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ABC just cancelled Agent Carter. It's just like Peggy's funeral all over again.

They also decided to not produce Most Wanted. After the whole game of will they/ won't they and writing Bobbie and Lance out of the Agents of SHIELD it's not going to happen. What was the point of any of that?

And to make it even worse ABC also passed over Spark - the steampunk series with Antonia Thomas and Tracy Ifeachor. I had high hopes for it.


May. 10th, 2016 11:03 pm
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I enjoy Marvel shows much more than films and Agents of SHIELD most of all.

The Lincoln escape thing felt wrong. I kept thinking it must be a ruse. Lincoln can’t be that stupid. He can’t believe Daisy wouldn’t lie to him and give him to Hive. He wouldn’t give away his free will just to see her again. Or just to get out - he’d be changing one imprisonment for much more permanent one.

But of course he didn’t. It was all a ruse. May told him to man up and he did. And they set up a trap for Hive instead.

They send Lash. And he was able to destroy the parasites. He could’ve killed Hive. He had the power to destroy it. But he chose to protect Daisy instead. He freed her.

This was great but this is the second time we see Inhuman dying for Daisy. They did it last season with Raina and now Andrew Garner. If we add Tripp that’s three black people dead for Daisy’s sake. It’s becoming creepy even in-universe and really unnerving RL.

And now Mack has Elena’s cross. The one floating in space in Daisy’s vision of death. But they can’t kill Mack. They wouldn’t kill Andrew and Mack one after the other, right?

Hive is getting some Watch Dogs to experiment on. It just wants to save them. They just want to kill everyone like him. Still they don't deserve the result.

They don’t turn out very well but Hive only wants to grow and take over more bodies. It doesn’t care what they are as long as it can take them over. It doesn’t care about any of them as long as it can grow. Even Daisy is expendable.

So now Hive has the process that gives it new bodies. They are not perfect - they lose their humanity and never get the Inhuman uniqueness - but they are good enough for Hive to posses. That’s the only thing it cares about. Like when it got all it really needed from Daisy - it didn’t matter it was going to kill her. It’s a parasite. It only cares about growing. Never about people.

All Hive is made of is lies. It makes it’s followers believe in it just to chew them out and spit them out once their usefulness ends.

However, this is a better conflict than the one Avengers had. In Civil War I left thinking both Cap and Tony were wrong (and it was intended). Here I’ was thinking everyone was right.

One one hand Inhumans are perfectly reasonable being afraid of being catalogued. List have a way of leaking and Watchdogs (and random crazies or just scared) are just waiting for a target. This was bad enough when SHIELD was doing it last season. Didn’t get any less wrong.

On the other hand Talbot is justified feeling scared about Inhumans being used as weapons and with Hive trying to convert billions into his drones knowing about the threat is essential.

This is why Phil coming clean and telling him about everything. So many shows base the drama on lack of communication. It’s refreshing to have it otherwise.
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I, as everyone else, saw Captain America: Civil War and it was as fun as the trailers promised. And like all the reviewers promised it didn’t feel overcrowded as Age of Ultron did. And the introduction of both Black Panther and Spiderman was superbly executed and left me wanting to see their own movies. Good job marketing!

I also saw it in IMAX 3D and it was OK but not really worth it until the big battle. That was filmed with IMAX cameras and there is big difference between this 3D and the upgraded 3D. In that battle all the details are so crisp and everything is shinier and everyone’s prettier and there is more depth. That was cool to see on the big screen.

One of the things that surprised me when I was watching Civil War was that I disagreed with Cap. This doesn’t mean I’m Team Iron Man exactly but I see the point of view of the governments and the public opinion that drove them to it as completely rational. After all, at least in democracies, governments are selected by people and armed forces (and spies) are, at least nominally, under the rule of those governments and all of them answer to law. Avengers operate on their personal discretion and don’t answer to anyone.

Captain America freely admits that he does what he thinks is right and anyone else’s opinion is not as good as his. And if they disagree he will use force to push his agenda. Trial by combat is not how the world is supposed to work.

Of course, he is a really nice guy and really wants the best for everyone but everyone, even the bad guys, believe they are doing the right thing and that ends justify the means. However, one - intentions are not the same as effects of your actions (after all, road to hell is paved with the best of them). And two - the public in MCU isn’t privy to all the information we are - they don’t know Steve like we know him so why would they trust him. He doesn’t trust them.

Of course, Tony Stark isn’t much better as he basically just acts on his feelings - guilt, remorse, hurt (and the whole Ultron mess happened because he ignored everyone’s objection to satisfy his curiosity) and picks a side or a fight based on them. Until a new one comes along that is. He kept being wrong and losing control despite trying to do the right thing and stay in control of everything. His life and his life's work is unravelling here and all he does is ju7st making it worse. Friends gone or hurt. And damage count keeps rising.

