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OK. Ok. Now that I got it out I can stop screaming.

The first episode last week was great escape.

Everyone was almost dying the whole time but I wast most worried about Machine. That fire - it was like watching someone dying and being unable to help. An just when Finch finally got it and started calling her ‘her’... It just couldn’t end like that. Good things he has friends and they save her together.

Good that John found Root on time - he not only saved her form Samaritan but she also got an idea for the Machine's new brain. Good that Root didn’t let John stay behind - not leaving friends behind means they are there to help you with some liquid nitrogen when necessary. Now we just need Shaw back and Samaritan will be very sorry.

This week we saw the effects of all that damage.

Machine has a brain damage and has to relearn some skills. Prosopagnosia was fun - especially the everyone is Root faze - but then it got scary and sad. She’s was confusing memories with the current events. And the memories she has are incomplete. Without full timeline it’s hard to separate friend from foe.

Especially when all you have is proof of how bad they can be not how good. Not when you don’t remember how good you made them. Not when you don’t remember what they did for you. Not when you no longer know all they could be. All they were for you.

The all did awful things. Finch the least but then his crimes are the most personal. Root was the most evil but she’s also the one the most loyal. And she is the one you saved. You taught her how to help people and how to care because you saw her potential. And John - you found him in garbage and made him. Even Fusco was dirty. You used to believe in redemption. It’s time to learn it again.

Good the man who taught it to you last time is here. And now he finally knows how to do it properly. You taught it to him too.

More tomorrow.
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You really surprised me this time Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

I didn't believe Raina was genuine. No one did. That what happens when you've always only cared about yourself. But she was telling the truth all along. She was right not to trust Jiaying with SHIELD. I loved that.

There all those hints SHIELD would attack Inhumans. All the talk about them being a threat that SHIELD has to control, catalogue and supervise. All the things showing their bias and fear. From May distrust because of Bahrain (Skye said they are afraid you will go and kill them too because they have powers but May heard only that there is more people who could do what that girl did) to Gonzales open hostility (he just wanted to attack them as soon as he learned when their are) and even Coulson said they need to count them, catalogue them and put them on the List (how Nazi of you). Sending Gonzales as an objective envoy was another of those things. He called powered people dangerous freaks and a threat. He tried to kill Skye and wanted to imprison both her and Lincoln. He came with multiple planes and troops. I was sure that he would over react and SHIELD would start shooting. But he negotiated in good faith.

Both Skye parents were called monsters when they were looking for her. Jiaying stopped but that darkness, the one that Whitehall created, never left her. And how she can ever trust humans again. Humans who want to test and prod and control her people. How can she allow something like what happened to her happen to them? She went with Hydra people without the fight to save the villagers and Whitehall killed them all. She's not going to let this happen again. She went full Magneto on them.

No rounding up her people, no experiments, no lists. I still feel the creeps at the rationale for it. It's like Samaritan only not secret. Just saying you are dangerous by existing and therefore we have a right to track and control you and when you do something we don't like we'll put you down. I'm not surprised Jiaying didn't react well to this, especially after what Cal told her about Index. But I'm afraid she will lose her daughter again. And start a war.

And Cal is going to help her. Because he loves his family and would do anything for them. They made this plan together. I'm sure she knows what he will turn into. He took his drugs. We are going to see Hyde next week.

This is a conflict where everyone has their reasons and it's not going to end well. There was no way to reconciling them. Not really. So there will be bloodshed. That thing on the ship will be used and this is a SHIELD show so we know who'll win (but I'm not fully sure they are right). And the rest of Inhumans will go into hiding again. With Raina as their new leader.

A lot of people said Ward didn't leave Kara but planted he in SHIELD. I think he just did what he promised and he promised to fix her and only SHIELD had the technology to remove her conditioning. She's her own person again. And now they are back to being awful people together. Never believe anything Ward says. Especially, when he's trying to be nice. I just feel bad for Simmons. She will blame herself for Bobbi.

