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I know I left for a while. I came back tired from San Diego and then my parents gave me "wonderful" news about my brother (losing his job) and his wife (broken leg - can't move so also loosing her job) and I didn't feel like talking to the internet. An the weather didn't help. I go between being tired to being sleepy to being sick and back again. I barely manage to leave because of snowstorm and came back just as weather was changing back so it got very warm for a little while (just like San Diego 18-20oC which, as I was told was a very cold winter in San Diego). Then it got cold again so last week we had ice storm. The kind of that covers everything in a sheet of ice. It was slippery even in my winter boots and then it started raining on top of that. Then it got very warm last weekend again and then rainy so yesterday we had summer rainstorm - the kind with rain that's obscures the word and thunder and tornado warnings. But at least I saw a rainbow. And my brother has a new job that pays better and has some nice extras (including kid care). I feel positive about the world.

I just wish weather stop going between these on a weekly basis.

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So the real winter storm is here. The temperature today is not going to go above freezing (and feel even colder) and the precipitation started with snow but is to become snow with rain. Freezing rain. Which means that once again it's time for me to attempt flying out of this place. I feel like every time I'm going on any meeting in winter the weather decides to just got to crap. Two years ago I didn't fly to San Francisco because of snowstorm that grounded all the planes and made people leave their cars everywhere including middle of the road (or the ditch if that's where they stopped). Last year I managed to slip by in between two bout of winter. The planes were grounded before and after. I risked braking my legs to walk up and down the hill to get to the taxi (first one got stuck in that valley) but I got to the airport. I flew leaving the coldest weather that happened that year behind me and spent the 3 days in SF safe from the cold. This time the hardest part might be getting to airport through that freezing rain but if I manage to fly out I should be good. Of course if my plane manges to get here in the first place - it might be flying from somewhere worse affected and get stuck in there. That's how I spent few hours extra in Toronto last year.

Here it eventually should turn into snow and this whole thing is supposed to last all the way through Saturday. It should look very pretty so I'm a little sad I'm going to miss it - who knows if there is going to be another snow - but it also can shut off the electricity and that'd be no fun. I'd be happy to miss that.
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Yesterday, was a beautiful, sunny and warm day. After a week of frosty mornings and then rain it was perfect. But it didn't last. It's cold again and it's about to get even colder. Neither Monday nor Tuesday is going to go much above freezing and nights are suppose to be something like -10oC (17oF). It's just slightly warmer than Poland now but Poland also has snow so it at least looks pretty (I got photos from my mum - it's a prefect postcard winter because snow was wet when it was falling and then it got cold so it froze on branches and fences) and you can do all the snow stuff. Here the worst part about cold weather is that it comes with the cold wind and this kind of chilly air that goes through most of clothes like cold needles. My parents refuse to believe it's necessary this far South but I keep telling them that when the weather gets like this I wear all my warmest jackets - the ones I use for -15oC days in Poland and sometimes that air still gets through. The feel of around 0oC or just below temperatures here is almost always like it's much colder. In Poland it's often still feels OK or even warmer than it is - especially when it's snowing. Of course the forecast says there might be snow next weekend here too. And that's always like a small apocalypse.

Meanwhile in today's Glavant episodes Richard got himself a dragon. A real one unfortunately (the lizard looks like bearded dragon). He bought it for the Crown Jewel of Valencia. This leads to another fight that ends up in war when they both join to opposing fractions of identically sized men - Dwarfs and Giants (the latter led by Nick Frost) and abandon Bobbie. I'm starting to like Bobbie - she never looses the sight of how ridiculous the whole conflict was and fixes it all by herself.

Meanwhile the jewel is still gone and they still don't have the army. Isabella won't be happy once she finds out. Especially since she is finally free from her wedding spell thanks to a visit to an improper Princess Jubilee. No that Izzy is back to her normal self and free from her engagement to cousin Harry (for the price of a bra) I wouldn't mind if she and Jubilee spent more time together. They could practice sword fighting.