I also don’t think that a force defending Earth from threats like that should be steered by a committee - that never works. However, I do think that they should be more directly responsible for the damage they cause. Just not by being stuck in a secret prison without trial.

In the end I was left with a feeling that only Natasha and T'Chaka turned out to be grown up. Black Widow just tried to do all she could to de-escalate the situation. And Black Panther understood the trap that revenge is and chose the law instead off his feelings.

And to my surprise I felt sad about Zemo (one nitpick though - noone but English speakers would say that as Zeemo). He was consumed by his grief and the revenge left nothing but ashes. What's left when nothing's left? I'm hoping Daniel Brühl gets to be a villain again - instead of being killed off in 5 minutes in the next film.
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The one good thing about CW shows killing many cool secondary characters is watching the actors go for better things.

I was very happy to learn Tracy Ifeachor is going to be on new ABC show Spark (since it's only been written about on Deadline and for some reason Livejournal hates that site and flags any link to it as spam you have to just believe me - or replace @ with a in this url http://de@dline.com/2016/02/tracy-ifeachor-cast-abc-pilot-spark-brianne-howey-the-exorcist-1201708583/). But there is finally a little more known about the show and io9 picked up the story so I can link to that. The lead will be played by Antonia Thomas (Misfits) and the show is to be set in alternate Steampunk universe.

Set in an alternate history where gas and coal fuel the world, the drama centers on the battle for power between two rival families and a rebellious young woman with a spark of invention that could level both their empires.
...the drama centers on the battle for power between two rival families and Pin (Thomas), a rebellious young woman with a spark of invention that could level both their empires. Thomas’ Pin is the smart, driven, fiercely independent young woman whose mission it is to bring back electricity to the masses no matter the cost.

Lincoln is still alive but Ricky Whittle has been announced to be the lead on Starz's adaptation of American Gods so his death can't be far off (it seems like the actor actually quit because he was fed up of being sidelined to 5 seconds in prison every 2 episodes and disagreements with the producer). Ian McShane has been cast as Mr. Wednesday. He was pretty popular fan choice and I can see his Kings character when I think about this.

In more news about British actors finding work - Finn Jones, the guy who plays Loras on Game of Thrones, has been cast as Danny Rand the title character in Iron Fist. This of course means a great disappointment to everyone who hoped they would change his race. Hard not to agree - it's not like MCU has a shortage of white guys from all over the English speaking world so one less wouldn't make a difference. On the other hand, while there are some Asian women in MCU the only male, non-evil one is also an alien. Marvel seems to want to placate fans by adding supporting characters some of whom are Asian. Also Mike Colter has announced the premier date for Luke Cage - it's coming to Netflix on September 30. Daredevil is of course dropping this Friday.
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Finally a trailer for Civil War showing new Spiderman. That read is very bright - probably why he needs to squint.

All their movies are great but Kubo And The Two Strings looks better than anything they did so far. I can't wait.

I like this Ghostbusters trailer much better than the last one. Except for that cringe worthy bit at the end.

More Agents

Mar. 5th, 2016 10:30 pm
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ABC had some renewal announcements and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is getting another season (and some other shows too). This is nice to know before the 3B starts. There are also some rumours about Agent Carter getting renewed too which would be awesome. I hope it will turn out to be true - I want to see where that cliffhanger leads. But right now I just can't wait for the second part of season 3 of AoS. Especially after they started dropping sneak peaks for the Tuesday episode:

Who will Coulson put in the machine (my bet - young Stryker as he was in a coma last we saw him so alive)

We meet Slingshot andsee who on the team tried the Inhuman pills.
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Well that ending was just like that time with Doctor, Rose and an interdimensional invasion. This season of Agent Carter was great and I want more.

I loved the scientists team up and then Peggy taking the lead and giving that thing a name. In a way the Howard, Wilkes and Samberly are just like Tony and Bruce. But this also one thing I felt bad about in this episode. In this battle of scientist there were 3 guys on the good side against an evil, possessed woman. And she goes crazy in the end. Women in STEM, right?

I’m so happy Jason is alive and well and that he rejected Zero Matter and become himself again. He never wanted it was happy to let it go. Unlike Whitney he wasn’t seduced by it’s power. I loved that Peggy believed in him to the end. And that she believed in Jack Thompson too. I think that’s her biggest strength believing in people. She still sees all their faults and always comes prepared but is also always ready to do anything to help them chose the right thing and not be defined by their mistakes.

I get why Whitney was seduced by power of Zero Matter. After so many years of being ignored and powerless and being only recognised for he looks it must’ve felt good to have power to make the world see the real her. But that was a power that corrupts absolutely and it took everything from her.

I also loved Dottie in it. She has a heroic part in her and in a way she cares about Peggy. And Peggy dresses Dottie in black and red and she risks her life to get her out even when everyone tells her to let her die (or even kill her by the safety measure). Maybe it’s really almost like friendship. They are the best frenemies forever.