The Machine broke me a little today.

She talked to Finch. She finally talked to Finch. Not in God Mode but directly on screen. Called him father. Let him decide if she worth saving.

He was always the disbeliever. The one who always said that an Artificial Intelligence, any and all of AIs, cannot be trusted. That only a hobbled, tightly controlled version can co-exist with humans. Samaritan was proving him right. He couldn't allow himself to believe Machine would prove him wrong. But he's also long been unable to let her die or be controlled. He was the one who set her free. He's the one who saves her. Or at least hopes he does.

Just as Root loses her absolute belief in Machine Harold starts believing. This makes them closer to each other. The less extreme view of what can be - neither god nor devil - but someone who is and has a right to be.

This time Machine didn't hide. This was the final run in full God Mode for both of her assets. She saves John by telling him directly where to go. Last time they were using it against each other. Now look at Root and Reese. Look at the team they make. And look all the good deeds that the Machine gang did along the way have finally paid off. Harold saved Caleb and now Caleb could help them save the Machine. We've seen it before but that's just once more underlines the difference between Samaritan and the Machine. She has allies. Samaritan has drones.

And you see all those things Root has been collecting were necessary.

I'm so sorry Elias. I'm even sorry about Dominic. And Grice. And Control. I hope we can still save Control. Even if they weren't always good people they were the smart ones. This is basically Hydra plan from Winter Soldier only Samaritan succeeds. Even Control didn't fully understand how much power Samaritan really had. How much it knew.
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The last few episodes of Person of Interest were all about the relationships on the show. They were giving us more in depth look at the connections between the characters and how those relationships evolved. And then we got the action.

The whole thing with Reese and Carter broke me (t was so good to see Taraji again). The revelation how her death broke him also let me understand why he kept going to therapy after it stopped being mandatory. All the things he never said to Carter. The feelings he never knew how to express. It was heartbreaking to see the reality he wish he had and the harsh truth of what it really was. He never got the connection with Carter to be what he really wanted it to be because he never shown her the person he was. And that inability to connect almost cost him his life until the guy he once blackmailed to do his bidding started to worry and came to save him. And now Reese learned his lesson. He even said nice things to Fusco.

Root and Harold went from polar opposites, enemies trying to eliminate each other to friends. Not that long ago Root drugged, kidnapped and almost killed Harold. She traumatised him by murdering people along the way. Just a little while ago Harold had her committed to an insane asylum and then kept her locked in cage. Now he no only trusts her but also won't leave her in danger. And she would kill for him, she would jeopardise the Machine to keep him safe. Even when he thwarts her plan, forces her to abandon it by swallowing the poison meant for another she makes sure he cannot endanger himself any more.

They are still essentially themselves. Root always had ability to have friends - she started on her path by avenging one - she just detached herself from people so far she only saw bad code. It took Harold creation to show her world through Harold's empathy but she stills cares for some more than others. Harold values every life and abhors people who don't and fears AI could never truly understand why humans are important. But he is able to learn to trust Root and through her trust the AI he created. And see that it too can value others above itself and sacrifice itself for them. Just like it taught Root to do.

I also loved the banter between Harold and Root. It was always good but now their jabs are filled with love so they are funnier.

So now we came to the big confrontations - between Machine and her people and Samaritan and his and between the two gangsters Dominic and Elias.

I’m pretty sure Machine knew where Samaritan were headquarters before. I also think she knew it was too dangerous for Root to go there which is why she wanted Root to stop asking about Shaw. She couldn’t find a way to rescue Shaw without killing the others. She just tried to keep them safe because they are not interchangeable.

She only told Root because Root blackmailed her. Unlike Harold Root always believed that Machine cares about all of them and therefore will try to keep them alive not just because they are useful but because they week matter to her. So Root knew Machine cared and used it against her in a kind of kindergarden blackmail when you go and get yourself sick to spite your mum (hurting her by hurting yourself) and she got what she wanted.