Speaking of swordfighting - Galavant has found his father again. And the sword fighting school for lost boys he runs. And to add insult to injury Unfortunately he was recasted so no Anthony Head for us but they do make up and play cabbage. Meanwhile Roberta and Richard bond over valuing food over pity. Who care about bad parenting when there is meal in sight?

So Wormwood is exiled and Syd has escaped and they coincidently they meat in the Forest of Coincidence where everyone gets what they need - cart, horse, sword and information. Syd gets to meet with Galavant again and Wormwood gets his war-mad king and queen. After Queen Madalena has been unable to give Gareth a proper fight for birthday (poor Gareth - no one wants to brawl with a king) she is happy to give him a war. That’s all he really wanted. Awww, those two give each other perfect gifts - cut off ears, wars and sometimes flowers. I'm kind of starting to feel this relationship.
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So the second bout of word erasing rain came today. Another Wednesday full of flood alarms (all the devices beep, buzz and screech at me like I've somehow missed it's pouring out there - I'm not Zoe Deschanel). Another day with streams going down the streets and the hill I live in (and turning actual streams into rivers). Just look at the view from my window.

If it wasn't for the tree roots the whole hill could've been washed off. I live on a hill and on second floor so I'm not afraid of flooding but I'm a little worried about mud slides. The tracks made by those temporary streams keep getting deeper. My friends' house started leaking - the ground is so soaked water started seeping into the basement rooms. And their neighbours house got a little crushed by a rock washed out by last week rain.

And so far we only have flash floods. People a little more inland had those and now they also have the river flooding as the ground can't hold this much water and it's all draining into rivers. There are many record and close to record water levels on Mississippi and it's tributaries.

It's still very warm. It got a little cooler when it got drier yesterday. I switched to heating for a moment but it's still 17oC now (it was 25 today) and with this humidity I had to switch back to AC (mostly to get humidity out - everything is rotting around here). The unusually warm weather is still holding over the rest of East Coast (at times New York had almost the same temperature as Sidney) while the West part of North America have unusually cold weather (in some places also very snowy so at least California is getting its snow pack back and can hope for a little drought relief). This is the reverse of last couple of years that had East cold and West baking. And then there were tornadoes.

It's also very warm in Europe - UK has yet to experience freezing and has it's own flooding problem. Spain is fighting fires and there is no snow in Alps due to unseasonably warm weather and Italy has smog problem. Although it's nowhere as bad as what is happening to Beijing.

But the weirdest thing is happening on North Pole. It just got very warm. Very, very warm - for North Pole in the middle of winter night - because it just went above 0. From yesterday temperature rose for over 30 o and it went from reasonable (for North Pole in Winter) -33oC to almost +1. I know that we all blame El Niño and the weird heat tunnel over Atlantic that takes hot and humid air all the way to the top but this is what really made this scary for me. What next - beach weather in Antarctic? Snow on the Amazon?

At least Poland finally got seasonably cold. We may get there on Saturday.
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It's still very warm and humid but since Wednesday all we had was the fog condensing into drizzle. There where even few moments of sunshine here and there. The Wednesday downpour was turning into fog every night then rose as clouds and drizzle down when the atmosphere just couldn't hold this much water. It was just above 20oC but the humidity made it feel hotter. Even in summer clothes we were all sweating like crazy (I took shower 4 times on Christmas Eve just to be presentable for supper). The rain is supposed to come back tomorrow and last for couple of days until the front behind it brings colder air again. So we go into the cycle of hot and cold. One week we have frost the other heat wave. I don't know which clothes to keep on hand and the plants are even more confused.

Here is a week ago (and week from now) - all frosty and cold - and now - with flowering quince flowering.

And all the other plants - forsythia, iris, first ornamental fruit trees etc.

