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I think that films and TV made me used to male buts being on display that I assumed that's what all the media does. But films and TV learned that pandering to female viewers is important (mostly TV - since more women watch scripted shows) for success. Of course pandering with great character development would be preferable everywhere.

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I've been avoiding #Gamergate for the same reason I avoided Ebola - just thinking about it makes me sad and angry. But at least Ebola is a virus - it doesn't have a malicious intent. #Gamergate is bringing out some of the worst stuff humanity has to offer. I suppose it's not surprising for something that's started with some guys revenge/hate posts about his ex-girlfriend sex life. But what I really mind is people pretending it's really about journalistic integrity. It's a little like insisting Civil War wasn't about slavery. The fact that you found something non-despicable to be part of your cause doesn't make up for all the really shitty things it's all about. Pretending that it was always fight for media objectivity while ignoring the harassment is being accomplice to the whole thing. Even if you never sent death/rape threats to any women you participate in their abuse by legitimating the people who do. Still the guy who started it all has no regrets and Intel made me glad was always AMD. At least the industry itself seems pretty against it.

The whole thing got bad enough and big enough that it has been picked up by major news outlets so you probably also have heard something about it. But it unfortunately doesn't stop the abuse. And the hate machine keeps spinning - making sure to find people they can rail up to throw another attack on anyone who disagree. Especially, a woman voicing an opinion they don't like. There always seem to be another woman forced out of her home by death and/or rape threats that are specific enough to get police involved, cancelled public appearances due to shooting threats and relentless spewing of vitriol. I wish they could all just laugh it off like John Scalzi but men don't seem to get the same level of abuse. Even though anyone accused of being SJW - social justice warrior - gets trashed no one is as hated as feminists (because women with opinions ruin everything and misandry). Even though these attacks also mean that the message of the subjects of these attacks gets to more people due to the extra publicity (which comes with the extra special dose of conspiracy theories about how the abuse is self made for publicity). Not that they wouldn't prefer to live their lives in peace. I don't know if I could withstand the level of abuse that Anita Sarkeesian has experienced. Maybe I should make this friends only...

Here Anita's XOXO talk about what she experienced
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This episode of Tropes vs Women in Video Games comes with the Content Warning: This educational episode contains graphic sexual and violent game footage and it is very true. After a while it become hard to watch. Other tropes annoy me more from the storytelling point of view but this is visually most disgusting.

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Anita Sarkeesian made another video in the Tropes vs Women in Video Games series. This one is about objectification. About the women in games who only move so they can show their "assets" to players' better. For only the one type of the player whose perspective matters.
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I had so many things happening recently I just didn't notice before that Anita Sarkeesian made another video in the Tropes vs Women in Video Games series. It touches my most hated trope - the one that treats being female as character trait. Like being a woman was a personality - this is especially visible in anything affected by Smurfette syndrome but this video made me realise Ms. Male Character is not free of this. And the stereotypes it creates hurt whether you hate bows (not even as a little girl) and pink (blue was my favourite colour since I can remember and that's 3 or 4 years old) or you love them (they are still not your defining traits and certainly not what makes one a woman).

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Remember this whenever you interfere with the cool lives of those awesome antiheroes - all this happens to you just because you are a whiny bitch:

BuzzFeed asked female cosplayers at New York ComicCon to share the creepiest thing that’s ever been said to them while they were in costume. There is a whole series of pictures on this link and some of them are really bad. And to all the commenters that say sexy costumes explain those comments - you can get random "Nice boobs" thrown at you when in jeans and unisex loose t-shirt. I know. And it's creepy every time.
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I fucking love science is on youtube now. I liked it on facebook long ago and then watched it explode. I love the pictures and links to science news it provides. I admire Elise for not only producing so much content but also not giving up when it was revealed she was woman and she had to deal with the standard abuse women get on the internet (somehow even the fact that people assumed you were a man can lead to name calling and science and cursing is not for girls and don't forget to discuss her level of attractiveness to you). I remember being surprised IFLS was run by just one person - I was sure there were more. I'm even more in awe now that she started to branch out to new media.
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The third part of the Damsel in Distress segment of Tropes vs Women in Video Games is here:
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Second part of Anita Anita Sarkeesian's Damsel in Distress of Tropes vs Women in Video Games is out (and working now). Beware - a lot of disturbing images of violence against women characters.