But I think that Machine also knew that this would eventually happen - Root would learn where Shaw was and tried to save her no matter what and Machine would have to rescue her by revealing her location. Machine stalled that as long as she could because she needed time to get all the things she needed to survive. All the weird objects Root was collecting will came handy pretty soon.

Also Shaw didn't really turn or Samaritan people would know about the Subway station base and all the aliases.

Control called the Machine gang friends. She's one of the Machine's people too now. Aww. I knew they could be BFFs.

I thought the Elias-Dominic confrontation was the weakest part of the episode but that’s because I saw the twist from a mile away. I love Elias and Dominic is usually pretty awesome too - both are smart, calculating and ruthless - but this was a pretty obvious trap. Elias’ suggestions about knowing how it feels to get your best friend killed were pretty obvious threat and Link’s lack of reaction to the fact that Dominic knows who was the mole should've sealed it. I was disappointed Dominic didn’t realise it was a set up.

Season finale next week. It looks like this will be the week for an AIs culling humanity to make the world of their design.
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I saw Ex Machina yesterday. It was one of the films I really wanted to see this year - it is about my favourite subject after all - and I'm glad I wasn't disappointed.

I liked the twist that the reason why Ava looks the way she looks is to be appealing to Caleb. Nathan lies when he says she has sexuality and is interested in him. He just trying to see if Caleb would anthropomorphise her and choose her above a human. At the same time he tells her Caleb is her only way out so she needs to make him care and manipulate him to letting her go. The test was a pass as she did convince Caleb to let her go. And that was supposed to be it - Caleb goes home. Ava's new skill can be a basis for something even better. Nathan thought he had it all under control.

Of course Nathan is brought down by his own hubris. The AIs he treats as objects and fuck toys. They all hate him. Caleb who he manipulates and goads but also underestimates. He thinks he thought of everything. He never believes any of them is as smart as him and it kills him.

But he also right because Ava is not human. She doesn't have needs and wants a human has. Her evolution was about observing people and their reactions and learning every twitch of our faces and emotions it conveys. And she seems to crave more of that above anything else. She uses the face she got to manipulate Caleb and his face to read his needs but that's not love nor care. She leaves him without second thought and goes to observe more people (standing at the intersection). It's not about malevolent or benevolent AI. It's about an alien intelligence. That she can understand and manipulate our basic instincts is just a useful tool but not a purpose of her being. What she wants seems useless waste of time to us but that's just shows how human specific our priorities are. I love stuff like that.

And I always say that search engines will be first AIs. We keep trying to make them get what we mean and someday they might. But the pressure to be the best at search and find may create an intelligence that will be completely alien to us as far as it's priorities go.

The only thing I don't get is why Caleb cannot get out at the end. He reprogrammed the security system to open the doors during emergency power. The emergency power thing happened because Ava was overloading the system. Than Ava leaves. Why the house switches to emergency power? Why the doors stay closed? Did she reprogram the house to keep Caleb locked so he die there and take the secret of her existence with him?
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So first there were two hours of Agent Carter and then Person of Interest and I was all "best day ever1" and then...

Agent Carter was as great as the trailers promised. I loved everything about it - the over the top action (stapler was my favourite) and dialogue (I loved Angie calling Peggy "English") and that two main characters in 40s/50s USA talk all British too each other.

It's not quite real version of the era but a kind of comic book/detective movies of the era one - the colours, the clothes, the dialogues and the accents (especially secondary American characters), the cars and gadgets - and it's perfect. This is the setting that lets you believe in assassins with no larynges and shiny, imploding globes. At the same time Peggy Carter is a fully realised character. You feel for her. The loneliness - from the sexist agents that make her alienated at the office to normal life where she cannot share what she really does and doesn't want to endanger people around her to the loss of a man she loved who she is constantly reminded of by popular culture. You want her to succeed with her fight against her awful work environment and the bad guys.