Thanks El Niño!
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So today is the Winter Solstice and the days will finally start getting longer. I'm hoping that this is the reason behind me being so sleepy and tired all the time. This and the weather change. The season started with pouring rain and the beginning of heatwave (for winter). It's 10 pm and it's still 16oC (60F) outside and it's only going to get warmer. Also coming - more thunderstorms. I need to decide witch summer dress to wear for Christmas Eve. Tomorrow, I'm thinking capris since I'm going to spend 3 hours in the cinema (yes, I'm finally going to see Star Wars) and it might be cold inside. How is global warming treating you?

The third episode of The Expanse is on Syfy today but you can watch it and the 4th one on the Syfy website today. I saw all 4 of them and I love it so far but I'll write down the details after it shws up on TV. Also the shows you can see early are the occupied LA of the future drama Colony and Frankenstein-inspired cop drama Second Chance. I'm glad we are no longer playing the "leaked" pilot game and they just officially put them out early to get people interested in the shows (NBC Universal cable channels especially). It turns out that if you give people a way to watch thing legally that what they'll do - Netflix took over torrent as the main internet traffic hog by far this year. But this is still just US solution - the rest of the world is still left catching up on that other internet. Unless you don't care that much and wait for it to show up on TV. I remember that for shows I liked but didn't care to stay current on AXN channels, Fox and Universal were doing pretty decent job on staying current.

Meanwhile on real Mars Curiosity has drilled some more holes. We got detailed pictures of the real Ceres; some even in 3D (almost as pretty as Pluto). And Yutu shows that the Moon is more geologically complex than we knew. And here on Earth the robots are slowly taking over... raindeer jobs. Lucky us they don't fly yet or Robot Santa would come for us all.

Binge on

Dec. 19th, 2015 11:48 pm
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Outside there is a second night of freezing temperatures in my 3 day break from heat wave but from Monday the temperatures are to rise again and the Christmas weather forecast says 24oC (75oF). My family asks if I'm going to spend it by the pool and I just roll my eyes but I do plan wearing summer clothes (after all if not for short days and bare trees that's just like Poland at the end of August). And they don't have much of a winter either. There was snow for 15 min on Tuesday but from now to the end of Christmas weekend it's going to be 10o and no chance for white Holidays. This is just an El Nino year here but climate change underlies the frequency of this. We are all doomed no matter how well the guys in Paris were able to lie to themselves (I'm just too old and cynical to believe they'll actually fulfil their promises).

On the short scale we binge on whatever resources we have left and stream the TV. And I'm as guilty as anyone and it doesn't look like it'll stop any time soon. It was just announced that The Man in the High Castle (along with some other shows) has been renewed for the second season by Amazon (best present from Amazon this year). Then there is all the Netflix MCU stuff coming (I'm pretty sure Jessica Jones will get second season 2 so add 1 more thing to that). And all the other stream series (I'm also big fan of Alpha House for example).

And then there is the regular TV. TNT just gave me a Christmas present by announcing the renewal of Major Crimes and The Librarians for another season (they also cancelled bunch of shows I didn't care about so whatever). Let's party as if electricity comes from renewable source.
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It was 24oC today (75F) and I was overheating in jeans so I dug out some of the summer clothes. I wasn't the only one - people in shorts and sandals where everywhere. If the days weren't so short you can almost believe it was spring. I know I'm far south but this is still 10o warmer than normal for this time a year and the North is asking where's their snow (apparently going to California). And my parents say there hasn't been much winter weather in Poland either but they do seem to have snow on the horizon. Here the very warm weather is supposed to last till the next weekend.

Today is also the peak of Geminids - the biggest meteor shower of the year. With nice warm weather like that I decided to go and take a look. I managed to see few but there is too much light pollution everywhere near, especially in the direction the meteors are coming from, so I could only spot the brightest ones. This meant they were far in between and I never managed to get a photo. But the warm days and cool nights also mean fog. A lot of fog. It made the sky even more fuzzy but it also makes some cool effects. And at least you can see Orion.
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So the sunshine is still not here. The best we got was few days of just clouds instead of clouds and non-stop rain. And it switched from hot and raining to cold and raining. Three days ago I had to switch the AC back on because it was getting 25C inside my apartment (same as outside) and with the humidity it was just too sticky. It at least got the humidity down (92% outside but only 72% inside). Then Sunday came with cold wind and no rain for a moment so I enjoy a moment of getting a little drier. And then I woke up today to the sound of falling rain. It was barely above 10C and rained the whole day. Of course as a Polish person (and generally European from North side of Alps) this is what I consider true November weather. This is why it is the worst month - rain, mud, cold and very short days made even shorter by the clouds and rain. The trees are bare, the skies are grey and the days are getting shorter. November in Europe is what depression looks like.