I can't fully put in words how much I loved the development of Rose this season. She is so awesome and I loved everything from how she dealed with the cover job, Samberly (Alysious) and bad guys (good hook).

Peggy and Daniel :). I liked all the alternates but we all knew where it was going. She even left Angie in New York.

I’m surprised how sorry I feel about Jack’s death. I think it was about that file and the M. Carter agent who did something very bad during the war (they didn’t put that in the previouslies for nothing). I suspected it since that file became a thing - Peggy’s brother isn’t dead - the M. Carter means Michael and he came for get his file. Besides someone needs to be Sharon’s grandfather.

I'm still convinced the club men were part of HYDRA offshoot so I wonder what that key opens. I hope we'll see it again.

The thing I hate about it all that few months ago I was so bumped that I had to wait 3 months for the next Agents of SHIELD and now that they are just a week away all I want is more Agent Carter. These two are my two favourite Marvel things.
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Since I'm back here is a first trailerspam - both new trailers for second season of Daredevil


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Agent Carter is back.

I was a little upset at Captain America special about spoiling Dottie's return and the fight but it tuned out to be the first 5 minutes of the first episode. And it seemed almost like Dottie really enjoyed being caught. At least being caught by Peggy - she has no respect for Jack.

Jack seems to get over his disdain for Peggy. He lets her lead the team and interrogation and sends away guys who make comments about her. He also obviously ships Peggy and Daniel and that's why he sends her when Sousa asks for help. Too bad that his efforts to emulate Peggy are not very successful.

Also unfortunately for the shipping part Sousa has a girlfriend in California. But Peggy finds a new love interest pretty fast. Of course it's implied dies at the end but I'm pretty sure he's not dead. Just like the first episode implied he is evil and on the conspiracy but he wasn't. This is mostly because I really, really want to see dr Wilkes back (but also because he is credited for all 10 episodes).

But the best parts are of course Peggy and Jarvis. The wrestling, the flamingo, the cars. And most of all Jarvis' wife Anna. Peggy is still a badass and Jarvis is still taking care of everyone so the main things I love about this show haven't changed. There is just more sunshine.

We see the creation of the main bad guy for the season - Madame Mask. Whitney Frost seemed like another actress trophy wife of power hungry politician but she is the ambitious one. She is the driving force behind her husband rise - the secrets experiments and societies and his political ambitions and it looks like now she is really going to take the matters into her own hands.

And it looks like that secret society he belongs to is HYDRA. The original one. The one who wants their Inhuman god back. The symbol on the pin is obviously the same that was basis of Will's patch and the zero matter is suspected to have transdimensional properties. And it looks like Jack's new boss might be part of this too.
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I don't know what is it with the TV program planners. Do they have special meetings when all the channels head of programming meet and decide which day they will use for specific type of shows and then everyone piles up everything in that one day? When did they decide to move everything genre on Tuesdays? I thought it was bad in the fall with The Muppets, The Flash, iZombie, Agents of SHIELD and Limitless but that was still manageable. This month it got ridiculous.

This Tuesday saw the return of Limitless (YAY) but The Expanse (with the spaceships and battles and all the real SF) is already running in that time spot and I have to choose (The Expanse obviously but it's still hard). But now MTV has also switched to Tuesdays and put their new fantasy series - The Shannara Chronicles - out on Tuesday at 10 pm. They also moved Teen Wolf (my favourite guilty pleasure) to Tuesday at 9 and it was the only one yesterday but next week the new ABC Family show is coming - Shadowhunters (looks cheesy but may also become a guilty fun so I wanted to at least try). And iZombie is coming back (YAY). And then a week after that Agent Carter (AWESOME ♥) comes back and takes over this time slot completely (actually first week is double episode so both 9 and 10 pm will be taken). And The Flash is back too but at least there is nothing else to watch at 8 (well except for that first week when they'll show Captain America 75 Years Anniversary Special). I'm running out of DVR simultaneous recording capacity.

Luckily, I watched the next two episodes (after the 2 hour premiere yesterday) of The Shannara Chronicles today so I'm done with it for another 2 weeks and can figure the other stuff out. I wanted to hate it because that would be one less thing to watch but it was actually pretty fun. It's not like Game of Thrones (for some reason people wanted to compare the two even though they only have high fantasy genre in common) but that's not bad thing. It's a little cheesy and very clean and everyone is so pretty and the main male protagonist has this perpetual surprised, pouty look on his face but it was fun. I ended up disappointed when I run out of extra episodes as I became pretty engrossed in the story (even though it's the most standard fantasy quest you can imagine - which is why I never managed to get through the books it was so repetitively boring. But it's easier on film. New Zealand is very pretty, although it's a little funny how the show takes place in Northwest of North American continent where almost all the other shows are filmed but this one is filmed in New Zealand. Vancouver is everywhere but when you need post-apocalypse, fantasy Vancouver - you get New Zealand. At least that means some new background actors. John Rhys-Davies and Manu Bennett bring some real acting and some gravitas to the whole thing (and Allanon gets to b pretty awesome). And I loved Eretria (although I wish they didn't pronounce her name like the country). She is my favourite character (even with her ridiculously evil father) and the fact that she is played by Ophelia from Pan's Labirynth makes me love her even more. This is not high art but it is pretty entertaining. I missed fantasy that is not gritty but pure adventure. This is going to be fun.

