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The creator of Mystery Science Theater 3000 has taken it to kickstarter to bring the show back for one more season. Now that the legal problems have been solved all they need is 5.5 million dollars to make it happen (not a lot for 12 episodes). If they don't get there they have shorter season in mind depending on how much they can get. The minimum is 2 million and they are already over 1.3 with 30 days to go so I think that it should at least reach funding.

There is only a little over a week left and here's Jessica facing her biggest nemesis

The Expanse premiere is only a month away and I'm getting more and more excited with every trailer. Look a real proper science fiction in space.
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So the sunshine is still not here. The best we got was few days of just clouds instead of clouds and non-stop rain. And it switched from hot and raining to cold and raining. Three days ago I had to switch the AC back on because it was getting 25C inside my apartment (same as outside) and with the humidity it was just too sticky. It at least got the humidity down (92% outside but only 72% inside). Then Sunday came with cold wind and no rain for a moment so I enjoy a moment of getting a little drier. And then I woke up today to the sound of falling rain. It was barely above 10C and rained the whole day. Of course as a Polish person (and generally European from North side of Alps) this is what I consider true November weather. This is why it is the worst month - rain, mud, cold and very short days made even shorter by the clouds and rain. The trees are bare, the skies are grey and the days are getting shorter. November in Europe is what depression looks like.

Here usually is not that bad. US is generally much much sunnier - way more sunny days in a year (except Pacific Northwest which has similar weather to Western Europe). I started to get used to autumn and November being sunny and pretty warm. This is usually when the best fall colours happen around here - the yellow, red and orange against blue skies looks amazing. But this year all the rain has already taken all the leaves out. They were still getting not fully changed last weekend and this one they were all gone. I blame the El Niño - I'm told it makes this part of the continent very rainy when it happens.

So this is the best autumn pic I got - a week ago (if you look closely you can see the rain)

So here is something to take the mind off the weather - new Star Wars trailers with new footage

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Two years ago a group of students sent a camera and a phone to stratosphere to film Grand Canyon. Due to the fact that large portions of this wild land are still missing the connection to civilisation (like cell phone coverage) it got lost. Luckily it has just been recovered and now we can all see it. It also proves the superiority of memory cards over film - just as good after two years in the desert.

If you watch a time travel TV pilot in the future when you know it didn't happen is it proof the time travel is real. This is OK but very, very predictable and feels like a rehash of many past shows so I can see why Syfy gave it a pass but it proves you can never trust a cyclon - especially Four (Matthew Bennett the Canadian sci-fi go to bad guy).

Google wanted me to watch it and it's interesting but I haven't managed to get through all 3 parts yet. The interludes between the stories are so very pretty.
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Here is a new Doctor Who minisode where he revisits the Sisters of Karn to prepare for a meeting with an old enemy

And here are the trailers for the Syfy coming attractions

And now I go to deal with my headache
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It's tow weeks until Doctor Who returns with new episodes and for those watching them in cinema in US there will be even a little extra minisode - The Doctor's Meditation. There are also all the news about all the people coming back (often from the dead). Michelle Gomez is returning as Mistress and one person she killed is also coming back - Ingrid Oliver is Osgood again (now, which one was Zygon) and whoever Maisie Williams is playing also might be someone from the Doctor's past.

And then the best of all River Song is coming back on Christmas (a prefect gift). I always felt she should've hang out with more than one incarnation. After all she told 10 she knows many of his faces.

And here are some of the new trailers for series 9:

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Today Internet believed in miracles as Tatiana Maslany has been nominated for Emmys. Doesn't make me care any more about them but I always say all the awards. Here is here post-nomination interview with her. As always she credits the fans for spreading the word about the show. And there is another one here. I think we all feel like it's a group nomination (not only because it's hard to believe she'd just one person but also thanks to the hard work of all her doubles). And here is BBC America celebrating.

This seams to also be an exceptionally good year for SF&F as Game of Thrones got 24 nominations, AHS: Freak Show is close behind with 19 and Dardevil and Last Man on Earth got some too. Maybe it's the drought. Or maybe the lowering of herd immunity among the voters.

So this is also the high time to post the Orphan Black S3 bloper reel

And the proposals for spin-off with Alison and Donnie that were presented at SDCC. Which one you can't wait to watch?

Holly freaking Christmas cake!
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In last two days teaser trailers for both Star Wars and Batman v. Superman dropped and now everyone is in a fritz analyzing what is and isn't there. All I can say is that the Star Wars one actually made me want to see the film (Luke passing the mantle to his niece(?) and Han and Chewie) and BvS just made me laugh (Batman's mask has built-in frown - almost as bad as nipples)

Showing of the Star Wars trailer was part of the Star Wars Celebration and the best part of that was learning that the new, jabulani-like robot is real. So now everyone is wondering how the head is attached.