Here usually is not that bad. US is generally much much sunnier - way more sunny days in a year (except Pacific Northwest which has similar weather to Western Europe). I started to get used to autumn and November being sunny and pretty warm. This is usually when the best fall colours happen around here - the yellow, red and orange against blue skies looks amazing. But this year all the rain has already taken all the leaves out. They were still getting not fully changed last weekend and this one they were all gone. I blame the El Niño - I'm told it makes this part of the continent very rainy when it happens.

So this is the best autumn pic I got - a week ago (if you look closely you can see the rain)

So here is something to take the mind off the weather - new Star Wars trailers with new footage

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After couple of cooler summers this one was pretty hot. But it never got as hot as the first few summers I spent here - it never reached 40C (104F - I think it never even officially got above 100) for example - and the hottest part was end of June (right after I came back from Poland). In all it wasn't even that much hotter than Polish summer as the temperatures reached 36-37C both there and here. Only here it was mostly the beginning and then we went through couple of months of steady 30-33C and back in Poland they had one week of cold and rainy weather (exactly when my brother took his kids to the sea coast because how could they first Baltic experience be warm). I'm pretty sure that that 30-something heat wave had exacerbated my dad's health problems as both times he landed in hospital happened after couple of days of that heat and he got better when it got cooler. Unlike me, here in a place when constant temperatures above 30C are norm, neither my parents not the hospital has AC. In fact very few places in Poland do have it and in the last heat wave, when it got up to 37C again at the very end of August, my parents went to hide in one that does - shopping mall.

And then, almost exactly as school year started, it got cooler, cold even, in Poland. Now my aunts are complaining about the cold. And I was stuck in the storm season with wet, humid and still pretty hot weather for the last week. But it's all suppose to cleared for beautifully warm (24C hight - 75F) and sunny day and pretty cool nights (it's only supposed to be 11C - 50F tomorrow night). Coincidently - almost the same as in Poland. The summer should be back for one last round - both here and there - but I'm ready for warmer clothes. My sandals are just about to fall apart anyway.
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For some reason this time zone switch really messed up my sleeping. Maybe because my final flight was so late. Maybe it's because of the weather heat makes me extra tired and before storms I get extra sleepy. Anyway, I'm unable to stay awake. I sleep for 10 hours. I spend 8-9 in work and travelling to and from it. I have no time to left to live.

I come back to work after 6 pm and after an hour I just lie down for a little while (or so I tell myself) and then wake up sometime between 2 and 4 am. Pee and go back to sleep because what else you can do when it'd all dark outside (back in Poland 4 am is already light so I would have issues falling asleep again but I can do it in the dark). And I sleep till 6 or 7.

I was planning to wait it over yesterday but there was a big storm and the power went down so I went down too (but laptop make a nice lamp when you need to find stuff around bathroom). Today I finally made it. Watching Syfy was a nice motivation. They new Friday line up is pretty good motivation. Finally some sci-fi to watch. And I'm actually one of the very few people who watches The Messengers. Even though I know it's doomed.
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So I'm back in US after two extra hours spent in Toronto due to storm delays. Poland was beautiful as this is the time of year when everything is blooming (I went from lilacs and lily of the valley through the whole azalea and rhododendron blooming season all the way to pseudoacacia) and the weather was behaving perfectly. I got new visa. I met family. I replanted plants. And I (traditionally) got sick. I was too busy to write. Now I'm hiding from the heat as I came back straight into 35C (95F) and above weather (it's supposed to be 37 (99F) for the next 4 days straight). I resent the thought of going outside. I thought the 29-31C (84-89F) weather I was leaving in Poland was bad enough.