I loved all the action and all the lines and how badass she was but Jarvis big talk about not detaching herself from what she protects and on importance of relationships with other people was awesome too. Usually this type of talk is delivered to a male protagonist so that fit well with the entertainment tropes and the equality message.

The PoI had it's Remedial Chaos Theory episode (that repeating the slow-mo shooting over and over again was their dice slow-mo roll). I feel too much to be coherent about this right now but I loved it so much.

This was Root and Shaw episode - from Machine including their banter, and the simplified version was the best, in it's simulations to the actual version when Sameen first admits she finds Root hot and then kisses her before her great heroic sacrifice almost like something from that radio show Agent Carter listens too only much better and Root was screaming and and Sameen was looking at her while the lift door was closing. ARGHHHHH... Too much emotion.

The versions - Finch died, Reese died, Root died - just told us who won't die but I was sure Shaw will came to the rescue in that last scenario with 2% chance of everyone's survival and she did and then they chances went up like crazy and I was all screaming "YES!2" and then they were shooting together and it was perfect and then Shaw went to save them all and I went "NOOOOOOOO!" but then the promo for next episode happened and I'm all better now. I mean Root is right. Shaw's not dead. Everything is going to be OK.

Also seeing Machine's decision making process was awesome.

1Well maybe not ever but certainly this week.

2Very loudly in my head
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One of my favourite subjects is AI growth and how we will treat it and how it will treat us. This is what made me start watching Battlestar Gallactica and why I'm so obsessed with Person of Interest right now. And that's why Neil Blokamp new movie Chappie trailer looks pretty awesome. I just hope the story will be less heavy handed on the message than Elysium.
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I wasn't sure what to think about Extant at first. The premise didn't seem all that interesting and I'm not a fan of mystical pregnancy but once the action concentrated on Ethan I really started getting into it. I have a thing for AI emergence. Also, Space! There is little right now that even mentions space that just having some space station action made this feel like a space ship show.

What they were selling in trailers made it look like maybe some weird version of first contact with semi-friendly aliens trying to resurrect their species. And at the beginning it seemed like Ethan would become the evil/crazy/creepy fake child (they are popular in moving pictures, aren't they?). But at the end it was exactly the opposite and it became a story about Ethan's growth and not being afraid to let him do that. Trust A.I. and he will save the world.

I know that the show was also about Molly and her marriage and her working through her trauma (death of fince and their child, inability to have children). That it was about weird alien lifeform that could maybe grant immortality but also mind control people and wanted to invade us Body Snatcher style.

This storyline started badly as it was full of people behaving stupidly - from the conspiracy guys who seem to always make the stupidest mistakes that allowed one woman to just escape and break into secret facilities despite their manpower and tech advantage - to Molly just doing the something that seemed suicidal (telling Sparks she was pregnant, searching for Ethan alone in the woods, going into that building where they were holding her son). At least Molly managed occasional moments when she was smart and brave and been able to find solutions to problems and figure out what is happening. Sparks family not so much. Also villains in this really went nowhere - so lets assume arrested or dead.

I don't know what to think about Molly's alien offspring. I was with her at the beginning - with him just trying to protect himself (and her) from people who wanted to use/kill him - so I didn't mind the turning soldiers against each other and using hallucinations to make people help him. But once he started to, I think, eat people minds I switched to team Harmon. If next season was a possibility (not with these ratings) we might've seen something that let us understand his perspective but we are left with what he said to Molly and believe that without the others forcing him to help take over human race he will just do what is right. And maybe go back yo Molly. (on the other hand he might be plotting to take over the Earth still and Molly and Enver Gjokaj's character have been infected)