Also I love new ♥ look.
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This was the episode with dead men walking and monsters attacking. And we were left with cliffhanger for the next 3 months. This just like summer all over again only there will be Agent Carter to help us get through this.

So that Inhuman HYDRA was after can only take over dead bodies. This is why it drove those astronauts to kill each other. It’s like a vulture - it follows blood and waits for the victims to die or helps them with it with dust storms and disorientation and, if the current body it possesses has the strength by killing them himself. And then taking them over. Like it did with Will. And all those people before - the sacrifices that gave it new form to walk around in.

And now it’s Coulson’s fault it was able to come back. He gave it Ward’s body to inhabit. Fitz managed to destroy the last one and everyone else in the vicinity of the portal was alive. If Coulson didn’t kill Ward it would have now way to come back. Maybe that's why they call it Death - because it can only possess the dead.

I loved the episode and this season as a whole but there was some clunky storytelling here. The whole thing with Coulson/Roz - "suspicion -> banter -> romance -> dead girlfriend -> revenge -> moral" was not necessary. You didn't need to fridge Rosalind for that. It's not like we really lacked reasons why Ward is evil and should've been eliminated long time ago. Even weirder was Ward's sudden change of heart into true believer who truly believes in HYDRA mission and gave up on his own demented revenge. Just before Coulson kills him too. So we really know Phil went too far. And that it is his fault Maveth had body to possess. I know it made Lincoln seem like a jerk because he was basically advocating for leaving Fitz and Coulson behind on that planet but he was right again - that thing did came back. And did that look Fitz and Coulson shared was about Phil killing Ward or because they know it came back?

I'm also mad about Will being dead. He survived there for 14 years and then that leg killed him and the monster got his body. This is so unfair. I know many people suspected this but I hoped it wouldn't be true. Mostly because I always hated death of one side as a resolution of love triangle. It's such a cheap way for character not needing to make an actual decision and at the same time creating extra angst to keep the other two apart a little longer. Especially since Fitz really did all he could to save him even after Jemma was willing to give up and it seemed like he and Will could be pretty good friends. Too bad all he found was a monster wearing Will's body. But the way he set it on fire was pretty badass. Almost stopped it from coming back.

Also it looks like Maveth has at least some of the memories of the host bodies he takes. It knew (I keep saying it because it's just some sludge and it calls itself it) Fitz and he knew all about Jemma - what she did and saw. And the things it remembers about that planet - is that what it caused or he just have memories of the last of remnants of that civilisation after it killed them? How much of Ward's life it remembers? It said it only ever saw death on that planet so it was probably devastated already (the things it says all sound pretty ominous once you know it's not Will). Was this the reason why Mallick send Ward there - to get possessed? He tells Jemma the only one coming back it that thing so he never intended for Ward to came back.

Mack was a great Director and I wish he could keep the job. He's the Director and these are your orders - follow them. And Daisy staying with him because they are partners - awesome.

Joey was the highlight of this episode. I hope he has a bigger role in the future Secret Warriors missions.

Jemma freeing herself was awesome. Not so awesome - she let Lash out. I know he saved her from those HYDRA goons but all I could think when she let him go was that he will kill all those caged Inhumans. They couldn’t even defend themselves.

May as always keeping it together - even when others are scared, even when finding all those massacred people and Inhumans and even when the order is to fire missiles at her friends.

And once again I wonder - we were told powers of the Inhumans have purpose, they are what the community needs - what if Lash was needed to kill the evil, body possessing slug Inhuman?
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OMG! I'm so glad this was not the last episode before spring because I couldn't take over 3 months of waiting to see someone harm Ward in the most horrible ways. Man I love hating him. He's such a perfect douchebag.

One of the things that makes Ward such a fun villain to hate is that he considers himself the hero of his story. He is the one wronged. His actions are justified by his bad childhood. By abuse. By Garrett. But most of all by his love - of his brother, Skye, Kara. He is going to be the hero for them whether they want it or not. Even when they ask him to stop. Like Skye did when he kept kidnapping her against her will. Or like when Thomas was so creeped out by his promises to save him that he hid and changed his name. Or like when he was saving Kara so hard he killed her. He doesn't want to loose them but he does every time because of his own actions.