As part in parentheses implied it already has been attacked. The comments and ratings are off so instead it was flagged and taken off by youtube for about an hour. And of course all the comments that cannot be posted underneath go around the web, especially on the gamer sites, generally proving all she says about the prevalent misogynistic attitudes getting reinforced. The comments are perfect examples of all Luke McKinney wrote in Cracked's 5 Gamer Comments That Give Straight White Guys a Bad Name. I have special hatred for the number 2 because, really, is it so hard to understand not everything is about you but you can find them all underneath his post too. Proving his point with every whine. Who needs to look for citations when they just come to you.
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Remember that big hate campaign when Anita Sarkeesian said she is planning to do series of videos about Tropes vs Women in Video Games? The one that ended up not only funded on Kickstarter but with over 25x what she asked for? So the first video in the series is out and she starts with everyone's favourite trope of "Damsel in Distress". And when I say favourite - I mean it literally not ironically as it as popular as it is omnipresent

In related news here is a story about a dad who hacked Donkey Kong for his daughter and switched Pauline and Mario's roles (now she saves him). I needed that after watching this so I hope it helps you too. I doesn't deal with the problem but gives one a little hope. It's not just feminist bloggers who have problem with this but little girls (and their dads) too.
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Since it looks like we cannot go without fail for even few days I present to you the newest one. Booth babes need not apply is a piece by Joe Peacock who joined all the people who decided the will put borders around the geek community and start charge admittance. To girls. Pretty girls. Because how dare they do things we enjoy without making their whole lives about it.

John Scalzi wrote a pretty good rebuttal that sums nicely what is wrong with that whole attitude. Anyone who made an effort to dress-up and paid for entrance already made an effort to join the experience. They may not do it again. They may not be a greatest fan. But they came for the experience and screaming that your are doing this wrong and get of my lawn is not helping. If people are showing interest in what you like the proper response isn't "you are not good enough". (I'm not talking about the actual hired models - which is what the 'booth babes' term usually refers to - because that's not what this article talks about)

I do snicker at newbies (especially when they tell about that great new thing they discovered that I've known for years) and I get the frustration of when people who barley touched on some subject became centre of attention because they are flashy (or pretty). But this attitude of being somehow robbed of the enjoyment by people who are not as obsessed is doing harm to us all. It implies we should test everyone (by everyone I, of course, mean pretty women) in our secret knowledge before they can cross the bridge to enter our playground (I say ours even though I am a girl but I could probably pass just by not being pretty and thin enough). Not that that playground was ever ours - it was always authors and companies' product - only noone else used to be interested. The things we enjoy are made for everyone and now everyone are enjoying it. It became the mainstream of popular culture (not mine - [livejournal.com profile] nihilistic_kid repeats it for this occasion). And maybe Joe Peacock is right and they are just there because it is popular and therefore they'll get a lot of attention. Why is it so awful? Isn't that validation of what we always said? Thing we like are awesome and for everyone to enjoy. Let them enjoy as much of the experience as they are willing to participate in. Hope they get nice memories.

One of my favourite experiences was sharing my love of sf and fantasy. I made my brother start reading books by giving hi fantasy and he used my books to get his now wife to date him. I mad my own, real life, Malazan Reading Cult by sharing my books with friends and family. Even if they never got as into it as me or gave it up when they got families and jobs and less time but it is a shared experience we can all remember with fondness. It is much better then screaming you are fake so get out and never come again. And then suspecting every girl they just doing it for attention.

We already had this with gaming and the whole Felicia Day thing. Now, the debate moved to the general geekdom showing that deep ingrained sexism that insinuates that not only pretty girls have to prove they are geeks they also have to prove they are not doing it only to impress boys. This is especially grating in this context - cosplaying in Comic-Con - as women get judged if their bodies are not good enough and then get this if they are. This kind of behaviour doesn't really affect the ones who are not into it. It makes it awful to all the women who really do care but I constantly expected to prove they are not fake. Because they might be spies infiltrating geekdom to make geek boys stare at them instead of non-fake pretty girls in costumes. Apparently, this is how women decide their worth.

The only good thing about this was showing the existing, deeply sexist, undercurrents in geek culture and hopefully all the discussions will start shifting the attitudes to something less disturbing. At least, a little. One can hope, right?
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Sometimes, in my little corner of the web, I tend to forget that fr many internet is a place to say all those things they are not allowed to talk in public. And not in that good, strike against censorship way. No, it's all hate and invectives and mob attacks. It's also a form of censorship because it is a way to intimidate, shame and scare that person and all the others from stating their point of view ever again.

Add to this all the woman hate that ever crossed their minds and can be sputtered out without consequence. The results can be seen at the hate camping against Anita Sarkeesian. She committed a horrible crime of creating Kickstarter project to fund Tropes vs Women in Video Games to share her thoughts on the subject. She wanted to talk about misogyny and sexism and internet delivered it to her in a full force. As The Mary Sue writer Becky Chambers put it:

Whether or not you like Sarkeesian’s work is utterly moot. You might disagree with some of her points. You might disagree with all of her points. You might even vehemently disagree. That’s not the issue here. The issue lies in this: A woman declared her intent to publicly voice her opinions about video games. For that, she was called a bitch, a whore, a slut, a cunt, a dyke, and a baffling assortment of racial slurs. She was threatened with violence, rape, and death. She was told to shut her mouth, get back in the kitchen, and die of cancer. Her video was repeatedly flagged for terrorism in an effort to get YouTube to pull it. Her Wikipedia page was defaced with pornography and profanity. All for the crime of being a woman talking about women in video games. No, not for being a woman talking about video games. For being a woman who had announced that she would, at some point in the future, be talking about video games.

She also posted a photo of herself on the internet. The insolence of that woman.

The one good thing is that she not only reached her funding goal - she exceeded it over 10x.

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