now co-own BBC America). I'm not suer if anything but AMC is really more exposure but it's nice to know they appreciate the show.

Nebula nominated stories you can read on tor.com.

The awesome Power Rangers fan film with Katee Sackoff and James Van Der Beek. It's better quality that the whole show. Watch it before the gets taken down.

And it's gone.
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Orphan Black's TCA panel brought some general teasers and information about the new characters and the military clones. To me the most interesting part is that all the Castor project clones know. Even Mark. So Paul knew him and Mark knew Paul so is Mark really out or on a mission? He is out there with Helena's baby. "Count your sisters" does sound pretty chilling. I hope will see that promo soon.

I just read all currently out issues of Death Vigil in one go. I read it first on Deviant Art - before it was printed. I think the first issue was there and a lot of concept art and I loved it. So I was planning to read it when it was out but then I forgot. And then I remembered and it turned out to be even more fun then I expected. The whole concept is great, the characters are instantly likeable and art is beautiful. My favourite is Mia (love her t-shirts - so appropriate) but I have a thing for little girls who are more than they seem. But really everyone is awesome and I keep thinking I want to know more about this character and that character and even the bad guys - I want a story about them too. It's a little like Dead Like Me but with more Eldritch horrors and superpowers. And raven turning into dinosaur (they do look cool with feathers. I picked the good moment to pick it back as the first series is about to finish and it's been popular enough for Image to turn it into ongoing series.

EDIT: Apparently linking to or even mentioning the name of de@dline.com in the post is no longer allowed on LiveJournal - spam filter didn't let me save my post until I removed the link or the name. I wonder what other sites are blacklisted?
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Orion test was successfully and you know because people like these are all about that space travel
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Every year Science organises the Dance Your PhD contest. Here are all the finalist from Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Social Sciences categories. And this is the winner:

Science isn't always easy to portray in art and it's rarely accurate but Interstellar had it's own science advisor Kip Thorne is Feynman Professor of Theoretical Physics at the California Institute of Technology, Pasadena design some of it's special effects. New Scientist has spoiler-free guide to the science of Interstellar. Space ships and science - two things I really like together.

And here is first teaser trailer for season 3 of Orphan Black - just in time for Orphan Black Friday


Oct. 30th, 2014 09:51 pm
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The Rosetta mission sent the probe towards comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko more than five times Earth’s distance from the Sun. The Rosetta orbiter will rendezvous with Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko and remain in close proximity to the icy nucleus as it plunges towards the warmer inner reaches of the Sun’s domain. At the same time, a small lander will be released onto the surface of this mysterious cosmic iceberg.

Rosetta has reached it's destination earlier this year and now it's preparing to land Philae lander on it in two weeks. And it's not easy as Alexander Gerst shows in space:

The short film directed by Tomek Bagiński I mentioned a week ago is also about this mission

It really makes me wish he did make Jacek Dukaj's Ruch Generała (General's Move) into a film. This would be a perfect look for it.

I promise this is the last science one for now.
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Intelligent Life magazine has asked 7 writers, including Philip Pullman, "Does life have a meaning?". My answer has always been "Generally 'no' but you can make up one for yourself" and also "Why do you think it should?" Or you know "42".

The Future Library project plans to plant 1,000 trees and then get 100 writers to write something that will only be available in 2114 after the trees will be cut for paper to print those works. It's not really any weirder than most art projects but I can't stop wonder whether anyone will care in hundred years? Maybe cutting trees for paper would be like killing whales for skin and there'd be people defending their park from the will of their barbaric ancestors. That could be a good story... And who is going to read paper books anyway?

This so wrong - what if that guy fell of the stairs in panic? But on the other hand I recognised Poland almost instantly. One of my first thoughts was "that building entrance looks very Polish and how we do trash disposal too" and then my hunch proved true when I saw "Winda" written over the lift in the very next setting. You'd think all this type of blocks/parking lots/underground passages would look the same everywhere but they still manage to have enough country specific details that just screamed "home" to me.
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Everyone you know and a lot of people you don't have been doing the ice bucket challenge for ALS. That includes some billionaires, our favourite celebrities and even writers. It almost feels like everyone poured ice water on themselves. But this is nothing*. Here's a guy pouring liquid nitrogen on himself. It works because of the Leidenfrost effect - skin is so hot compared to liquid nitrogen that it turns into gas instantly so the liquid never touches the skin. Still - not something to try at home.
EDIT: The original video is down so here's another version

*I didn't mean it like that. ALS is one of those terrifying neurodegenerative diseases I talked about earlier. It's almost the exact opposite of the things like Alzheimer's but is equally horrifying. You're not loosing your mind but it becomes trapped inside your unresponsive body - still there inside, unable to do anything. As I said - these are the kind of things that horrify me. Anything that helps to make it better is awesome.

EDIT: And since I'm adding things to this - here is Stephen Hawking version
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I have long weekend now and we suddenly have all the summer weather this summer was missing so far (it's humid and hot and it is to be even hotter - up to 36oC on Tuesday) so I'm wasting my time this weekend on shopping, swimming and cat videos. I caught up on Simon's Cat today - I have tendency to binge watch channels and then forget them for a while (like months or even longer) and then binge watch again. So I was surprised how many adventures of Simon's Cat I missed. Like this one - hard to believe it hasn't been done till this year

I also missed their Indiegogo campaign to make a Simon's Cat movie - Off to the Vet. Even the little bits they show in this are so true - especially the thermometer reaction. It's always the most difficult part. My cat was pretty sick recently - my dad says he's still just skin and bones - so he had a very unpleasant vet visit and nothing went as badly as the enema. Not even hydrogen peroxide washing off the abscess. My dad says he was very grateful for the gloves the vet gave him*. I, of course wish I could've been there - to pet my cat and make sure he's OK (but also because I find procedures like that fascinating - I always ask to watch when they cut me). My dad says he's eating again so it seems everything is going to be OK. The vet told my dad that besides that infection he's in a very good shape for 16 year old cat.

*I recently learned that in US the vets just take the animal somewhere in the back and just treat it with their staff. In Poland, and apparently in UK too, you are with the animal the whole time and in most cases are responsible for holding it and carrying it around. Unless, it's an operation with full sedation obviously.
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I'm reinstalling the system. I was planning this for months but there was always something urgent I needed the computer for so I kept postponing it. I finally have time as it always take forever to update. So way I keep restarting you can have May the Fourth from ISS:

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