He kills and tortures people but there is always justification for it. It was my parents fault, my brother's, Garrett's or simply you were mean to me so I will come and murder you and/or people you care about. And of course bad things that happen to him are never his fault. He takes no responsibility for Kara's death - it's May's fault and Coulson's - never his own. Burning his family alive - it's like he doesn't get why his brother doesn't appreciate the gesture. He can't seem to understand why noone gets it.

But the thing is they do. As Daisy said - she understands but she doesn't forgive. This is a thing about the bad past. It is a cause but it is not a justification. What he does is not OK. No amount of bad past makes it OK.

I wasn’t sure about Phil/Roz before but they were precious together tonight and then Ward came and destroyed it like only he could. I'm a little angry about this. She was basically fridged so that Coulson could go off deep end because of this. I also dislike that after all that teasing about whether ATCU is evil or not they just went and killed both Roz and Banks the moment after we finally learn they were good all along.

I wonder if the AoS showrunners get to watch other Marvel series before all of us (or read the scripts or something) because this episode had a lot of parallels with Jessica Jones. From the large thematic ones between Ward and Kilgrave (justifying his own shitiness with bad childhood and not excepting responsibility for his actions) and Ward and Simpson (failed attempt to be a hero that just kills and turns people around him against him) to small visuals like Banks death when he is forced to kill people against his will and just manages to say "it wasn't me" before he dies. All this in the first episode after JJ premiered.

But it did make them fall right into HYDRA plan. Phil is loosing it - he gets reckless and stupid. Thomas play was clever but his tunnel vision has put Fitz and Simmons in peril and left him unconscious on an alien planet with evil Inhuman and HYDRA running around. Good thing he made one sane decision before he left. He made Mack acting director (that's a nice career - mechanic, traitor, superhuman supervisor, director of SHIELD) and after few moments of adjustment he gets hold of this disaster in the making. The Secret Warriors are a go.

Poor Fitzsimmons - it looks like the Universe (the writers) really have something against them. Jemma is the only one who knows how bad the thing out there is so she doesn't break. She is even contemplating leaving Will there if it means that thing stays put too. But Fitz is right how can you leave another human stranded there? He can't leave Will to die there and he certainly cannot let Jemma suffer. I hope he has a plan to kill two birds with one stone by taking HYDRA there. He's got pretty badass when Jemma was gone. And he has Caulson as back-up now.

I know there are theories Will is that thing. That he was it all along. But then why would he sabotage the portal finding trip with Simmons - it would've taken him to Earth. Why would he try to stop her from leaving with sandstorm instead of going with her? But I like the theories it will take someone over - hopefully Ward.

There is only one more episode left before the break. I'm excited for Agent Carter coming back but it will be a long wait for this show to come back.
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I can't stop fangirling about Agents of SHIELD. Things are happening. Mysteries are bing revealed. All the plots today lead to the same result - learning about HYDRA.

I was right - Roz didn’t know Mallick was Hydra. He was on World Council and advises president. He used to give orders to SHIELD. It’s not surprising he knew how to get himself embedded in ATCU. This is what HYDRA does.

Coulson office has that axe on the wall. And we get a better look at his love of historical gadgets (I also wonder if the watch thing was a jab at Clark Gregg's commercials). I wonder if some of them are the ones that used to belong to Tripp.

It was nice see Daisy Johnson the hacker - telling Hunter what to say to sound smart. Too bad she couldn’t type for him. And Lincoln was really impressed by her skills.

After today’s episode I really warmed up to that Bobbi and Hunter spin-off. Between Bobbi using her degree and her new flying batons and Hunter turning up the stereotypical Britishness (Damn the Yanks - Red Coats fan, God Save the Queen, asking for tea) until Americans give up and leave. Also he did basically the same thing to Banks he did to Ward. Only without shooting anyone. And they are so cute when they fight people together.

May apologising to Lincoln killed me. He thought she was mad at him (so did I) but, despite the unfeeling exterior she projects, she deeply empathises with people. She gets Lincoln point of view and she apologised. She feels guilty for missing what happened to him. And Lincoln thanked her for saving him.

Fitz and Simmons are stuck. Now that they know how bad Will’s fate was supposed to be. Fitz said what we all were thinking about the curse but Will still has it worse.

I really enjoy Ward as evil Hydra head - recruiting the guy he just tortured, announcing destroying the plane, plotting with Mallick. I mean I hate him and find him despicable and have no problem with someone taking him out. But I enjoy watching him being evil. Well except the parts where he hurts people I care about (like what he did to Andrew while gloating about hurting Melinda - not cool) - I mostly want him to die then.

And we also learn that he really didn’t have much to do with HYDRA and it’s true goals.Garret really didn’t care (or at least didn’t care about Ward knowing it). I suppose it’s fitting for Ward to be once again committed to a cause he doesn’t even know. He us truly the most clueless of extremely skilled evil killers.