Mar. 23rd, 2015 11:53 pm
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It looks like the final in 2015 Suvudu Cage Match will be between Death and Death's granddaughter. Susan vs. one of Endless. I'm sure she'll bring the poker. Semifinals are still on but unless large amount of late votes come in it seems to be the end result. I'm just happy Death is the right gender. Weird Germanics with their male personification of Death.

The io9's March Madness is already on the Sweet Sixteen stage and it looks like Firefly is loosing to Game of Thrones. Finally a show with bigger (or more obsessed fandom) than Firefly but I'm not sure it's really an improvement.

An sneak peak from episode 3x01 of Orphan Black with the Sarah - Rudy clone talk we've seen fragments of before. It looks like Delphine now knows all about project Castor.

Also Alison as Sarah always hilarious - can't wait:
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In American dating system today is Pi day and this year it's special as it and infinitesimally short moment of actually reaching the irrational number if account for time of the day so 3/24/25 9:26:53.58979323846... all the way to infinity

Or just celebrate Tau
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The first real trailer for season 3 of Orphan Black is out and I think we all ask ourselves why it's not April yet.

There's also interview with Graeme Manson about new season that comes with a picture of Sarah meeting the male clone in dr. Bowles basement. We also learn his name is Rudy. The name and faces he makes in trailer made me think it was inspired by Misfits.

DC Comics has announced that its March 2015 variant covers will pay tribute to some of the most iconic films of the past 100 years. You can see all the variant covers and the movie posters that inspired them here. They are all brilliant. I still can't decide which one I like best.

Parks and Recreation final season trailer is coming from a distant future where all the things we've been warned about came true.


Oct. 30th, 2014 09:51 pm
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The Rosetta mission sent the probe towards comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko more than five times Earth’s distance from the Sun. The Rosetta orbiter will rendezvous with Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko and remain in close proximity to the icy nucleus as it plunges towards the warmer inner reaches of the Sun’s domain. At the same time, a small lander will be released onto the surface of this mysterious cosmic iceberg.

Rosetta has reached it's destination earlier this year and now it's preparing to land Philae lander on it in two weeks. And it's not easy as Alexander Gerst shows in space:

The short film directed by Tomek Bagiński I mentioned a week ago is also about this mission

It really makes me wish he did make Jacek Dukaj's Ruch Generała (General's Move) into a film. This would be a perfect look for it.

I promise this is the last science one for now.
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Google doodle today celebrates the 100 birthday of a man who saved me (and millions of other people) from polio Jonas Salk. The polio vaccine changed human civilisation and, if not for the war zones and anti-vaxxers, it could be the second deadly virus we eradicate.

However, today is mostly about Marvel's big announcement about phase 3 films. The list of all Marvel movies coming in the next 4 years has some long awaited names - both Black Panther and Captain Marvel are on it (and yes - that means Carol Danvers). We also learned that Chadwick Boseman is Black Panter but despite the whole internet celebrating it already Benedict Cumberbatch is not Doctor Strange yet. Also despite all the denying next Captain America is going to be a version of the Civil War (highly modified of course - as Feige said "Events of the whole cinematic universe will make all governments in the world want regulation. Not so much about secret identity, but about who reports to who."). And the Avengers 3 are going to be so big they are getting split into 2 movies with Captain Marvel and Inhumans coming in between. I wonder if that means those are all going to happen concurrently. I also wonder if Carol Danvers is going to have a cameo in the Guardians second outing. It looks like Black Panther is going to be introduced in Avengers 2 so it'd made sense to introduce her in similar way. And for as long as it exists you can watch the announcement including a sneak peak of Infinity War:

And of course as promised Agents of SHIELD had the extended version of the first Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer. Here's the leaked version:

And the actual AoS version:
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Thinking of Slingers had me thinking about the dearth of the outer space on TV these days. And generally on screen. I'm hoping that Guardians of the Galaxy success will help with that but it'd be even better if some other space films were also to become popular and there two main candidates coming in the near future.

One is real hard SF. I mean it still has Interstellar travel but it's kept pretty realistic

The other is pure sf fantasy - CGI space opera on grand scale in a story of Jupiter Ascending

It's a little something for everyone. I hope you are going to love them both. I hope I will. I need some space guys.
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I have long weekend now and we suddenly have all the summer weather this summer was missing so far (it's humid and hot and it is to be even hotter - up to 36oC on Tuesday) so I'm wasting my time this weekend on shopping, swimming and cat videos. I caught up on Simon's Cat today - I have tendency to binge watch channels and then forget them for a while (like months or even longer) and then binge watch again. So I was surprised how many adventures of Simon's Cat I missed. Like this one - hard to believe it hasn't been done till this year

I also missed their Indiegogo campaign to make a Simon's Cat movie - Off to the Vet. Even the little bits they show in this are so true - especially the thermometer reaction. It's always the most difficult part. My cat was pretty sick recently - my dad says he's still just skin and bones - so he had a very unpleasant vet visit and nothing went as badly as the enema. Not even hydrogen peroxide washing off the abscess. My dad says he was very grateful for the gloves the vet gave him*. I, of course wish I could've been there - to pet my cat and make sure he's OK (but also because I find procedures like that fascinating - I always ask to watch when they cut me). My dad says he's eating again so it seems everything is going to be OK. The vet told my dad that besides that infection he's in a very good shape for 16 year old cat.