Also back - Philae lander. It just contacted Rosetta and the mission control. After 7 months of hibernation due to cold and lack of sunlight it's awake again. Just in time for the summer. It's just like a bear. Everyone's excited. It's been trending on twitter and xkcd has updated the Landing strip.
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I recently saw another discussion about the Fahrenheit vs. Celsius. It was of course on American site (since no one else even thinks about Fahrenheit) and was all about the superiority of Fahrenheit over Celsius. The whole discussion was as always inane and went back to the only argument that really matters - I grew up with it so it's more intuitive to use. It's the only one that can reasonably let us "determine comfort when we go outside", you know. It however helped me understand a fundamental difference in thinking that eluded me so far (it's been 5 years already - don't even know how that happened).

Look at pictures below. First is used by people defending Fahrenheit as superior. The hundred degree scale contains the temperatures that most people would encounter in their daily life with very cold and very hot outside of it so you'll know you are in special circumstance level. The liveable temperatures are inside it. Celsius - uselessly goes between mildly cold to dead (not really weather on Earth type of temperature). Logical, isn't it?

The thing is - no one thinks of weather or any everyday temperatures this way in Celsius. This closed between 0-100 system doesn't make any sense to anyone raised in Celsius. Sure we care about boiling water but not in weather sense. Instead Celsius is centred around 0oC - the temperature of freezing water. This has a lot of everyday repercussions as that is a difference between rain and snow and between ice and clear roads (but of course humidity, wind and air vs. ground temperature also plays a role) so you want to know if the temperatures will be in the plus or minus.

This is why most of us think of thermometers like this. I picked the one perfectly symmetrical and ending at 50oC but it can be -40 - +40 or -30 - +60 or -100 - +30 depending where you live on Earth. The point is the 0 is our switch point and then the scale is opened on both plus and minus side to go as far as you need in your corner of the world (despite humans having bias towards plus temp the record low is -94 and record high only 56). It is in a way symmetrical which is why I, raised in it, like to say to people that when I was living Poland to come to US it was -18C and when I arrived it was +18. Big temperature shock! Or that near Chicago you can have both -40 and +40 temperatures in one year because continental climate (cold winters, hot summers) while Europe has milder ones because ocean (warmer winter and colder summers).

Fahrenheit is closed of by 0oF and 100oF so, as I mentioned, it relates to unusual by going outside it's borders (or even how close to them you are). I went from 0oF to upper 60s - that's over half the scale. It was way below 0oF - that's how horribly cold it was! And then we went into triple digits and were dying from heatwave!

It's a completely different way of thinking that's not easily translatable no matter how well you learn the corresponding temperatures.

And, of course, very cold and very hot is often a personal thing. I know people who think +30oC is when it starts being nice while I find it very hot. And +20oC is nice but in Hong Kong that's cold weather while people in Siberia treat -20oC as a nice warm winter day.

I have similar thought about other measurements but maybe some other time - it's getting late.
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So it has started. The spring is truly here and I'm hanging by a thread. The first hit is always the hardest. This sudden switch from being normal person who can go for long walks and even run to someone who gets sore muscles after walking up few flights of stairs too fast (or at least without panting). I knew it's getting really bad. At first the spring comes gradually and I almost imperceptibly get worse but then comes a tipping point and I crash. And by crash I mean I wasn't present for most of Monday. I woke up at 9:30 only because a phone call (I usually wake up by myself - no alarms needed). I tried to get up and go to work but I could barely keep my head up to write an email that I won't make it. And then I went back to bed and when I woke up again it was late afternoon. And normally I can't even fall asleep during the day.