And now we know why the large stone had all those holes.

My prediction for the rest of the season:

Lash’s power will be used to stop that Inhuman on the alien world when he (inevitably) comes back. It will cost Andrew his humanity.
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The creator of Mystery Science Theater 3000 has taken it to kickstarter to bring the show back for one more season. Now that the legal problems have been solved all they need is 5.5 million dollars to make it happen (not a lot for 12 episodes). If they don't get there they have shorter season in mind depending on how much they can get. The minimum is 2 million and they are already over 1.3 with 30 days to go so I think that it should at least reach funding.

There is only a little over a week left and here's Jessica facing her biggest nemesis

The Expanse premiere is only a month away and I'm getting more and more excited with every trailer. Look a real proper science fiction in space.
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Finally, sunshine is back and so is Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

I suspected Andrew to be Lash since the episode 3 weeks ago when we learned Lash can turn back into human. That episode had a lot of clues that separately meant nothing but together made him seem very suspicious. It started to add up.

It looked like Lash had insider knowledge but from SHIELD not ATCU as Lash attacked Inhumans only SHIELD knew about - Alisha’s friends and Lincoln (the virus guy only found their addresses - not the list of names). He also knew about them finding his IT guy and killed him but he didn't kill Daisy. So it clearly suggested someone close to the SHIELD team.

Andrew never let any Inhumans on Daisy’s team and his reasons seemed like stalling. He mysteriously disappeared on May during their getaway so when May said that my first thought was “he probably disappeared because he was going through the Inhuman transformation and couldn’t show you”. He only came back once he learnt how to change back into human. So I was pretty sure he survived that Hydra attack by turning into Lash and scaring the shit out of little Werner von Strucker (we never see him dead just some legs and scared little Nazi).

The other popular suspects were on ATCU team. But both Rosalind and Banks were on the train with Coulson when Lash attacked Lincoln and Daisy.

Then we skipped two weeks later and the clues kept piling up. His miraculous survival seemed very fishy (especially since he basically recovers in no time). Then little Werner says monster (I know he might be talking about Ward but with other clues I was pretty sure that was about why he run away from that store). So by the time Andrew and Daisy talked I was sure. He was all so interested how much she saw of Lash and even more in Lincoln’s whereabouts all I could think was “no, please don’t tell him anything - he’s going to kill you or Lincoln or both”. By the time May learns about it I just felt relief I won't have to go through that horror screaming at your screen for the heroes to stop doing something stupid.

So the question remained why he would kill all these people and that's what we saw today. Despite having his abilities much longer than Joey Gutierrez it's Joey who got hold of his powers. He was running around scared and causing destruction all around him and now he makes sculptures.
The look of envy (and disbelief) on Andrew's face when Joey shows him how he learned to control his powers was very telling. And so was the way he wanted to find a hole with Joey's ability and control to not let him be on the team.

And we see Andrew flash to killing Joey. So he kills other Inhumans because he needs to - as a part of his power. And this is how he explains it to May after she confronts him and he ices her and chains her in an abandoned building. His explanations are weak - I feel the need and they deserve it - so it's no wonder she doesn't want to listen but then she appeals to their love and you see her break. After all he isn't at fault this happened to him but when the lives of people are at stake she is still the Melinda May who killed that little girl to save her team. And she uses the same love to make him turn back and then shoots him. Not knowing if he would survive.

This is why Melinda May is the most badass character.

I was a little mad at Lincoln for triggering this rampage but on the other hand Lash murdered a lot of his friends and he doesn’t know Andrew. He is not invested in his well being like the rest of the team. And he saved May because he figured out it was someone inside the SHIELD and wasn't scared to ask Mack for help and they figured out it was Andrew together. I wasn't fond of his story this season. I liked him last season but the whole thing with suddenly hating being Inhuman and not wanting to have anything to do with any of them, including refusal to help the new ones seemed out of character and wrong. And the fugitive, addicted boy on the run that Daisy will tame with her love is just made of so many bad cliches I started to back away from the ship I fully supported last spring. However, I see a potential in his character, especially paired with Mack (or preferably Deathlock - they were great together last season) and I like Like Mitchell so lets see the new Secret Warriors with Daisy, Joey and Lincoln.

Fitz and Simmons continue to be heartbreaking and perfect friends. So she did love him even before. And she made all those recordings for him so he would know if she didn't survive (will commented about how she said his name) but there is Will now stranded on an alien planet and no matter who sent him there it's not OK to leave him. This is where Hunter was wrong last week. Alone on alien planet isn't like Phoenix. There is one reason to save Will - he is human stranded alone on an alien planet. This is reason enough for any half-decent person to want to do all they can to bring him back. This is The Martian scenario and we know the right way to go about it. So does Fitz. But now it looks like it will also allow Jemma to chose without feeling guilty.