*I recently learned that in US the vets just take the animal somewhere in the back and just treat it with their staff. In Poland, and apparently in UK too, you are with the animal the whole time and in most cases are responsible for holding it and carrying it around. Unless, it's an operation with full sedation obviously.
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There is some pretty awesome SF on TV right now. I love Person of Interest, Continuum and Orphan Black for all the brainy themes that hit some of my obsessions pretty hard (sentience, personhood and grey morality) and Agents of SHIELD turned out pretty fun in the end but there is one aspect severly lacking in all of these. Space. I miss my space adventures. The good old days of Farscape and Firefly and even all the Stargates.

But there are two movies coming out soon (that aren't reboot, prequel, sequel) and one a little later that promise me aliens and spaceships and adventures in space and I hope that at least one of them will be a big hit so the space will be back in vogue and there will be more space opera everywhere.

Here are the new trailers for

Jupiter Ascending

Guardians of Galaxy


But if this is not you kind of SF - here have one more British clone that needs more Huggs
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The Opportunity rover mission was supposed to last 90 days. It just finished a decade of exploration of Mars and it's still going. Think about 10 years - it's 40 times longer then it was planned to work. Without any repairs and all the engeenirs on a different planet with minutes delay.

The Spirit rover that landed three weeks earlier stopped responding in 2010 but Opportunity is still sending us more and more information and along with Curiosity it's letting us learn more and more about Mars warm, humid past.

There are more anniversary videos on the jpl you tube channel and they are all worth watching. Like this recording of the life feed celebration talks:
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First real trailer for How to Train Your Dragon 2 - be warned it is pretty spoilerific. Aand that's why it's above the cut - that and the fact that it's the only sequel, prequel or spin-off I included in this:

I'm usually pretty suspicious about Tom Cruise movies but I liked Oblivion and this one looks pretty awesome (and it has Emily Blunt although it looks like he usurps her special powers). Alien invasion, time loops and exoskeleton suits - I didn't like Edge of Tomorrow when I first read the synopsis but this trailer looks good.

The new Wachowski siblings movie is Jupiter Ascending. From this trailer it looks like it has one of my most hated tropes - look alien princess - not only feudalism is space but also they will want to be ruled by some schmuck from a backward planet. It's the worst version of stable boy true king - it makes even less sense taken out of medevial fantasy setting. Also the movie makes Channing Tatum look weirdly creepy. But those space ships with those folding wings? I want more of that. And the corporation angle seems interesting.

There is also a trailer for new Nolan movie - Interstellar. It doesn't really show anything about the movie but it and the trailer implies space travel and that's enough to get me excited. I'm easy like that - give me space travel and I don't even need a plot. I can just watch, ships and planets and stars the whole 3 hours or whatever. But I'm going to be very disappointed if the film is going to be all about Matthew McConaughey driving a pick-up.

And, since I forgot to make this public, again (I really need to stop writing these at midnight), yesterday I'm adding another one - Transcendence. It should be everything I like but I discouraged by the evil. Why the only way film maker can think of turning stuff like this into a movie is with technology is evil?
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The countdown to the anniversary episode has started and BBC America shows almost nothing else. There is also more and more teasers showing up and this is a round-up of them

First something non-spoilerish (I think) - David Tennant introduces The Day of the Doctor:

Doctor Who on BBC Breakfast - with a lot of spoilerish information about The Day of the Doctor:

The Day of the Doctor: A Preview - BBC Children in Need: 2013 - SPOILERS

And an extra - No bug-eyed monsters! - excerpt from An Adventure in Space and Time

And the out pour of love for Paul McGann and Eight is wonderful but I'm sure we all feel like we haven't seen enough of his Doctor. Some people decided to do something about it and created a petition to give Paul McGann more chances to show us Eight on TV. I don't believe it would happen but I hope it'll get more people to experience his other adventures.
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This video contains first footage from the Veronica Mars movie along with the cast interviews

Previe of the first episode of Almost Human (unfortunately it's hulu so it's geolocked)

And Heimdall defending Asgard from invasion from Thor: The Dark World
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I was to write something interesting and coherent but I got distracted by this list of most amazing cat gifs. Ignore the title - and just watch your brain turning into awww.

For the rest of you you can get suitably annoyed by Americans appropriating even the hurricanes for their internal politics

And the victim blaming among zombies

on your own. Or not. You can just laugh instead.

I'm just acutely aware that both views are held by the same people. And then they make decisions about other people's lives. And that's not funny at all. You should've stayed distracted by cats, shouldn't you?

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