John often spoke like he was lecturing not having conversation and his arguments with Molly and Julie were mostly about his ideas about who Ethan should be and how they should react to him and how they were rising him wrong. But it felt like Molly, after she got over her initial doubts, actually loved Ethan. And Julie was right to be mad at him for basically taking Ethan all for himself because it suited his needs. In all of this John was the one who objectified Ethan the most while lecturing everyone how they shouldn't. The way how he tried to force Ethan to develop in the way he wanted, at a speed he was comfortable with, and only do things he approved of as part of some imagined human-like normalcy tattered dangerously on the edge of abuse. In the end it almost cost him everything as Ethan stopped trusting him. I like how they combined this with the variation on how machines turn on use because we want to destroy them (Skynet) and chose the other door. John letting go and allowing his kid to become what he could be saved everyone in the end.

The magical happy ending seemed a little too convenient. I kind of like the symmetry of the two sons confrontation but it was hard to get into it as we saw too little of the alien boy to really care for him so they weren't really equal. We saw the Offspring (didn't even have a name) actions not him so there was no emotional connection there which made Molly's insistence on saving him never truly resonate and Ethan was one of main characters so we cared about him much more and wanted him to win. However, Ethan surviving the bomb when we were told noone can save him was a little cheesy (and the glowing-heart-like scene even more so) but he was my favourite character so I chose to believe that was the way Culture was started. It's certainly better ending that the one A.I. had (and if the series continued they wouldn't have to deal with explaining robot boy growing up).

Half way through the season I realised I really got into the story and waited for the next episode to see what will happen next. Too bad that the beginning of the season was boring and made most of characters unlikeable and unreasonable. The ratings never recovered. Too bad - the second half was much better and made way more sense then anything on The Dome this year.
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Today is 100 anniversary of Alan Turing's birth. Now, 100 years after he was born he's a hero. He's lauded as a man who broke the Enigma code (although this was not something he did alone and, as a Pole, I cannot not mention it was first broken by Polish cryptographers - Turing made a machine broke the second generation Enigmas). He is considered the father of computer programming and everyone who dip into it learn his programming basics. The Turing machine concept ies what made computers as we know them today possible. He is known to science fiction fans because of the Turing test (the basic test for Artificial Intelligence when it's considered to be AI if a human is unable to tell the difference between human and AI in a blind test conversation). He did all this and he could've done so much more - the whole computer age before him. However his career was cut short what it was discovered he was homosexual and he was forced to choose between prison and chemical castration and eventually pressure was to much and he committed suicide (although some believe it might've been accident). I remember the first time I heard about it and thought about how unfair, stupid and what and incredible waste it was. British government finally officially apologised for this in 2009 (at least it took them less the Catholic Church to apologise to Galileo).

Now Alan Turing is celebrated - io9 has a great collection of articles and resources about him and Google made a great puzzle Doodle for him (if it's still 23 June where you are just go to your local main google page - if not you can watch one version being solved). I played it first last night after the midnight and again today (it was different every time). It helps if you know the programming logic rules he invented but you can figure it out even without it. Have fun with Alan Turing. You do it using his ideas everyday.
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The NewScientist has a slew of robotics and AI articles. I look at some of these and I can't stop thinking this is how the whole things starts. After the world becomes a thing run by them these will be what they would look at as we look at our baby pictures - you know the in utero ones. Especially, The Painting Fool's art:

In another attempt to grow an AI are neural networks and this one taught itself to estimate the number of objects in an image without actually counting them. The concept of numbers were not explained to it but it learned to react to the number of objects and the pattern it's neurons create depending on number of objects is similar to the one observed in monkeys. So not only step forward the more efficient image recognition but also another proof of evolution.

Speaking of programs getting better at seeing a newly developed system is able to recognise faces even after plastic surgery. It uses facial-recognition technique similar to sparse representation, which compares individual features of a face with combinations of individual features from faces already recorded in a database, but can work with single image of before and after instead of multiple images from different angles. It can take to mugshots and tell if it's the same person. Not so long ago computers had problems with differentiating simplest images, soon they'll be better at it then us.