Bobbi is right Hunter. If you both keep risking your lives to stop Ward from hurting you you may end up dead and that would defeat the purpose. But, of course, Ward isn't just going to go away so they will need to do something about him anyway. He's coming to try to kill one of you again.

Now the big question is does Rosalind know Gideon Malick is Hydra or does she just report to him because he is part of the World Council?
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It's cold, dark and raining outside. The election results are even more depressing and I'm swamped by work. But at least there's TV.

Yesterday it was the time to meet Supergirl.

It was so much better than watching Gotham (which is now bordering on masochism). It was fun and it was enjoying being fun. But of course everyone already said that. It made me a little anxious about how cheesy it was going to be but it was mostly great. Some of the effects made Supergirl look like a ragdoll and some of the plot suffered from pilotitis (when they try to pack so much to pilot that the time only allows for tropes) but most of it was absolutely endearing.

From Kara's optimism and joy at her accomplishments and powers to her reaction to meeting James Olsen. Her joy at trying flying again was infectious. I wanted to scream at her sister who just put it out. She could've at least say thank you. Of course it turned out she just wanted her out of the cross-hairs of the super secret, anti-alien organisation she works for. But at least we know that there are those in US government who consider Superman and Supergirl illegal aliens who should be deported or at least observed at all times.

But I liked how Alex turned around to chose Kara's side. It might be a shock to Kara to not to be invulnerable but the possibility of loosing her sister clearly shown Alex where her loyalties really lie. And the she talks her to keep being superhero and helps her figure out how to defeat the bad guy and it was awesome.

Also her crush on James Olsen, complete with stammering and not knowing were to look, was adorable. So was her general tendency to explain things in very excited way. In fact it reminded me of Jemma Simmons (just little less coherent) and we all know she does ramble in most lovable way.

The WB rules on separation of big and small screen action make some iffy choices - like Clark apparently hasn't spoken to his cousin in years (no calls, texts, internet? he could've at least like her on facebook) so he sends her messages second hand by other people and she has to ask them what he is like.

And the co-worker with crush veered a little into creepy territory (even though the costume part were funny the first try was "ugh") so I hope they'll fix that. And I hope Calista Flockhart's boss character will become less of a caricature as now she seems kind of on Miss Piggy level and that only works for felt characters.

Today on the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. we learn what really happened to doctor Jemma Simmons.

I waited for this the whole week. After all the search for her and then that sudden rescue. After seeing what that world did to her we were to see what happened there.

And look at her start - it's all about the science. It's a way to deal and stave panic and keep hope. There is always an explanation and a way to figure out a way out. So Simmons. Look at how much hope she still has.

But we all know it’s not going to last. First, there was just dehydration and hunger and loneliness (a monster from the deep). Basically like The Martian only with an atmosphere. There is even stranded astronaut.

So now with more resources she figures a way back. She figures how the portal works and where it will open next. She sacrifices the rest of her battery and with it the memories of the life she left on Earth but it is to go back to Earth. And they fail. They fail to even send the message.

So she seeks comfort in Will. This is what happens when you lose hope and the two of you are the only humans on the planet. When your one hope of going back is lost and there is some benevolent force with you there that will do anything to stop you from going back and will try to kill you whenever it can.

I never expected Fitzsimmons to be the will they/ won’t they couple of this show though. You know - the one when they keep throwing obstacles at so they never get together. Until the series finale, of course. Or everyone getting tired and abandoning ship.

But I did expect Jemma and Will to become a thing since they met (the only two people in the world) and it was obvious she wanted to back for someone important to her) so I’m not surprised . But the sound of all the Fitzsimmons shippers hearts breaking was deafening. Don’t worry, I’m sure they’ll be back together eventually.

But we know the Fitz never stopped looking for Jemma and that he would do anything to get her back. And when the flare comes she instantly knows who send it through.

And because Fitz is the best person (one she believed in for so long) - he is ready to do all he can to rescue Will. Will who just saw the sunshine for a brief moment first time in years before it disappeared. Just like Jemma Simmons and hope.

When I thing about it both of them are pretty similar. I'm sure they'd be great friends if not for living in Universes further apart than Earth and that dust planet (or Krypton).

And when all fails here's a cat burglar
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This is the week when they tease us with the incoming attractions but we al know that not all that looks good in trailers fulfils the hype. We are grown ups well acquainted with disappointment. We can manage our expectations. We can... Oh, fuck it. So let's just allow ourselves enjoy it.

Jessica Jones full trailer is finally here and it's awesome (we don't even see much of him and I'm already revolted by the Purple Man)

And here's another thing that will premiere on 20 November - Amazon's The Man in High Castle. I loved the pilot (you can see the first 2 episodes here for free) and this makes it look even better than I hoped. I want it to succeed so badly it hurts.