I have 1-2 days like that every spring. They mean that my symptoms are about to get worse. I wake up in a world where it's harder to breathe and I remember why asthma sucks. And why the spring, especially here, is so awful, especially on beautiful days like today. It's easy to forget in good seasons. So I hope you enjoy your warm, sunny days while I dream of rain. And autumn.
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So the spring finally came - it's over 20 and is to be above 25 for the next two days. Nature is catching up on all that delayed blooming so now that the snow and cold is gone it seems like everyday something new is flowering. Even the broken branches are blooming. So while I'll go looking for capris and t-shirt to wear tomorrow you can watch this

And this was the sunset today:
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I just changed time and the weather is perfect today so I spent most of the day outside and it's 7 pm and still not dark. It's not yet pollinating (thanks to all the cold recently) but very sunny and warm but not hot (18C). Perfect for a lunch and long walk with a friend. My female friend because it's also International Women's Day.

This year's theme is Make It Happen. And things are happening all over the world. From Emma Watson's live streamed gender equality talk to all the marches that went through many of the world's major cities to all the other recent events. The Guardian has a great number of articles about the issues and happenings from webchat on "The role of feminism for young people today" to history of women in science (although I'm not sure 10 Best Feminists is really something we need). In New York women were removed from ads by Not There campaign to represent the idea that women are “not there” yet in terms of gender equality. As always Google made a great doodle. On the sad side women internet harassment is still going strong - feminist blog Femsplain was taken offline earlier today by a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack. And of course some graphs.
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My weather just went from warm on Monday to cold on Tuesday to almost hot on Wednesday to even colder today. It's been crazy and it hit the whole eastern part of North America (here's pretty nice description of what is happening). It was nice and warm on Monday until the evening when the temperature suddenly dropped. Then Tuesday was barley above freezing but then the temperature suddenly rose and it was 24oC on Wednesday and sunny and we all wore t-shirts and some even shorts and sandals. Today the day started warm but with heavy rain and then the temperature was dropping the whole day and now it's below freezing. Good thing that snow didn't materialise but the rain leftovers are still supposed to cover everything in ice. Tomorrow morning is once again cancelled but at least the buses should work normally so I can finish my experiment. This was supposed to be my first full week at work in half a month.

But starting the weekend the spring is to come. And after that the day temperatures are going back to more normal levels (15-20oC). At least I won't be forced to explain to my parents why I have more winter than they had this whole year. Finally, here going to be warmer than Warsaw. Just a tiny bit (2-3 degrees).

Grey world

Mar. 1st, 2015 11:20 pm
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Today was the time for freezing rain and then just rain in the afternoon when the temperature finally reached the increadible high of 2oC. So I spent the day inside. I finally used the fireplace - I used some of the branches that were broken by the storm and burn some papers that shouldn't be just thrown away. It was fun but now I need to figure out how to get rid of ash without spreading it all over. This is so much easier when you have hard floors and not the carpet.

I also watch Ida on Amazon. It's free on Prime. It felt so weird to watch a movie in Polish on Amazon but I learned there are few more there. For example Korczak is also available for free on Prime. It reminded me of watching TV Polonia. I tried not to read the English subtitles because the need to correct the translation was taking me out of the story.

People much better at analysing films already did that. Since I was watching this in US on Amazon Prime I kept thinking how much of the background foreigners understand. Like there was one scene when I almost laughed. Not because there was anything funny but because it spent a lot of time focusing on the "nieśmiertelny fikus" ("immortal rubber plant"). That plant used to be a staple of every public building (survives really well inside in low light and little watering) so it was such a perfect detail. Just an indispensable part of times. As a detail even more impressing than the cars.

I also wondered how much of the cultural nuances people outside Poland notice. Like the way Wanda talks to the son - Feliks - and how the policeman talks to Wanda after bringing her to the station. They both use "you" and that's very impolite when talking to an adult you don't know. Kids can do it between them and so do adults when talking to kids and now when people tried to show how more relaxed and cool they are but then and in this situations - no way)\. You basically treat the other person as a much lower in social standing. Contrast this with policeman releasing Wanda next day and using "comrade" to address her (just like she requested before). Outside of party talk you are supposed to use "pan/pani" (which doesn't really translate to English but means something like "Mr/Ms" and "sir/ma'am" at the same time and it's polite and neutral) In Wanda's case - the way she talks to Feliks it's like she's interrogating him - the use of "you" and threats - it all makes perfect sense when you learn she used to be a prosecutor.

