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Syfy announced the fate of the other two shows that just recently finished their seasons - Defiance and Dominion - and they are both dead. As I mentioned before Defiance had a great series ending. In fact it's hard to imagine how they would reset that if there was a next season so I'm OK with that. Dominion on the other hand left me angry and I kind of wish for a movie that would solve that but then I don't trust it to do it right. So I imagine it turned out Noma wasn't evil, Uriel is alive and was scheming with Rafael (her sister) and they took over Gabriel's army and they actually know what to do with Alex.

These two, of course are joining the other cancelled shows - the ones going through the soft death with one last season - Continuum, Haven, Lost Girl. It's nice that they have this ability to give the series an ending. It's a nice thing of Showcase and Syfy to do that for their shows. I would be sad but I have high hopes for the replacements - The Magicians, The Expanse, Hunters and The Childhood End mini are coming and the trailers look good.

In more happy news we now know that Under the Dome has been cancelled but now CBS announced it did the same thing for Extant. Luckily for us even Amazon money wasn't enough to save these two. Also cancelled - Rookie Blue (I used to like it a lot but it went downhill in the last season), Graceland (couldn't care enough to keep up with it) and Proof (nice characters, awful concept).

It also looks like Minority Report isn't long for our TV screens - the production has been halted. But it looks like Quantico and Blindspot are doing pretty well if you care. And proving once again that I know nothing about TV - Rosewood is getting full season pick-up.

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