All the Star Wars trailers put together in one - looks pretty epic, doesn't it?
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Marvel has delayed Captain Marvel once again. This time it's to make space for the Ant-Man sequel. At least it will be Ant-Man and The Wasp this time. Also the Internet is buzzing with Kevin Feige comments about fan-casting, especially in the context of casting Carol Danvers. Many think it means he wants Ronda Rousey to play the role but I think he just means the they like to look at what fan propose for ideas but it daoesn't mean they will agree. They do sometimes (Chris Evans was a massive favourite for Cap) but in the end they will pick whoever they like (and even if that's not going to be your favourite it's going to be fine - most actors are going to be fine in those roles).

The Charity DubsmashWars between Team Carter and Team SHIELD has posted it's last round. It's all about group effort and I'm sorry to say that it looks like SHIELD is still being infiltrated by HYDRA. Team Carter on the other hand is backed by Disney. We all know who has the better chance at world domination (All Hail the Mouse).

Here is Jessica Jones' day from waking up till working till early. In teaser trailers.

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If you told me that Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will be a series that I'm most excited to see back during most of season one I would laugh at you. Now it was and difficult wait. There were good distractions in the summer but last couple of weeks seemed way too long.

Skye now officially goes by her birth name (and only Phil can't get over it - put that money in the jar). She always wanted to know that and she did get along with her dad in the end. He no longer remembers her but she can at least keep the name.

And she's all about being Inhuman. While Lincoln wants to leave it all behind. He took Jiaying's betrayal harder than I though (that was one character development that seemed a little weird - he seemed to care a lot about his fellow Inhumans last season and said they were just misguided and now he just abandoned it all) and now wants to lead normal life of a hospital intern. Unfortunately there are new Inhumans popping everywhere due to fish oil all over US (and soon everywhere due to contaminated sea waters and wild life - I wonder if that will lead to Attilan inhabitants showing up in The Inhumans).

And there are a lot of people chasing those with powers. SHIELD obviously - but Joey is the first one they got to first. Then there is the new secret agency that just went public. They are much less friendly but they are not the ones killing the new Inhumans (and it seems some of the old ones too). Or at least it's implied the big spikey guy is behind the murders. In the comics Lush finds new Inhumans and judges them. If he finds them unworthy he kills them. Apparently, he recruits the worthy ones for his Inhuman supremacy team. Lovely guy.

Mack is still all about the list and keeping the powered sequestered and under control. That explains Lincoln's attitude much better. And doesn't make a good impression on Joey. But he has to deal with all these powered people and keep reckless scientists from throwing themselves into a dangerous artefact. No wonder he feels a need for bigger gun. Or and axe. Or a shotgun axe combination.

Bobbi the scientist. Biologist ♥ And she and Hunter are adorable. Go, fight Hydra and Ward together. Do something horrible to that asshole. Get yourselves that spin-off.

Fitz is getting his inner badass out. The last time he did stuff like that . Last season it was Simmons getting her revenge on Hydra for what happened to him. This time he risks his life to find out what happened to her. He knows it's something that can transport you far, far away. And that's true. It's also apparently taking you to your death but Simmons doesn't give up that easily. Whatever that planet is, where ever it is, whatever is chasing her she is still alive. And I think I know who will help them find her. On the promo our most obnoxious Asgardian on permanent vacation on Earth is back.

May unfortunately is still on vacation. We miss you May. Please come back. This show needs less exposition.

They keep Coulson's petrified hand in the lab.

MCU connections:

The US president is still the same as in Iron Man 3.

The mention of Ant-Man events. The whole disappearance of Pym Tech main site didn't go unnoticed.

And of course everything is still influenced by Sokovia events.
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I was supposed to write about Doctor Who but there is something more important happening tomorrow night - Lunar Eclipse. This is the last on of four happening in the two year period and this one will hit over the Atlantic so people living on both sides of the Atlantic will see it in full (Western Europe and Africa, The whole of South America and Eastern half of North America. The people in Eastern Europe and rest of Africa and most of North America should see the full length of total Eclipse of the Moon but will miss some part of the end or beginning of the eclipse. Unless like me you are in the third day of non-stop rain and there is no hope of a break in the cloud cover. I really wanted to see this one - it will be Supermoon Eclipse so the moon looks slightly larger then usual full moon and the total eclipse hit US East Coast at very reasonable hour - just before 11 PM - so no need to wake up in the middle of the night. It woud've been perfect. But with this weather I will have to watch it online - like west Pacific coast people (don't worry Japan, Australia - you'll get your own lunar eclipse in January 2018).

And if you don't care bout any of these here something else to wait for (my dad says Netflix should start services in Poland by December).

It's almost as if she sleeping off the night spent watching lunar eclipse.

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