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So this is the time we learn who lives and who dies and what is coming next.

Orphan Black has already been renewed for another season. No long wait this time. CBS renewed Person of Interest, Elementary and The Good Wife (along with lots of other unimportant stuff) which means that (with all the ABC picks) I got to keep everything I wanted. CW kept everything except for Heart of Dixie and Messengers (you know that show about angels that only started a second ago and already crashed - it wasn't horrible but had problem with pacing and explaining what it was about). Also cancelled - Constantine but there is a large campaign already to save it and it has some famous backers. The full list is here.

And then there are trailers and descriptions for the new series coming next autumn. They seem to show a certain pattern. There will be Lucifer based on another DC comic book but mostly rewritten into another crime procedural with supernatural twist. Then there is Minority Report that also has a a guy with special powers pairing with female cop but this time it's in the future and so the precogs are science fiction. (Fox trying for another Sleepy Hollow?). And then there is The Frankenstein Code about man brought back to life trying solve his own murder (and many others I assume). They don't look bad (especially the Minority Report one) but I predict neither will last. It's Fox after all. NBC tries this in search for another The Blacklist. With much less genre but they have Jaimie Alexander. In Blindspot she is amnesiac woman with the tattoos pointing at dangerous crimes and a lot of special skills (fighting, languages). Looks like another superhuman on her resume (not a bad type casting). I just feel bad for her all her make-up hours. Also coming to NBC is a restart (?) of Heroes - Heroes Reborn and a new end of the world comedy that actually sounds pretty fun - You, Me And The End Of The World. And speaking of old series coming back - The X-Files miniseries got airing date. CBS will make shows based on Limitless and Rush Hour (they are digging deep into movies this year to make a police procedural, don't they) and try another shot at angels in comedy form this time - Angel From Hell. Lets see if that one will survive.

If you just want to watch all of those trailer in one place:

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