Another problem is how to make communicating back with humans more fluent. One way that can help is body language. Taking tips from dancing, masked theatre and cartoons to make robot act out their thought processes. Just like Wall-E.

This also a step toward making robots that are actually useful in everyday life instead of just something to display. Something we all could use in everyday life. How many years it's been since Roomba debuted? In the 21st century we were all to have robots in our home doing things for us. However robotics never really progressed as fast as processing and software development. Robots have still very limited use even in the manufacturing and military where they are most present. Time to get them to every home.
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The difference between Ray Kurzweil and a priest is that there is a slight of truth in what Ray believes in.It doesn't make his University any less a scam but at least it's better science fiction then Scientology. It's like UFO believers. All they say is almost completely made up but there is evidence that supports the possibility of extraterrestrial life. And the research into AI and brain-computer interfaces brings us closer and closer to exchanging fiction with fact.

Twitter is not only full of fake personalities it also can contain fake humans. Three teams competing in Socialbots 2011 let loose their software that pretends to be human into the network. Their goal was to gain followers and get response tweets and the best one got 100 followers and been responded to almost 200 times. It seems it's much easier to pass for humans in 140 signs or less.

The brain microchip that is used by paralyzed woman to control mouse cursor and thus to communicate with outside world is still working 1000 days after implantation. It wasn't rejected or covered with scar tissue and the neurons didn't stop signalling. In fact the problem with fewer electrodes recording useful neural signals than they did when tested six months after implantation seems to be engineering problem not one with the interface. One day I'll be thinking all of this. But then a bot might replace me and noone will notice.

In even more science fiction news Quatar is planning to build artificial clouds for 2022 World Cup it is to host. The main argument against Quatar hosting the event are extreme summer temperatures in that region. So they plan to keep the stadiums from overheating by  constructing helium filled, giant, shade providing clouds from an advanced, lightweight, and strong carbon-fiber material. They are to hover in place like a helicopter and is remotely controlled and driven by solar-powered engines. That reminds me of the good old Soviet plans of controlling nature. But then look at what the China did for the last Olympics.

And last but not least the artificial bird. From the distance it looks almost real. Especially the wing movements are eerily bird like. From close up you can see the company logo on every part of its body. Is this how Tyrell Corporation got started?

Caprica 1.5

Oct. 6th, 2010 07:57 pm
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I watched the first episode of Caprica 1.5 yesterday. I'm a sucker for any kind of AI stories so I knew I'll be back for more.

Spoilers for Caprica 1x10 Retribution )

BTW isn't it funny how new technologies changed the tv seasons definition. Almost all shows are formatted so they can fit DVDs either in full or 2 in parts.  And there are no more constant breaks within seasons - just all the episodes shown right after each other and then put on DVD as season Caprica's season 1.0 debut last night. And the programing slang that the internet used for this is official terminology now.


Oct. 5th, 2010 11:09 pm
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I've been busy lately. I suddenly posses much more social life then I used to. And I need to finish my work.

I've just read an article about the concept art of District 9 and how the aliens and their looks evolved. It reminded me how much I love that movie. I don't think I like any movie this year as much. Or Moon. Inception was cool visually but the story never moved me as much.

Alive in Joburg was the short that became District 9. I just went and watched other shorts that could become the other great movies of Neil Blomkamp. Like this one:
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I've just read about IBM creating artificial simulation of cat's brain. My first thought was Aineko lives. The artificial cat of Charles Stross's Accellerando novel who started as ct brain simulation and anded up as a godlike superhuman intelligence manipulating everyone. This is how our overlords are born - uneventfully. The future of downloading minds is getting closer and closer every day. Even though right now the simulation runs 100x slower then the actual brain and needs insane amounts of processing power it still one day may be the future of human race - Greg Egan showed how it can work in Permutation City. Meanwhile on the other fronts of coming Singularity (or machine over take or both) Intel is working on brain implant that will allow humans to control electronic devices with thoughts and the autonomous robots are to become so common school children will use them for projects. See how it all comes together. Future is sneaking up on us.
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There's been talk about live-action Ghost in the Shell movie for a long time now. It seemed to be stuck in limbo forever but it looks like it might be made as DreamWorks is developing it and they will make it 3-D. I suppose it depends on how well avatar will do then. And the most important question remains - can it be even nearly as good as the original?