This was the biggest surprise for me. I knew what was the subject of the film so I expected that what happened to Anna/Ida's parents was awful so I fully expected the Polish neighbours to be responsible. But I didn't expect that they would use "żydokomuna" ("Jewish communist" - I don't even know how to properly explain how loaded the term is in Polish) stereotype for Wanda. Not that this didn't happened - there were Jews among the communist and Stalinist ranks (she was based on Helena Wolińska-Brus who Pawlikowski knew). After all Stalin was preferable to Hitler and that was true for many people in Poland. People cried when he died even though there were many arrested and executed or just died from beating and malnutrition in prisons. And most of the Stalinist were Polish but the the Jewish ones were used to blame the Stalinist oppression on Jews by subsequent communist regimes and it's the rallying cry of all the anti-Semitic crap that the right-wing ideologues spit out (and one of the biggest insults they can throw at people). For me making "bloody" Wanda embodiment of that was way more shocking than who the killer was.

Probably because I expected this film to be from the Neighbours line of facing the past (there were more Poles helping Jews than any other occupied nation but there were also the ones who didn't and Neighbours was a book that started the discussion about that - still not very popular topic in Poland but at least people started talking about this). I knew that the right wing has deemed the film anti-Polish so I didn't expect into also use anti-Semitic stereotypes even though in both cases it's historically accurate portrayal.

This has also made Wanda the most fascinating character - she is the one who benefited in the system. She has power, influence, respect and money (owning a car was very rare at that time so and usually meant you are someone in the party and earn well so was having such a big flat all for yourself) but she is also completely broken. She resents her niece for being a nun (and Catholic in general which is opposite to both being Jewish and communist) but she's the one who left her in the convent orphanage and never even tried to contact her. And she hates herself.

More snow

Feb. 25th, 2015 11:20 pm
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Yesterday snow mostly melted by the afternoon but don't worry a brand, new snowstorm is here. The forecast varied between apocalyptic - 6 hours of freezing rain to just bad - heavy snow storm with 3-10 inch accumulation (that's 8 - 25 cm). Right now it's beautiful perfect winter wonderland. Someone even put their Christmas lights back on. I was out taking photos until snowploughs destroyed my perfect landscape.

In none weather related news. Orphan Black season 3 will premiere on all AMC Networks channels at the same time (remember they now co-own BBC America). I'm not suer if anything but AMC is really more exposure but it's nice to know they appreciate the show.

Nebula nominated stories you can read on tor.com.

The awesome Power Rangers fan film with Katee Sackoff and James Van Der Beek. It's better quality that the whole show. Watch it before the gets taken down.

And it's gone.
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So I did manage to get to San Francisco this year. And I did escape the worst cold this year. It even get warmer as I got here as it was still below freezing when I landed on Saturday but it was finally warm enough on Sunday for most of that frozen snow from last Monday to melt. And then it snowed again today. It's snowed most of the day and this time it was real snow.

This time they didn't close everything as the forecast said there would be much less snow. They kept extending the time when it was supposed to stop snowing and it only happened in the afternoon. This of course caused horrible things on the roads but when I walked back home from that other far away bus stop it made mi smile. There is something about the fresh snow that always makes me giddy.

It's not as cold as it was last week but the temperature today was -6oC for most of the day which made this the coldest day I ever experience in NC. It got a little warmer at the end of the day but then it got dark and temperature started dropping again without ever even getting close to 0.

The winter is here to stay for the rest of the week. It can snow again on Wednesday night and we can get snow and/or freezing rain around Sunday. And of course the minus temperatures every night. Meanwhile my mum says the snowdrops started blooming in Poland and it felt very spring-like last weekend.

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