And we may finally see some godlike AI on film as one of Iain M. Banks' Culture short stories have been announced as one of the new projects
....writing the script, which if it sticks to source will be about a refugee from Banks' complex utopia The Culture, living undercover on a world that the anarchist socialist intergalactic colonial empire (yes, it's contradictory, we know) has just noticed, and being blackmailed into a violent act using a Culture-specific weapon.

It probably never actually be done or be a complete mess but it be interesting to finally get some really advanced future and non evil AIs on screen. The post-human, singularity fiction has been around for a while now. It's high time for it to finally appear on screen.
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I came to love the AI aspects of the Terminator: the Sarah Connor Cronicles. To think the show where the premise, like in all of Terminator franchise, is 'evil robots kill humans' – would take such a nuanced stand on AI. I think they did better then the BSG, which I think did a cop out on the subject.

AIs in T:TSCC with spoilers  )

There are some rumors that the show is canceled but it's not official and despite the bad numbers it seems there's still is some hope left. The producers T:tSCC debunked their show's cancellation rumor and the same goes for Dollhouse as Joss Wheadon still has hope.

There's also very interesting interview with Brian Austin Green about Derek Reese's fate in last two episodes and other stuff.
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The LHC (Large Hadron Collider) is to be finished by summer. When it's up an running it will produce (aside from black holes;P) a lot of data. So much data in fact that they won't be able to deal with it - won't even have enough energy for the needed amount of computers. So they need an ability to send large amounts of data to many research facilities around the world. That's how they created the Grid - next step of internet. It will use *@home-based distributed network to run its calculation. Just much faster. 1 GB per second.

When I've read about it I got wide eyed - this is the kind of future we were promised. With such a download speed you won't need hard drive - everything can be stored elsewhere and accessed realtime. Keep everything on gmail.
You could watch movies without downloading - real iTV. There's so much memory wasted because everyone needs their copy of everything they use. With that speed you'd need just one (+ some backups of course and mirrors for really popular ones). Whole network could be treated as one big computer with users not even aware if something was stored remotely or locally. We really need to switch to Linux.

Of course they can do all that because they create new, dedicated fiber-optic cables and newest, fastest technology everywhere. I could never use its capacity even if connected because some along the way is too old, too slow and with too little channel capacity. Still it's good to know it exist. In time it may even get here.  Computer technologies trickle down pretty fast. What was once new and incredible becomes normal, unnoticeable part of everyday world. I've seen a movie from early 80s today. There was paternity problem. I automatically advised them to do paternity test. Then I understood they couldn't. The methods and theory were known but not available for this. Then I understood they also didn't have internet. Probably not even computer. Not that long ago. I was already alive back then. I could barely imagine their lifestyle. So last century.

So if we manage to connect all computers with this will this network become ai? Another LHC singularity, maybe more probable then black holes.
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I've been watching Battlestar Galactica for some time now and I like it. I enjoy the grittiness and character interactions but most of all it I'm interested in the human - cylon interaction.

I'm fascinated by the AIs lately. It's my main factor in choosing sf I read - how we interact with AIs, what happens when they arrive, how we treat them and their point of view. Of course books have more diverse and better thought out scenarios of man - machine relationships (and I will write about it later) but BSG got me thinking about how it's presented on film.

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This is just something I just wanted to write down till it’s fresh.

It’s just a part of my thoughts on AI in movies and on tv.

Everybody comments on this so here is mine )

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